Haircut hot scissors. reviews


Every woman cares about the beauty of their hair. Many follow the news in the hairdressing industry. Therefore, for many women of the fair sex, cutting with hot scissors, which appeared not so long ago, has already been tested. There are those who still hesitate - is it worth it to put such an experiment? This haircut has both advantages and disadvantages.

Haircut hot scissors: photos and procedure for the procedure

Advertising promises that, in contrast to the classical procedure, cutting with hot scissors will permanently relieve the ends of the cut. Therefore, during a visit to the master diagnosis of the condition of the hair. Without determining the type and condition of the hair you cannot cut it with hot scissors.

The survey is conducted through a computer program. The most important thing that it gives is the ability to determine the maximum allowable temperature of the device, which will later begin to cut hair. Typically, for thin and rare, a minimum of 80 ° C is taken, so as not to harm them, instead of the promised reinforcement. Curly and thick curls are treated at averages - 150 ° C. The highest is applied to thick, hard hair, peculiar only to African Americans.

After the diagnosis begins shampooing and then applying the conditioner according to the type of hair. Then they are combed and dried. In some cases, the masters perform a primary trimming of the ends, after which the hair is folded.

Hot scissors cutting

Only after that the shearing begins. Those same scissors with a heating element are in progress, and the thin strands that are subject to "execution" are twisted with strands. And already in this form, everything that does not merge with the total mass is eliminated by a hot blade. The most common in the salons received scissors of German origin brand Jaguar. By themselves, they are, of course, the most common: the classic cold metal and plastic. The heating element is located only in the area of ​​the blades. The tool must be supplied with an electronic adjuster.

The length of the hot scissors never retracts. If it is necessary to change the shape of the hairstyle, it will first be cut with a conventional tool, and only then the final treatment with a thermal instrument. Sometimes it is not the scissors that is used, but the razor, which also has a heating element available. It is used in most cases for complex "ragged" haircuts. The duration of the session depends on the thickness of the hair. Basically it is 2-4 hours. For the most accurate picture of the procedure, it is recommended to view the videos "cutting with hot scissors: video of the process" that is available on many hairdressing sites.

Pros and cons of hot haircuts

The main difference between this technique and the classical one is as follows: when exposed to hair with cold blades, its structure is opened at the cut point. Subsequently, precisely because of this, various elements from the environment penetrate inside, and the process of stratification and cross-section begins.

Hot blade works by analogy with a quality buff for nail polishing. After the cut, it instantly closes the damaged area, sealing it and blocking the path to any harmful substance from the outside. In addition, it helps to keep everything that has already been gathered hair inside. It is for this reason that the master should apply a nutrient before cutting, which will be fixed due to cutting.

According to promises, the overall appearance of the hair is greatly improved. They get shine, smoothness, volume. Ideally, after several sessions, the hair thickens and becomes slightly heavier. This may affect volume.

Definitely a positive impact from the procedure will receive those who have long used the hair dryer and curling iron. It is worth thinking about cutting with hot scissors if you made a perm, dyeing (especially brightening). Haircut is suitable for those who have curly hair.

The most significant disadvantage of this technology is that it requires repetition - at least 4-5 times with an interval of one month. Gradually, the break between sessions will increase by 2-3 times. Ideally, the haircut should be done every six months.

Another drawback inherent in all new procedures, is the difficulty of choosing a venue. The master, in whose hands there is a thermoinstrument, must be trained on it and have considerable experience behind them. Otherwise, the risk of worsening the situation with hair increases significantly. After all, a fever is a double-edged sword.

And, perhaps, the last minus, which is not felt by all: the cost of services. The price tag depends on the specific salon and, of course, the amount of work.

Women reviews

Haircut hot scissors: reviews

  • Women who have gone through this type of hairdresser’s service share both enthusiastic and negative responses. The latter causes a low qualification of the master who performed the procedure. There have been place to be and precedents with scorching the ends of the hair, which, of course, could in no way affect their condition in a positive way.
  • In this case, there can be only one advice - choose the salon and specialist carefully. Talk to your friends or chat in the hairdressing forums of your city. This will guarantee that you will not have to pay for additional treatment in the future.
  • Those women who were satisfied with the haircut, reported that the effect lasts a very long time. Even under the condition of frequent washing of the head, work with brushing and a hairdryer or even ironing, there was no deterioration in the appearance of the curls. But what particularly delights the ladies is the preservation of the length when eliminating the hooked ends.
  • In their feedback on cutting with hot scissors, girls are advised to pay special attention to care. None of the miracle device will not save, if in the future do not think about saving the result. Mandatory masks for split ends, nourishing oils. From the use of thermometers you can not refuse if they are needed. But it is still desirable to regulate the temperature and frequency of their use.

After cutting with hot scissors on the photo, even without a flash, the curls look alive, as if they had just left the hands of the master, even if the session took place a few weeks ago. They are less confused when wet, it is easier to form a hairstyle. Despite the existing disadvantages of cutting hair with hot scissors, the advantages still outweigh. The result is definitely worth the effort, money and time spent on it.