Hairstyle french falls


Very often girls in order to look great at a celebration, go to hairdressers to stylists, hairdressers. But there are hairstyles that you yourself can do at home. They will look beautiful and elegant.

A lot of attention has now been paid to the braids, but the usual braids are becoming more and more complicated. With the help of these hairstyles you can create masterpieces. These masterpieces include hairstyle French waterfall. This name such hairstyle acquired because of the flowing curls resembling a waterfall. She assumes openwork weaving with cells from which hair of a different thickness, length is pulled out. You can even create multiple tiers.

Instructions for weaving hairstyles French waterfall

  • To start weaving such a hairstyle, you need to take a small part of the hair from the side.
  • We begin to braid the usual braid, consisting of 3 strands.
  • We make several fixing movements until we reach the ear. You will have three strands: left, right and middle.
  • Cross the right to middle strand, add one curl on top and overlap the left strand.

  • To the right curl add another curl and release it from the braid. Thus, it turns out the so-called trickle of water.
  • We have two strands, we need to make the third. The third strand we take from the curls below. So we repeat again and again until we reach the end of the head. Then we begin to weave an ordinary braid and fasten it with a barrette or a hairpin.
  • To the hairstyle French waterfall seemed even more romantic, you can twist the tips of the strands and carefully lay.

The main scheme of weaving hairstyles French waterfall

Technique weaving French waterfall

Hairstyle French waterfall is not only beautiful, but it is perfect. Lace effect, which distinguishes it from other hairstyles, is provided by elongated artificially strands, which can be thick or thin, multi-level or asymmetrical. Weaving Spit French Falls can be one-sided, two-sided or even cover the entire head.

  • From the side, take a thin strand of hair. You can start from the right or from the left. If you have a bang, you can include it in the general ensemble. Having released a bang, it can be beautifully laid to match the hairstyle. First, divide the thin strand into 3 parts and begin to weave one of them with an ordinary braid.
  • Braid such a scythe until you reach the level of the ear. Now, holding three strands in your hand, cross the middle and right, and the third strand will be the part of the hair, taken from above. Now cover the lock with a loose curl. Then release the right side of the hair down with an extra curl. It will be the very first strand of the cascade. Now again there are 2 main strands, which means, take a third of the loose hair.
  • Weave further in the same way, when the right strand is at the bottom, release it to create a common cascade. You will always have 2 working strands that will make up a horizontal strand that can be braided to the middle or around the entire circumference of the hair.
  • At the final stage of weaving, securely fasten the end of the braid, leaving one curl free. To achieve a lace effect while weaving, slightly pull the strands of the main braid out.

Hair Style Options French Falls

In addition to the classic version, there are several varieties of the French waterfall. These include and Malvinka spit. In this form, the spit in the form of a cascade is woven symmetrically around the entire circumference of the head on each side. When the braids come together, they can be fastened with a beautiful rubber band or barrette.

Before creating hair, hair can be screwed on curlers, or comb them at the roots. This will give the volume of the future hairstyle. For a business style, you can stretch your hair with an iron. Free curls, representing the waterfall stream can be curled, then the hairfall waterfall looks just great. If you make this haircut at home, the beloved man will definitely not remain indifferent.

If you decide to create this type of hairstyle, then you should not worry - it will suit your outfit or not. This hairstyle is so universal that it always looks very relevant and attractive. French waterfall can be used in all cases of life. On other types of weaving, read the article French hairstyles: weaving braids.

Be beautiful!

Especially for Alenka, Julia