Haircut rhapsody. features of styling for long and short


The appearance of each hairstyle is directly dependent on the haircut. That is why, having decided to change the image, you need to carefully consider and choose the option that will suit you. One of these hairstyles is rhapsody, and for both long and short hair. It lies in the imposition of strands one on the other, and this is similar to the haircut cascade.

The peculiarity of this hairstyle is the different lengths of the strands below and on the crown, which makes up a certain ladder near the face. Long hair, this haircut gives volume. It favorably emphasizes facial features and individual strands laid.

But on medium hairs, the crapsody is more common, and it looks prettier, because to create it, the ideal long one is the average. In addition, in this case, the rhapsody fits better, creating a volume at the crown. It will be advantageous to look this hairstyle and short hair, giving the image a special charm. You can lay it in the form of sharp strands with different lengths, and with a braid or straight bangs.

The styling will give the hair airiness due to the fact that the hairstyle technique is stepped, moving from short strands to long top hair. Thick hair cut will make less often, and thin on the contrary - visually will look more voluminous. You can perform it on the curls with different structure and length. By the way, it is perfect for both straight and curly hair. Moreover, the disobedient strands will make it more appeasable, and the image itself will be more feminine.

Haircut rhapsody

Chelkak this haircut fits any, while it will help to remove the flaws of the face. Time for its laying will take a bit. It will look spectacular, even after the usual shampooing and blow-drying at home.

Just excellent this haircut looks, if the strands are painted in different colors, some, for example, can be made darker, and some - lighter. Highlighting will give your hair an unusual colorful tint that will visually further increase its volume, and coloring will allow the strands to shimmer in different colors. Difficult coloring can be made both on long, and on short hair and to blondes, and brunettes. Also it can do the ladies, whom nature has awarded red hair color.

There are a lot of ways of styling this haircut, you can make a new one every time, thereby changing your image:

  • Curls of any form - from small curls to large ones, everything will depend on the style you choose;
  • Low or high horse tail, volume bundle, simple or any other kos;
  • You can decorate your hair with bows, pins, ribbons or other special hair accessories;
  • Successfully look long straight strands, which were straightened iron;
  • A curvy voluptuous hairstyle is appropriate, a bit disheveled and sloppy.

Haircut rhapsody

Rapsodia is cut in two ways: classical, which came to us from the last century, or modern, which modern masters have trained.

With the modern version of the hairstyle, the hair is sheared under 1 length, and the strands are sharp and thin; from the face hair gently down on his shoulders.

Here is the rhapsody haircut technique, in the classic version:

  • A vertical parting is created in the center of the head, passing through the crown, from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the neck;
  • After a horizontal parting is done - a strand that fits to the forehead, you need to brush it down on the face;
  • Now it's time for the crown and temples - on the selected strand should be done edging, at the bridge of the nose or the tip of the nose - straight;
  • It is necessary to focus on the vertical parting (haircut is done from it on both sides), as well as on the regional line of hair growth at the temples and on the forehead. Hair should be cut along the concave line, on the inner side of the palm, evenly aligned with the length of the bang, and the strands should be brushed off onto the face. The head of the client while pointing down;
  • From one ear to the other, it is necessary to make an arbor parting, through the parietal region, thereby highlighting the next strand parallel to the 1st. At the level of the 1st strand it is necessary to cut along a concave line;
  • Thus, imposing strands one on the other, you should cut the entire area of ​​the temples and crown, and then the back of the head. Each subsequent strand may be slightly longer than the previous one. During the entire cutting process, the client’s head should be tilted down;
  • The final stage is the edging: the lower hair, elongated in the neck area, should be edged in the form of a trapezium, and the tips should be milled along the contour of the hairstyle.

Rhapsody for short hair: features

Haircut rhapsody

Most often, this version of the haircut is done to create a certain accent. Strands are sharp, of various lengths, and a ladder near the face or an asymmetrical bang will determine the style. Even the rhapsody on short hair perfectly fits and requires minimal time, for this you need only a styling tool and a hairdryer.

Also, rhapsody is also suitable for those who grow hair, but at the same time want to look stylish. As the hair grows from a short version of the haircut will get a neat hairstyle. Curls retain their well-groomed appearance, besides it will be very easy to trim the seamed tips.

With this hairstyle any bang will look harmoniously - both thick straight, and short oblique and long, but those ladies who do not wear bangs give their preference to the rhapsody. If you want to give your haircut an individuality or to refresh and change your image, then cut the bangs as you like.

Long hair styling options

This version of the hairstyle refreshes the appearance of its owner, since the shape of the styling becomes well-groomed, and the hair will not just lie straight strands. Lay haircut can be both with the air top, and just strands, they will effectively fall down on the face. You can also select individual curls.

But the most popular was the haircut for rhapsody on medium hair, because in this hairstyle exactly this length is the most optimal. The hair itself can be dried at the roots with a round comb, while the bottom strands will remain straight, but they can be curled in or out. Even if a woman suddenly wants to make a bundle or a tail, volume is very easily created on the top of her head.

Photos of the best images

Haircut rhapsody

Haircut rhapsody

Haircut rhapsody

Rhapsody haircut perfectly combines with office style, as well as with everyday and festive. Laying does not require much time and effort. It will be appropriate in any situation, while giving its owner a special charm and style!