Haircut for square face type


Hairstyles are selected for appearance. This is the fundamental principle of choosing the design of the hair, which is designed to emphasize the strengths of the image and to hide its small flaws. Haircut for a square face also solves certain problems. Consider the nuances of the choice of a particular hairstyle for owners of such a "difficult" type of face.

Square face features

Square face features

Many owners of a square face often complain stylists, hairdressers, they say, too few options for haircuts are offered for their appearance. However, things are not so catastrophic. The fact is that, in principle, any haircut can be adapted to the face of a square shape. The main thing is to take into account some features of this appearance, in particular:

  • volume, since the face is almost equal to the width and length;
  • severity of proportions;
  • angularity (frontal part and cheekbones - especially).

Thus, the main task of the haircut is to soften the corner proportions as far as possible by the falling strands, to lengthen. But this does not mean at all that only elongated hair goes over a square face.

Haircuts for square face type

There is a so-called basic set of styles, which go to women with an angular, square face. But a good master still needs to properly adapt these haircuts for a specific person. Among the most popular and fashionable hairstyles:

  • wavy strands bordering the face;
  • volume at the crown with milled strands in the temporal area;
  • multi-layered haircuts with asymmetrical bangs;
  • straight hair, divided into a side parting from the forehead to the crown;
  • waving.

At the same time, treat with caution the hairstyles, which are supposed to:

  • long bangs;
  • clear parting;
  • volume is achieved through a clear cascade in the temporal region;
  • elongated locks to chin level.

Hairstyles for short hair

Short haircuts for a square face

To begin with, it should be noted that the shortest hairstyle "under the boy" for a square face is not considered under any circumstances. But, for example, garcon is an acceptable version of a short hairstyle. The principle of its implementation is that the occipital part is trimmed as short as possible, but the parietal and temporal zones are made elongated. The main feature of the hairstyle that appeared at the end of the nineteenth century in Paris is that the strands are sheared at an angle, creating a volume at the top of the head. Another shortcut version is pixie. It is performed on the radial parting from ear to ear, while the length of the hair is reduced to the back of the head. By the way, both styling is based on the asymmetry of the strands, so do not worry - the face will not look heavy. And yet you should avoid "sleek" hair, collected by the rim or barrette back, square and cropped bob.

What is suitable for medium length hair?

Haircuts for a square face on medium hair

So, you have a square face - what kind of haircuts will do if the hair is not exactly short? For medium-length hair (up to the shoulders), it is better to prefer cascading hairstyles. That is, your strands should be clipped at different levels and shortened to the back of the head. Facial constrictions should be left at length just below the chin line, but not up to the cheekbones. Ideal will look ladder, elongated bean and classic square with a raised back of the head. Another prerequisite is that they are asymmetrical versions of the styling. Oblique uneven partings and well-milled bangs look very good on medium hair. And, of course, do not collect a head of hair in a high bun or tail - it will emphasize the angularity of the physiognomy.

Choosing a haircut for thin hair

It is quite difficult for women with thin hair to choose a styling that would hide unfavorable geometric proportions of the face. But comes to the rescue hairstyle cascade. For her, her hair is clipped with steps, which allows you to focus on the voluminous occipital part and slightly lengthen the line of the cheekbones. For these purposes, suitable bob, ladder or cascade.

Stylists advise thin hair with a square face to curl or curl up - then straight lines of appearance will be smoothed out. And one more important tip: you should not make thick bangs on thin strands. It is undesirable in principle, but if so you can not refuse such an element of haircut, then let it be an asymmetrical version of oblique bangs.

What is better to make bangs: photos and recommendations

Haircuts for a square face: photo with a bang

As already mentioned, bangs for the face with pronounced geometric proportions should be asymmetrical. And it is better if it starts at the base of the side parting. There are a few more tricks to create the perfect bang for such a look:

  • torn ends (give playfulness to the image and distract unnecessary attention from the massive chin);
  • the lack of a dedicated start line (any correct lines and angles reinforce the roughness of the face shape);
  • length (the longer the bangs, the more elongated the face will seem).

That is, any suitable haircut can diversify bang, which will give the necessary emphasis on the dignity of your appearance, will give lightness and youth.

Haircut for a square face can be no less original and stylish than for other types of appearance. The main thing is to take into account the peculiarities of proportions, to find the optimal variant of length and to avoid symmetry. Then the haircut will be a real decoration of your beautiful and unique image.