Hairstyles for an oval face. how to choose a haircut and

Times change, preferences change, and the oval shape of the face is still considered ideal for selecting a haircut. Owners of this universal type can choose almost any kind of hairstyle.

Haircuts for oval face shape: how to choose?

Owners of an oval-shaped face are lucky - there will be no problems with haircuts. You almost everything to face!

And yet, when choosing a haircut, you need to take into account age, style, lifestyle, field of activity and the time you are willing to allocate for daily hair care.

Hairstyles for an oval face

  • Oval face is perfect haircut with bangs and without it, opening the ears and, conversely, voluminous bouffant, symmetrical and asymmetrical hairstyles. Perhaps the only thing worth discarding is the very long strands in the face.
  • The most common type of oval face is an elongated one that is easy to correct with the help of bangs and curls on the face (approximately at the level of the cheekbones).
  • If you have a wide forehead, which is often found with an oval face shape, then oblique bangs will help to cope with this problem. Your face will change immediately, it will look more proportionate.
  • A short haircut with long, filleted bangs will help make the image youthful and fresh, thanks to the mischievous character of this hairstyle and textured strands.
  • The most common hairstyle, which is preferred by owners of an oval-shaped face, is a square, and an elongated and classic one.
  • If your hair is thin and poorly shaped, it’s better to opt for a short haircut. If you have thick, hard hair that can keep volume well, you can choose a longer length.
  • Both straight and torn bangs are well combined with a haircut on a square, so here you should be guided solely by your own taste and style. However, please note that if you have a large nose, the bang will only aggravate the situation, so it is better not to cut it off.
  • If your face is too elongated, it is better to prefer the side parting to the direct part, this will allow you to visually correct the appearance feature a little.

Options for stylish short hairstyles

For short hair with an oval face shape, it is best to select these types of haircuts, which creates volume at the crown, and the bangs are soft and not very thick. All these elements will certainly make a person more expressive and attract the attention of others.

You can afford a low, slightly voluminous bang, which will support the feminine image as a whole.

Hairstyles for an oval face

Such haircuts will look great, regardless of the width and length of your face.

You should only avoid in short haircuts strands near the cheekbone line, but on the contrary try to open the face, pull back the hair, otherwise you will only emphasize the angularity of its lines.

Such short haircuts as a bean, any boyish options will suit you very well.

Very short, almost male haircut will highlight your eyes and highlight the beauty and expressiveness of the cheekbones. Haircut called "bob" will attract the attention of others to his lips.

Female representatives with an oval face, but with very thin hair should be treated with short haircuts with caution, because they can create an unnecessary effect prislennosti.

If you have an oval face, feel free to experiment with different forms of haircuts. This is easy to do, because With this type of easy to pick up hair and styling. Over time, you are sure to find your unique haircut that best suits you.

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