Haircuts for long hair with bangs. hairstyles for long hair

Bangs - the perfect decoration for any haircut. Especially they go to girls who have a high and prominent forehead. Properly chosen haircut for long hair with bangs - this is what you need to create a stylish image.

Haircuts for long hair with a bang for a round face

Haircuts for long hair with bangs. Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Round face shape is quite common. Many girls want to adjust it, giving the shape of an oval. To visually stretch the face, stylists are advised to make elongated haircuts with bangs. Bangs - an indispensable addition to a round face, especially for those girls who want to narrow it.

Haircut with bangs for a round face requires a special approach. It depends on the bangs hairstyle shape. If you have laid hair that covers the ears, stylists recommend choosing bangs to the middle of the forehead. Long bangs are also suitable for a round face, but it should be shaped. The ideal option would be soft milled bangs with highlighting at the ends.

If you have a long multi-layered haircut, for example, a cascade, then give up the thick bangs. In this case, it is recommended to comb it on its side. Do not forget that bangs should be rare and filigree. Straight, thick and layered are not suitable for a round face. If you do not like to comb bangs to the side, give preference to the skew or asymmetrical variant. So you save yourself from unnecessary hassle on packing.

Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Long hair - decoration of any girl. Long are curls below shoulder level. Haircuts and hairstyles on hair with bangs look very impressive. Currently, one of the most popular options is a cascade, a long bean, a ladder, and a straight cut haircut.

Haircut for long hair with bangs must be adjusted at least once a month. So you will be constantly with a neat hairdo. Do not forget also about regular hair care, which consists not only in regular cleansing, but also in masks and balms.

Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Hairstyles with milled bangs

Milled bangs suitable for curly and straight hair. She easily gives in to changes, therefore creates probability for various hairdresses. It can be raised up or combed to the side.

With a milled bang, the hairstyle for a long horsehair hair looks perfect. It suits girls with almost any face shape. Looks good styling with combed bangs. Make it easy - treat bangs with styling products, mix it a little and lift it up. This hairstyle goes well with the haircut "ladder" and with perfectly straight hair.

Hairstyles with oblique bangs

Oblique bangs can be made of different lengths: long or short, depending on the shape of the face. A short one will suit girls with regular features, a long one - visually reduce and lower the forehead, stretch the face.

Oblique bangs look good with asymmetrical hairstyles and a slight mess on the head. Thus, you will give your image coquettishness, elegance, playfulness and femininity. This hairstyle is universal and will suit any girls. Slant bangs look good with accessories and high hairstyles. You can experiment and decorate styling with rims and ribbons. With a slanting bang, any hairstyles look impressive, be it a ponytail or braids.

Hairstyles with straight bangs

Haircuts for long hair with bangs. Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

This view is suitable not for all girls, but only for those who have perfect skin and regular facial features. Usually, any kind of hairstyle can be combined with straight bangs: classic bun, babette, tails, braids, Greek style, etc. A classic bang with a straight bang is perfect for an office. Babette - for a theme party or holiday. Tail - for everyday and playful style. Braids in combination with straight bangs - ideal for romantic walks.

Straight bangs are successful in any haircut: elongated bean, cascade, ladder, asymmetry. Well looked straight bangs with perfectly straight hair, large and small curls. Smooth long hair in combination with straight bangs - is a classic, which always remains out of competition.

Bangs are a versatile and stylish haircut that will never go out of style. With its help, you can drastically change your image, give playfulness and elegance. Haircuts for long hair with bangs - this is a great option for girls who love their hair and appreciate fashion. Experiment with images and hairstyles, fantasize and transform!

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