Haircut for long hair with bangs. haircuts for long hair

Modern fashion hairdresser offers to focus on bangs. This part of the hair, if you choose it correctly, will help you to add a zest to your image. Bangs will come to the aid of the fair sex who are striving to radically change their style.

Haircuts for long hair with bangs

Haircut for long hair with bangs

For an elongated face with a high forehead or an oval face, a good solution would be bangs and an even cut of hair in a haircut. This hairstyle will help to hide the flaws and, at the same time, will look very stylish.

Step and asymmetrical haircuts are also relevant. The top of this hairstyle is most often a bob or bob, and the bottom of the curls remains long. The transition from the top to the bottom in such haircuts can be both smooth and sharp.

  • Haircut "cascade" with a bang is most often done on long hair or hair of medium length. This hairstyle should be chosen for girls and women with thin hair. It will help give them volume. However, thick hair "cascade" will make more obedient. If you are the owner of curly hair, then it is better to do without a bang, because it will give the image some untidiness and stick in different directions. When laying the "cascade" bang leave a straight line. This rule applies even if all other strands are curled. The bang will do a good job if you want to lose a couple of years visually. This element of hair will help to hide the wrinkles on the forehead and will focus on the eyes and cheekbones. By itself, the "cascade" makes styling more natural, while giving it softness and femininity.
  • At the same time, girls who prefer coarser modern styles can make sharp strands. Haircut "cascade" involves a smooth transition from short to long strands. This hairstyle can have not only different sharpness, but also intensity. If you want a feminine, stylish and elegant haircut, you will not want an intense "cascade" with bangs to the side. A more prominent representative of this hairstyle will be an intense, asymmetrical version.
  • Haircut "cascade" for long hair is simple and styling. There are several ways to design such a hairstyle on the hair. You can twist the ends of the hair inside. The styling method is good for girls who have a heavy chin. This method will help make facial features more feminine. If nature has rewarded you with a narrow face, then when styling you need to turn the ends of your hair out. Such actions will allow you to visually expand the shape of the face. You can also combine both styling options and twist the short strands of the face inwards, and the long ones outwards.
  • Herself haircut cascade for long hair with bangs may have several variations. You can leave the hair straight behind the back, and you can make a rounded cut. As for the frontal appearance of hair, you can use a hair graduation. Many girls like light negligence. It can be achieved by making a cascade along the entire length of the hair. Thanks to this hairstyle, your hair will gain even more volume and fluffiness. Carefully need to do a cascade for owners of thick and heavy hair. In this case, the curls do not need to be cut too short at the top, otherwise the hairstyle will bristle. Cascade for long hair with bangs will not fit a girl with a narrow face and miniature features. In this case, the length is better to reduce. If you have a round face, make a cascade in tandem with oblique asymmetrical bangs. This hairstyle will distract attention from excessive roundness. Long hair cascade with straight bangs is suitable for those who have a rectangular face shape. Bang in this case, you need to make a thick and comb it to the side. Such a haircut visually stretches the shape of the face.

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