Hairstyles for medium hair at the prom


Graduation party is a kind of fairy tale for every girl. Today, such holidays are arranged in pre-school institutions, elementary school, as well as at the end of the 9th and 11th grades. Regardless of age, each princess dreams of a luxurious dress and an original hairstyle. In our article we will consider only the best hairstyles for medium hair at the prom.

Create an elegant image: what to look for?

Hairstyles for medium hair at the prom

The image of a girl at the prom should be harmonious. Each piece of clothing, accessories and hair should complement each other and emphasize all the charms. With the help of hairstyles, you can emphasize the advantages, as well as hide the disadvantages. As experienced stylists say, correctly folded curls can dramatically change the appearance.

Of course, that children's hairstyles at the prom for medium hair and other styling for older girls can be done with little effort at the beauty salon. A professional stylist will tell you which hairstyle will fit and will be harmoniously combined with the chosen image. The choice of hairstyle should be approached responsibly. It all depends on how you want to look at the prom: gentle, bold, feminine, modest, etc.

Let's explore the main aspects that are worth paying attention to when modeling the evening hairstyle:

  • Hairstyle must be selected in accordance with the dress, thickness of hair, their length and color.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the contour of the face. So, chubby girls can dissolve curls near the face, and the bulk of the hair collected in a feminine and elegant bun.
  • Sophistication and pretentious hairstyle will give jewelry. You can use hairpins and rollers, invisible and rhinestones, studs with pearls, tiaras, tiaras, headbands, etc.
  • If you plan to dye your hair, then you need to do this in advance so that they can recover, and in case of a fiasco you had time to fix everything.
  • Be sure to use fixing tools, because the hairstyle should be both beautiful and practical.
  • If you do your hair at the prom at home, then practice beforehand to hone your skills.
  • Check with a professional, and he will certainly tell you which option to choose hairstyles.
  • If in everyday life you wear a bang, then take care of cutting it beforehand and consider styling options.

What do stylists offer?

Hairstyles for medium hair at prom

Average hair length is considered optimal and most common among girls of different age categories. It is easier to care for locks of such length, and you can model almost any hairstyle on them. If you want to appear at the prom party in the role of Rapunzel, you can use the overhead strands.

Modern fashion dictates its trends to us, evening hairstyles are not left aside. The graduation party is first and foremost a solemn event where you need to look accordingly. It is best to give preference to evening hairstyles. What will be your styling is up to you. You can dissolve the curls or braid them in a braid.

Stylists consider the following hairstyles to be the most relevant and fashionable today:

  • retro style;Hairstyles for medium hair at prom
  • soft waves;Hairstyles for medium hair at prom
  • high elegant bunch;Hairstyles for medium hair at prom
  • shell;Hairstyles for medium hair at prom
  • complex weaving;Hairstyles for medium hair at prom
  • hairstyles with decorations.Hairstyles for medium hair at prom

For several years now hairstyles with various elements of weaving have been considered fashionable. Most often, girls prefer multi-strand braids. Such weaving can be decorated with ribbon, rim, a scattering of pearls or a simple hairpin. Believe me, this hairstyle looks very impressive and gentle.

We can not ignore the so-called easy chaos. Slightly disheveled hair will look very harmoniously in combination with the dress, fitting silhouette. If you want to visually lengthen the neck and stretch your silhouette, then you need to make high hair, for example, a bun with a fleece. But chubby girls can dissolve the front strands and slightly curl them, but it is preferable to collect and fix the main mass of curls with a beautiful hairpin or ribbon.

The first evening hairstyle of a little lady

As already mentioned, the first time with such a solemn event as a graduation party, we encounter in kindergarten. Every girl is like a princess from a fairy tale. Beautiful, elegant and magnificent dresses and costumes, an unusual hairstyle and even make-up make the young lady a real style icon and fashionista.

Let's look at how to make a child's hair at the prom for medium hair. This information will become especially relevant for mothers who will independently create a masterpiece from their daughter's curls.

Hairstyles for medium hair at the prom

Necessary materials:

  • fixing varnish;
  • styling gel or mousse;
  • elastic;
  • invisible;
  • accessories for decoration.

Step by step description of creating hairstyles:

  1. Carefully comb the curls along the entire length, and then simulate the tail on the crown.
  2. The free end of the strands is passed through the gum to get a kind of loop.
  3. We open the loop with our hands so that we get the edges of the bow.
  4. The middle is fixed with a free strand of hair using the invisible.Hairstyles for medium hair at the prom
  5. Spray hair fixing varnish. The center of the hair bow can be decorated with a barrette or ribbon.

If you want your daughter to look like a little fairy, then you can simply curl her curls with forceps, then carefully disassemble with your hands and be sure to fix it with varnish. As a decoration, choose a bezel of flowers or beautiful voluminous hairpins.

Hairstyles for medium hair at the prom

Unique hairstyle, sewn thread

And here came the end of grade 9, ahead - graduation. Hairstyle for medium hair for this celebration can be varied - it all depends on your preferences, and, of course, the image. The actual hairstyle is considered to be a careless bun, which is created from curls. But to fix it, you can use threads or ribbons of different colors.

Ribbons of contrasting shades will look advantageous. With their help, you can create a mysterious and stylish image. To stretch the threads, bundles or ribbons through the hair strands, you need to use special plastic needles. They can be purchased in any department where products for cutting and sewing are sold. Otherwise, this hairstyle can be fixed with the usual hairpins or stealth.

Hairstyles for medium hair at the prom

Necessary materials:

  • forceps;
  • fixing agent;
  • invisible;
  • studs;
  • threads of any color or ribbon;
  • plastic needles for weaving;
  • crest.

Step by step description of creating hairstyles:

  1. To begin with, we sprinkle the strands with water and dry it well with a hair dryer, giving the hair a basal volume.
  2. Then, using forceps, curl curls. The thickness of one strand is approximately 2.5-3 cm.Hairstyles for medium hair at the prom
  3. When all the strands have curled, we proceed to the modeling of the beam.
  4. Hand grab the maximum number of curls and lift them up. The bundle should look sloppy and disheveled.
  5. With one hand, hold the curls, and with the other we insert a plastic needle, fastening each strand securely.Hairstyles for medium hair at the prom
  6. Tightening all curls tight.
  7. If you do not want strands to fall out of the beam, fix them additionally with Invisibles.Hairstyles for medium hair at the prom
  8. In the end we spray the hair with plenty of fixing lacquer.

Choosing a hairstyle is always troublesome, and most girls approach it with full responsibility. Do not forget that the image at the graduation party should be harmonious and first of all emphasize all your charms and virtues. Choosing a hairstyle, consider the advice of stylists. If you do not have enough skills in weaving, entrust your curls to a professional. Be beautiful and happy!