Haircuts for short hair for a round face


There are no absolutely identical people on our planet. We all differ from each other in one way or another. One of these signs is the shape of the face. All people have it different. Stereotypes are such that an oval face is considered ideal. Indeed, if you have an oval face, you can use almost any haircuts, styling and hairstyles.

Owners, for example, a round face does not fit all. However, the shortcomings of the form can and should be corrected with a suitable hairstyle.

Round face shape

Before you pick a hairstyle for your round face, make sure that it really is. In order not to be mistaken with the shape of the face, you can use several methods of verification. Look in the mirror. Then remove the hair from the forehead and circle around the contour of your reflection in the mirror. You can also use a photo instead of a mirror. Take a picture and circle the contours of your face on it.

Haircuts for short hair for a round face

Then you need to measure the distance from ear to ear and from chin to crown. If the distance between the ears and between the crown and chin are about the same, then we can conclude that the shape of your face is really round.

In addition, the fact that your face is this form indicate other signs. If you have a wide hairline on the forehead, a rounded, soft chin, and the width of your cheekbones coincides with the width of your cheeks, then the shape of your face is undoubtedly round.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that for most people the shape of the face cannot be determined unequivocally. But if most of the listed features apply specifically to your face, you should consider making your hair style suitable for a round face. When choosing a hairstyle for a round face, the main goal is to visually narrow and lengthen the face, thus bringing its shape closer to an oval.

Haircuts for round face for short hair

Fans of short hair can find among the options for haircuts for a round face a lot suitable for them.

Haircuts for short hair for a round face

  • For example, with a round face shape, it makes sense to make soft waves. They distract the attention of the person looking at you from the shape of your face. In this case, the hairstyle should have a length to the chin or slightly below. If you decide on such a haircut, you should avoid too steep curls and, conversely, perfect straight hair. A little wavy hair is more suitable for you. If you wind the hair too tightly or straighten it carefully, you will have the opposite effect - your face will become even more rounded.
  • Another option for those who prefer short haircuts. You fit a multi-layered haircut. The only condition is that such a haircut, given the peculiarity of your face, should be soft and airy. No coarse monolithic strands. If you want a haircut with a bang, remember that you have to comb it to the side. Another option is not to make bangs too thick.

Haircuts for short hair for a round face

  • Also You will fit a fashionable now kare with elongated edges. This hairstyle creates a volume on your hair that will allow you to hide your cheeks and focus on a well-shaped chin. However, if your chin is small, shortened, this haircut is not recommended for you.
  • Some girls who prefer short haircuts will do well. asymmetrical haircut. You do not need to forget that with the help of asymmetrical strands you need to cover the cheeks, and the hair needs volume. The forehead of the owners of the round face to open.

Haircuts for short hair for a round face

Such haircuts are the best fit for you in order to update your image and bring in a zest.

Mistakes when choosing a haircut for a round face

There are also things that should be avoided when making haircuts for a round face.

  • For example, you should not do an equal parting. Straight lines should also be avoided.
  • The same women, whom nature endowed with lush hair, need to adjust their shape with various styling products.
  • Successful haircuts for round face type should not contain horizontal lines.
  • Also should be avoided and round elements in the hair. Remember that perm makes the face wider, which is undesirable when it is rounded.

Remember that nature has not yet created a single absolute ideal. You have what nature has endowed you with. Try to love yourself for who you are. To decorate your face will help correctly chosen, stylish and beautiful haircut. Stay yourself in any situation and smile more often. Then you will always be the most beautiful and beloved woman in the world.