Haircuts for medium hair without bangs. medium length


Medium length haircuts are popular with many women. This is due not only to the beauty and sexuality of this hairstyle, but also its practicality. Hair of medium length can be easily laid depending on the desire and the upcoming event. For this there are many beautiful haircuts that you like.

Medium length haircuts: pros

Medium length haircut, being suitable to the face of any shape, will give your image femininity and softness. In addition, these hairstyles look very stylish. To add to your look of elegance, make a haircut of medium length without bangs.

Haircuts for medium hair without bangs

If you do a hairstyle, in which the hair will reach the chin, you can disguise plump cheeks. Medium length without fringeopen forehead or part of it, which will visually lengthen the face. If you make a voluminous haircut without bangs on medium-length hair and add a ribbon or tiara, you will get a beautiful retro look. Medium-length hair without a bang is easier to twist on curlers or curling (after all, twisted bangs will interfere, and the straight will stand out strongly against the background of curly hair). In addition, the absence of bangs will help you keep your hair healthy. You do not have to constantly use tools for fixing.

Haircuts for medium hair without a bang for a round face

Medium length hair is great for a round face. To draw attention to your eyes and lips and to distract views from round cheeks you will be helped by soft waves and layers that will look great on hair of medium length. For round face fit multi-level haircuts. Strands of different lengths will allow you to reduce roundness. Asymmetric haircuts are also suitable.

Haircuts for medium hair without a bang for a round face

If your face is round, it is not recommended to do hairstyles with a round or spherical silhouette, as well as straight squares. In addition, you should not wear a flat parting right in the middle of the head. Lush hair is better to a little crush with gels or varnishes, because they will only further expand the face. Hairstyles that completely open the face, as well as curls and low hairstyles with closed ears, will not suit you either.

Med bob hair cut

This haircut is simply created to demonstrate the beauty and health of your hair. The appearance of a bob haircut on medium hair can be attributed to ancient Egypt, only then it was worn with bangs. Now the main difference from the bob bob - the lack of bangs and a short back of the head. For medium hair, bob can be made both round and with sharp borders. If you add to this hairstyle a bit of asymmetry, You can get a unique image. Creating a retro-styling, taking this haircut as a basis, is also very easy. It is only necessary to straighten the hair with an iron, and raise the top of the head slightly. Bob medium length without bangs looks very harmonious. Even better, such a haircut will look if on the one hand the hair will be slightly shorter than the other.

Haircut for curly hair of medium length

Med bob hair cut

Unfortunately, not all women with naturally curly hair regard their hair as a gift. For curly and curly hair suitable quads, cascade and bob. But there are some features. The average length is suitable for curly hair just perfect, the hair will lie perfectly on the shoulders under its own weight. To make your hairstyle look more impressive, give preference to zigzag parting before parting. Try not to experiment too much on curly hair with a ladder and coloring. These details will add extra volume to the hairstyle, which may be redundant. For curly hair is better to do a haircut without bangs, since this part of the hair can require some dexterity in styling.

Beautiful pigtails for medium hair

Beautiful and easy to lay the hair of medium length will help you braids. It seems that the average length is not quite suitable for braids, but this is a delusion. For medium hair, you can choose several variants of braids or hairstyles containing braids.

Beautiful pigtails for medium hair

Of course, the main type of styling for medium hair is the classic Russian braid. Even little girls know how to make such a haircut. It is simple to use and very practical. These pigtails can be used in various ways and are a great everyday hairstyle. Another option is the fishtail spit. For her weaving curls must be divided into 2 parts. Thin locks of one side are connected with the main ones. On a medium hair, such a pigtail will look great in any situation. The most popular among modern fashionistas is the French braid. She is very good for a business image. Weaving a braid near the forehead begins, with each new weaving, loose strands are added to the braid. The braid woven from the harnesses looks very beautiful and unusual. In order to create such a hairstyle, the hair, collected in a ponytail, should be divided into three strands. Each such strand twist into a bundle and secure. From the received plaits braid a usual braid. The hairstyle is simple in design, but looks very impressive.

Haircuts and hairstyles for hair of medium length are many, they are diverse, but they are always beautiful and spectacular. The main thing is to choose the right option for yourself. In this case, you will look stunning in any situation and environment.