Haircut wolf


Many women love original haircuts, with which you can become not only more attractive, but also radically change the image. The haircut, which has received the name "she-wolf", looks very interesting, but today it is not very popular. Hairstyle refers to the number of cascading, but has certain features.

Haircut "Wolf" for long hair: hairstyle features

Haircut wolf for long hair

Haircut wolf

This haircut first appeared in the early 90s, when rock culture was at the peak of popularity. And it received its name precisely because of the audacity and sexuality that was present in this style. Recently, this haircut is gaining popularity among celebrities and rock stars.

Among the advantages of haircut is the fact that it is just perfect for hair of any structure, length, thickness. It provides an excellent opportunity to model the volume and give it even very thin hair. In any case, the "wolf" gives charm, audacity and sexuality to its owner.

The most advantageous this hairstyle looks on long hair. Creating it takes place thanks to the execution of cascade design along the entire length of the strands - from the top of the head to the very tips. This haircut is ideal for straight hair, as it creates a plastic and very interesting silhouette. It is possible to walk with it with flowing hair and not to do complicated styling, it is enough just to dry the hair in the morning.

In the occipital-parietal region, hair styling takes the form of steps, which may have different depths. Due to the volumetric design of the crown, as well as the beautifully flowing free curls, the effect of "torn strands" is created. To achieve a beautiful, interesting silhouette, it is not necessary to shorten the length. When creating the "she-wolf" haircut, the wizard processes the outer contour with the help of thinning shears. A razor can also be used, but this method is not desirable, as the hair will be injured during the haircut. Thanks to the hairs cut at an angle, the hairstyle becomes visually more voluminous, and the hairstyle is plastic.

"Wolf" is just perfect with a long straight or oblique bangs, especially if it will be decorated with thinning scissors. It is necessary to abandon a very thick bangs, this hairstyle will look too "heavy" and not elegant. To give the image a little tenderness, you need to lay the bangs on its side.

Is this haircut for girls with short hair?

A haircut

This look is just perfect for wavy hair. Provided quality haircut for short hair, you can forget about styling for a long time, because it will be enough just to comb in the morning. This hairstyle is very practical.

In order for this haircut to look stylish and fashionable, you need to regularly visit the beauty salon and update it - at least 1 time in 4-5 weeks. If you ignore this advice, the hairstyle will have an untidy and not the most attractive look, resembling a chaotic regrown shoal of hair. This haircut should be done only on healthy hair, without split ends.

Styling rules

A haircut

To make the haircut look stylish and harmonious, you should only entrust the work to an experienced master. “Wolf” is performed in several main stages, and even minor details should not be missed, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve a bright effect.

This hairstyle looks very nice and original, while it has its advantages:

  • A step technology is used during the haircut, due to which the hair is given extra volume, slightly lifted in the root area, and daily styling will not be required. Stylists recommend choosing this option for girls with thin hair.
  • At the top of the head given the desired amount. Girls with a round face will need to do the right styling. To slightly extend the contour of the face, it is recommended to slightly lift the strands and lay back - visually the face becomes oval.
  • "Wolf" can be made on strands of various lengths. The most popular hairstyle is below shoulder level or medium length. No less interesting looks and haircut for short hair.
  • Various types of bangs that give a touch of individuality and originality are perfect for this hairstyle. The most favorable looks bang, length to the eyebrow line, slightly thinned. Stylists do not advise to stop the choice on very thick bangs, as they do not always look advantageous with torn strands. Interesting and stylish looks oblique bangs that need to be laid on one side - can be of different lengths (very long or short). The ideal choice would be asymmetric bangs, so that the "wolf" looks more interesting and stylish.
  • Haircut favorably emphasizes the beautiful features of the face, you can focus on a bright make-up of the eyes, making them more expressive.
  • On such a haircut it looks beneficial highlighting or coloring in different colors. This color makes an interesting emphasis on the torn structure of hair.

There are several methods for styling this type of haircut:

  1. Pulling with ironing. If this method of installation is chosen, special thermal protection should be used without fail, because the burned-out and inanimate strands will not have the most attractive appearance.
  2. Laying with the use of a round brush and hair dryer. This option is suitable for cutting any length - the ends of the strands can be twisted outward or inward, as well as combined.

With this haircut you can do a variety of hairstyles. On long and medium hair, tails look interesting and stylish - for example, a knotted tail with several locks released near the face, an inverted tail, complemented by protruding loops in the crown region. It is a little careless styling that is most popular today. You can also make hairstyles with bunches or braids, adding stylish accessories.