Haircuts for a full face. hairstyles for different types of

For every woman, an important end to the image is the selection of the correct haircut. Properly styled hair will be able to perfectly beat the large features and hide the flaws. But the unfortunate version often focuses attention on them. Unsuccessful haircut can very much rounded face, which does not want any woman. Especially if there is a tendency to be overweight.

What factors need to be considered when choosing a haircut for a full face?

The overall swelling of the face may depend on a variety of circumstances. Overweight as such is not always the root cause. For example, a round face contour will not look thin. Even if the representative of the beautiful half of humanity will lose weight to 40 size clothes.

Haircuts for a full face.

The first nuance that you definitely need to pay attention to when choosing a haircut for a full face is the correction zones. According to its contours, it usually causes a circle, although it may still have secondary signs of a square, a triangle, and a rhombus. Therefore, most often you need to "cut off" the side parts. So you visually pull it out.

The "square" additionally masks the temporal zone and the line of the chin, giving it weight. The triangle has a forehead, and a rhombus has excessively cheekbones. In addition, we must not forget about the possible need for correction of individual features: nose, lips, eye fit, and even ears. This will help bangs, front strands, asymmetry, and many other ways.

The second point - the overall physique. It is, of course, not a priority, but no less important than other factors. In particular, the neck deserves attention. A short and full one needs visual stretching, which is created by choosing the length between the level of the chin and the shoulders. It is necessary to abandon the short haircut, which is generally not too welcome in the presence of a full face.

The third is the condition of the hair. The fact that curly, straight, thick and thin curls require different haircuts, every woman knows. Therefore, the hairstyle should be chosen based on the type of hair.

Stylist tips

A short haircut for a full face does not always look good. In particular, there is a danger of distorting the proportions. In this case, the head seems too small, and the figure - too powerful.

There are 2 ways out of this situation. You can opt out of a short haircut at all or modify it to suit your proportions. For the latter use the addition of bangs, elongation of the occipital zone, the increase in volume in the crown. Especially good it will look with a full face, having the shape of a rectangle. The optimal length of a short hairstyle is up to the earlobes.

Haircuts for a full face.

The most winning haircut for a full face, according to most stylists, hairdressers, is a square. He doesn't have to be classic. Any experiments with its kind are admissible. Elongated or fake bangs are combined with a triangular face, elongated front strands - with a rectangular and diamond-shaped, the volume at the crown will fit almost everything.

Haircut ladder also pulls the figure. For a more pronounced effect, it is worth making a parting with a shift to one of the sides. To remove the "heaviness" from the image is capable of filleted bangs. And for a solemn event with full face, hair is recommended to be laid in soft waves, without taking them away from the front area and the forehead.

Not everyone wants to trim diligently growing curls under the square. Therefore, begin the search for the best haircut with the preservation of the length, which also works corrector shapes and face type. If the hair above the shoulders can have almost any shape, then the strands reaching the waist should be straight. What matters is not so much the length as styling. Its main task is to build a vertical.

For this reason, do not curl small curls. It is better to make light waves. If you have curly hair on nature, you will have to constantly straighten them with an iron or pick up a short haircut.

Women suffer a lot of torment when selecting a haircut for a full face and thin hair. Photos of hairstyles help a little. Need to work with each case separately. According to leading stylists, the “soft” cascade can become an almost universal option. The transition between layers is minimal. Due to the fact that the upper hair is rather short, it becomes lighter and volume is acquired. At the same time, the bulk of the curls retains the length. As a result, the face is pulled out and the cheeks are hidden.

Such a haircut can reach the waist. This is the rare case when the longer the hair, the better. In addition, you can add another "vertical" in the form of highlighting. Just do not make contrasting white strands. It is enough to create a difference between the main color of 2 tones to create the desired effect. In addition, it will look much more natural.

Haircuts for a full face.

Basic rules for choosing haircuts

Summarizing all the above, we can derive a number of simple rules. They need to be guided before going to the hairdresser or before home experiments with hair.

  • Avoid clear horizontal lines that can cut the whole image and further expand it.
  • Forget about flat styling and short bangs, but do not create excessive volume along the entire length
  • Do not equal the length of the haircut on the chin and shoulders
  • In contrast to the rule for an oval face, a full one is required to cover with strands and bangs.
  • Keep the harmony. Turn down and add in the right places. Example: the widest area of ​​the face should not be supplemented with the same volume zone of the hairstyle
  • Complete haircut coloring. Glare of other shades on several curls will allow you to place the correct accents
  • Visually allows you to lose a few pounds in the face of the dark hair color. But do not immediately take the blue-black paint, if it goes against the color type
  • In order not to be mistaken with a haircut, you can use computer programs that offer to choose a haircut

You should not try to blindly follow the trends in hairdressing, if they go against your appearance. Even the most unpopular hairstyle or haircut can be perceived as stylish if it perfectly matches the features. Haircuts for a full face should visually pull it. They can be any. The main rule - the rejection of ultrashort hairstyles

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