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Girls with long hair always attracted the views of people around them. In order to maintain the beauty of such hair there is little natural data, it is necessary to take care of them, monitor their health, beautifully braid. Not every woman can afford long hair: stressful situations can significantly affect the state of hair, and some varieties of work are not combined with a lush hairstyle, only a short haircut is welcomed. Every year fashion trends give their advice on how best to present your image, how to emphasize the length of the hair and the beauty of their owner.

Thanks to the long hair, the embodiment of the most courageous fantasies of fashionistas and their personal hairdressers-stylists is possible. Variations are diverse, so they allow you to choose the best option depending on the type of person, purpose (solemn occasion or office work option) and the wishes of the client. Fashionable hairstyles for 2011 for long hair offer the following:

Hairstyles for long hairHairstyles for long hair

Straight, fluff hair with light waves is most often chosen on a holiday or a weekend day. For wide cheekbones, it is recommended to simply dissolve the hair on both sides of the shoulders to create the effect of a natural jet. For a round face type, you should do a little bouffant on the back of the head.

Hairstyles for long hairHairstyles for long hair

High styling wavy hair is suitable for owners of small facial features.

Vertical curls on the direct part will suit women with large features.

"Horsetail" is used as a "working" option. It is desirable to pinch up a bundle of hair as high as possible so that the height of the forehead increases favorably (which is valuable for persons of a triangular type). To create a more youthful option, you can make a hairstyle on the side, which will attract the eye with its non-standard and asymmetry. However, at will (and taking into account the type of face), other variants of this hairstyle can be used: classic, high tail with a large fleece, low tail on one side, oblique tail device with fixing a hair strand at the base, various types of bangs in addition and .

Hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyles for long hair

Wool in the style of the 60s looks good with a wide ribbon, emphasizes the thickness of the hair. The main hit is babetta with high pile in combination with a tuft of hair on the top of the head. It is not recommended to get too carried away with this option, because can greatly harm the health of the hair.

Spit "spike" has established itself in a variety of situations. Simple weaving looks great in the office. The addition of unusual accessories (hairpins, pins, colorful rubber bands and bows) is becoming very popular among different age groups of the weaker sex. One of the most profitable variants of weaving is the fishtail, which took the honorary title of the fashion trend of 2011. The special weaving of the “fish tail” creates the effect of radiance, emphasizing favorably the straight thick and shiny hair. A special type of weaving provides a constant reflection of light in almost all directions, which looks the most colorful on streaked or light (wheat-colored) hair.

Hairstyles for long hairHairstyles for long hair

The braid, braided on the side, expresses creative carelessness, indicates the understatement of the hostess, unwillingness to adhere to the majority opinion.

Whatever hairstyle you choose yourself, long hair will still look advantageous with proper care for them, maintaining their cleanliness and health. And even if by virtue of your habits, decide not to take into account the fashionable hairstyles of 2011, we wish you always look irresistible, individually and feminine!

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