Hairstyles for long hair for girls. braids based on braids

The girl’s long hair is very beautiful. At the same time, many moms have trouble caring for their long hair. To avoid such problems, make your daughter beautiful hairstyles. Especially for their long hair there is a great variety.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair girl

Hairstyles for long hair for girls

Option 1

Comb your hair and collect on top of it, forming a tail. The tail must be done so that the sides remain loose curls. Then you have to separate the strands. This can be done in two ways: by forming a triangular or square base. The remaining hair is divided into equal parts and secure them with a rubber band at the base.

Each strand of hair divided into 2 parts. From one section take one part of the strand and twist it into a flagellum several centimeters long. To do this, place the strand on the index finger and perform rotational movements, twisting it into a bundle. Do the same with the nearest part of the next strand. Now twist the flagella entwine with each other, forming a pigtail. But if you twisted every single strand to the right, then you need to weave the flagella to the left. Do the same with the rest of the curls, twisting them to the base of the central tail. The resulting braids need to stretch under the gum of the tail.

Now take a strand of tail and flip it over your fingers, so that it passes between the index and middle finger. You will receive a loop, the ends of which must be threaded through the gum at the base of the tail, by adjusting the length of the loop. So you need to do with all the hair, forming such loops in a circle. If you still have strands of hair, hide them under the resulting bundle. You can not form a bundle, but leave the tail, winding a few strands.

Option 2

Hairstyles for long hair for girls

Combed hair divided into a flat side parting on the left. Form 4 identical tails that will be directed to the right side. The 2nd and 3rd tails are divided into 2 parts. Connect them in a checkerboard pattern and tie them up with rubber bands. The tail, which appeared in the middle, divide in half and connect with the side with an elastic band. Then braid 2 pigtails and secure them with rubber bands.

Option 3

Comb your hair and divide into a straight side parting. To curls not much fluffed, put on them gel for styling, spreading it over the entire length. Highlight a strand of hair from the opposite side of the parting. It should be wide from temple to ear. On the other side of the parting, do the same. The partings of the resulting strands should be symmetrical.

Separated strands need to be divided into 3 parts. At the same time, these parts should be approximately equal. Start to twist the 1st part, gradually adding new strands of hair, twisting them to the total mass. Similarly, spin the remaining 5 strands.

The hair on the back of the head is divided into 2 parts. Assemble each of the parts into a tail, attaching to it 3 strands twisted into flagella, and fasten it with an elastic hair band. From the big tail also twist the harness towards the face and fold it into a bun. Bundle fasten a thin rubber band. Do the same with the hair on the other side of the parting. Fluff the protruding tips and fix with hair gel.

Hairstyle for girls long hair on the basis of braids with their own hands

Before you start to do your hair, spray the hair with water from a spray bottle to make it neat and clear.

Hairstyles for long hair for girls

The hair is divided into two parts. Tie one side of the tail so that the curls do not interfere in the process. The side on which the hair is loose, divided into 2 parts and tie a rubber band at the bottom of these parts. In the remaining loose part of the hair, select the strand by 2-3 cm and set it aside. The same strand scroll from the face. From this strand you need to start weaving, rounding it. Form a semicircle from it to the occiput. Now work with the hair below the strands. Now you have left a long strand, highlighted in a semicircle. It should be divided horizontally so that you can start to weave a pigtail. Pigtail braid, gradually adding strands. Weave need in the direction of rounding, which is highlighted in the beginning. When you weave a pigtail, add a very small amount of strands of the rest of the hair, so that is enough for the outer curl. Weaving continue to the head. At this stage, you need to take strands that were set aside when dividing the hair, from the middle part of the head at the parting. So continue to weave to the top of the forehead, and then turn the direction of the pigtail, weaving into it the strands from the hair of the middle of the forehead. Continue weaving towards the back of the head. Weave pigtails finish, including in her remaining hair. At the end you can braid a classic or French braid (optional). On the other side of the head, make the exact same turn.

Believe that the creation of hairstyles on the girl’s long hair is a rather fascinating process, although sometimes it takes a lot of time and patience. But the result, for sure, will please you and your little princess.

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