Haircut gavrosh


Gavrosh haircut is a unique opportunity to express your own style, to give an image a touch of individuality and elegance. This boyish and very frank hairstyle is suitable for courageous girls who choose extraordinary and unexpected decisions, prefer everything new and unusual.

Who can make a haircut "Gavrosh" on medium hair?

The haircut got its name in honor of the eponymous hero of the classic novel Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables" Gavroche. It was a young tomboy, a boy who did not recognize the rules and frameworks established by society.

In the 60s, Havrosh was first included in women's fashion, and haircut became one of the most sought-after, stylish, and daring. This hairstyle requires courage - the main focus is on the face, eyes. However, stylists recommend choosing it only to girls who have a beautiful line of cheekbones, soft neck bends.

Before deciding on such cardinal changes, it is worth remembering that this hairstyle is absolutely contraindicated for girls with large facial features, as this can lead to a violation of proportions. Before choosing such a haircut, you need to take into account the fact that it will emphasize all the advantages, however, will make more noticeable and disadvantages.

Gavrosh haircut for medium hair

Gavrosh haircut for medium hair for brown hair

Due to its interesting appearance, gavrosh favorably distinguishes beautiful cheekbones and graceful bend of the neck, gives the image elegance and lightness. This hairstyle has a lot of advantages:

  • There is no need to do complex styling daily - the most important advantage of haircuts. Hair is beautiful, even with a simple blow-dry, you do not have to use additional styling products.
  • This haircut leaves the opportunity to dream up a bit. First of all, this refers to the choice of the length of the haircut, the presence of bangs. It looks interesting combination of gavrosha with straight bangs, which can be made in the style of "cap". Perfectly and torn, slightly sloppy, but not very thick bangs. You can think over the bangs asymmetric or elongated. Young and self-confident girls decide on a combination of Gavrosh and very short bangs, which are cut almost at the root - such an original choice is suitable only for the youngest ladies.
  • This hairstyle is just perfect with highlighting or coloring. Looks great on strands of any shade, while for each color you can choose a more suitable tone for coloring.
  • Gavrosh is suitable for almost every face shape - you can easily change the length of the strands, the shape of the side strands, the shape and the length of the bangs. Today, there are many options for the interpretation of this haircut, and each girl can choose for themselves a more suitable one.
  • If gavrosh is made on slightly curly hair, then not one continuous strand is left on the back of the head, but several separate ones are formed, with short-cropped areas. Add charm and boldness torn bangs, which is shortened or extended to the temples.

Stylists recommend supplementing this haircut with extravagant elongated bangs. The ideal option would be ultrashort, straight, oblique, asymmetrical, torn bangs, made in the shape of a triangle. On the sides, the locks can be extended to the middle of the forehead or to the temples. To get a haircut in this style, you need not only to have an elegant form of the face and neck, but also a certain insolence. Gavroche, though it bears the spirit of youth and freshness, but it also differs, at the same time, with passion and vivid sexuality.