Hairstyle at home

Doing hair at home, you:

  • save the time needed to go to the beauty salon master;
  • save money;
  • You can choose for yourself any suitable hairstyle in the magazine and work out the skills.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Arrange a mini hair salon at home and give plenty of imagination.

In addition, you and yourself will soon like this process. The study of fashionable novelties and advanced trends is not a boring occupation for any woman. A detailed instructions on the formation of hairstyles will help you to easily carry them on yourself or your loved ones. You can always redo what you do not like.

If you have long hair with a fine structure, you will suit the hairstyles from braids. Laying your hair is not difficult. Hairstyle will suit any style of clothing.

"The French braid is the opposite"

& quot; French braid vice versa & quot;& quot; French braid vice versa & quot;

What do we need?

  • hairbrush
  • two small gum
  • gum with decorations

Laying time: 30-40 minutes

Clean your hair thoroughly. Just above the temporal zone, separate the hair strand and divide it into three. Parts must be identical in density. By simply laying the strands on top of one another, we get a braid “in French,” so to speak. Strands should not go to the top as usual, but down to the middle. For greater accuracy in the first two - three weaving strands do not add. Weave, gently adding new strands of hair. Spit should be dense for hair growth. When the first part is ready, use your fingers or a hairbrush to release the strands slightly, creating a three-dimensional effect. Fix the finished braid with a rubber band and start weaving on the other side. Then connect the two braids into one and continue the weaving. Lightly fluff the finished braid by hooking the strands. Fix the obtained result with varnish, and fix the tip of the braid and decorate it with an elastic band.

"Wedding March"

home salon

What do we need?

- hairbrush,

- hot curlers

- rubber bands

- studs

- invisible.

Laying time: 40 - 45 minutes.

Comb the hair, leaving the sides of the strands to decorate hair curls. Screw some of the hair at the temples back from the face on hot curlers. This piece will add volume to your hairstyle. From the hair behind the ears, make two small tails. Remaining behind the hair, collect in a separate tail at the top next to the first two. Wind the tails on the curlers. It is better to use heat shakes. With them faster and curls longer hold. Expect that for each tail you need three curlers. After cheating, apply a little varnish on the curls. He will strengthen the fixation. Take the front of the hair back and fasten in front of the tails. Lay the hair from one side to the other. Fastenings are done with studs. You can decorate your hair with small hairpins in the form of flowers.


home salon

& quot; Bow & quot;

What do we need?

  • hair gel or mousse
  • two rubber bands
  • studs

Laying time: 40 minutes

In the crown area, separate the triangle. At the temples, leave strands of hair. For the volume they can be screwed on curlers. Gather in a tight tail on the back of the head all the other hair. Apply hair gel to hands. Select a strand on top of the tail and secure it with an elastic band. The second gum will attach it to the bottom. Hair from the first to the second gum divide into two parts. Form a bow. From below fix it with pins. The remaining ends of the hair are divided into two parts and hide on the left and right sides of the bow. Take the strand that was left at the beginning. Lock at the base of the bow. Position the strand in the middle of the bow, and fix the same at the bottom. At the temples, we tuck our hair a little and twist it into a bundle. We hide all this beauty under a bow.


& quot; tail & quot;

What do we need?

  • elastic
  • hairbrush

Laying time: 5 minutes

Tie him at different heights. Side or center of the head. Do not squeeze the hair with a rubber band too much, it will impede blood circulation.


& quot; Malvina & quot;

What do we need?

  • elastic
  • hairbrush

Laying time: 10 minutes

Very feminine and always popular. Make the tail from the top of the hair. Most of the hair is loose. Use nevedimki and small hairpins, as well as hairpins with stones for decoration.

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