Haircut square on the leg. laying the hairstyle on the leg

Cutting a square bob has been popular for many years now. This is not surprising, because this hairstyle is chic, versatile and easy to care. In addition, various styling options will help you change your image every day.

Cutting a square bob is done on short hair. To do this, first mark the parting at ear level. In order that the upper part of the hair does not interfere, pinch it. The lower part of the need to cut the cape, then separate the layer of 1 cm from the top of the hair and cut the cape again. Only now need to cut a little shorter. Thus it is necessary to simulate the hair to the line of the ears. Strand on the back of the head shape, giving them a more rounded shape. Separate the layer from the hair on the back of the head with a horizontal parting and cut them at the height you need.

Cutting a bob

Now you need to do the formation of temples. Whiskey free from the pins and separate the layer of 1 cm. The remaining hair again pinch. Cut off the selected temporal locks, rounding them from the front. Separate one more layer and cut it at the same level as the previous one. So you need to do with all the remaining hair. Above all, remember that the lines should be smooth. The temporal zone merges with the occipital. Now it remains only to lay her hair with a hair dryer and a round brush.

Types of hairstyle on the leg

  • Kare on the leg with bangs. This hairstyle is most often done by girls who prefer a free style. A bob on leg with a bang gives you the opportunity to make a large variety of styling. Having made such hairdress, you can create a new image every day.
  • Four-leg with lengthening. This kind of car is popular with young girls. This hairstyle will help create a romantic and mysterious image. If you want to become an object of universal attention, the square on the leg with lengthening is what you need. Such a haircut will help to lengthen the round face and hide unwanted fullness. This hairstyle is universal. It is suitable for both casual look and evening dress.

Types of hairstyle on the leg

  • Bob squares on the leg. Haircut is a union of 2, previously considered completely different in technique, hairstyles. A successful symbiosis of bob and square has several distinctive features: the average length of hair in front, the complete absence of bangs. Strands behind should not cover the neck.
  • Graduated four leg. The new look of the hairstyle will allow you to significantly increase the volume of hair and their splendor, in addition, will give the image originality. When creating a graded square, the strands are cut by layers, with the layers being made of different lengths. The only disadvantage of such a haircut - it requires daily care. If it is not laid, the strands will inadvertently stick in different directions.

Laying the hairstyle on the leg

It is very easy to pack a car. In addition, there are many options for styling. In order to carry out different variants of this hairstyle, get irons for straightening hair, a hairdryer, a round brush, hair curlers and a rare comb.


Laying the hairstyle on the leg

Apply mousse for styling on clean damp hair. Armed with a hairdryer and a round brush, dry the strands, wrapping their ends inside. If there is a bang in your haircut, you must also twist it and fix it with hair spray. To make your hair perfectly smooth and shiny, straighten it with irons. If you want to create a slight mess on your head, apply a scum on wet hair, tilt your head and dry the strands, crushing them with your hands. To fit the classic version of the caret on the leg, you only need a hair dryer with a round brush. If you have an elongated car, try to give it the maximum amount. This can be done by lifting the hair at the roots and wrapping the ends inside. A great addition to this hairstyle will be curls made with a curling or hair curlers.

Hairstyles for a bob haircut

Hollywood Wave. To create this hairstyle, you will need medium-sized forceps. An important requirement: take strands of the same size. Take one strand and make a curl, grabbing the tip and winding it to the roots of the hair. Then convert the curls into waves, carefully combing them with a brush. Now arm with clamps. Every wave should have a crown. Crown need to fix with clips. Form each wave with your hands and fix with hairspray. Also, varnish should be poured over the entire installation. Wait until the nail polish hardens and remove the hairpins. Crown can be formed more brightly with the help of a small comb. Do not forget to cover the spray hairstyle.

Hairstyles for a bob haircut

Another option is laying wave. Wind the hair on the curler-curlers. After drying, remove the curlers and fix the hair with a gel or mousse, while trying not to divide the curls too much. You can make a side parting or, if you have a bang, put it in gel. Pour hairspray on all your hair.

Having chosen the option of cutting a bob on the leg suitable for you and having decided on the way of laying, you will always be the owner of an excellent hairstyle. It is suitable not only for everyday, but also for a solemn image. Kare on the leg - a haircut, which proves that even short hair can make a woman romantic and mysterious.

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