Haircut for an oval face


Remember the famous words of the trendsetter - the famous Coco Chanel? She always said that a woman's hairstyle can change life, and not just an image. In order to become an icon of style and look amazing, you need to correctly choose a hairstyle. How to choose a haircut for an oval face and a lot of other useful information, you will learn in today's article.

Advantages and disadvantages: listen to the opinions of stylists

How to choose a haircut for an oval face

The shape of the face in the form of an oval is considered universal. As a rule, its owners have the same width of the forehead and chin, and the cheekbones slightly protrude. If you look closely, you will see that many domestic and foreign stars have exactly the oval shape of the face.

The main advantage of this form of face for the fair sex is a variety of suitable hairstyles. Almost any haircuts fit him. The length of the curls depends entirely on personal preference. But do not forget about the simple rule: the older the woman, the shorter her curls. Haircut for the face of this form should be fully consistent with the style and age.

Despite its versatility, this type of facial composition also has disadvantages. Often women are faced with the fact that they do not like the shape of the forehead or nose. In this case, you need to hide imaginary flaws bang. For example, a wide forehead will visually become narrower if you make a slanting bang.

Many women try to hide their cheekbones that are too developed. In this case, the oval tends to form a circle and the hairstyle should be cascaded and with bangs. Experiment with different types of bangs. Can't choose by yourself? Check with your stylist. The professional look and experience of your master will help to turn even the most ordinary haircut into a real work of art.

Short hairstyles - a bold and extravagant choice

Of course, short hairstyles allow you to transform your look and change your image beyond recognition. However, short haircuts for an oval face should be chosen correctly. As already mentioned, this type of face allows women to wear almost any accessories, jewelry and make a variety of hairstyles. Short curls are much easier to care for.

Before you decide to experiment, carefully consider all the details. The main thing is to consider your everyday style, make-up, favorite accessories, etc. The following models will be the best options for haircuts for short hair for owners of an oval face:

  • quads;Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair. Caret
  • bean;Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair.
  • pixie;Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair. Pixie
  • ragged cascade;Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair. Ripped cascade
  • asymmetry;Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair. Asymmetry
  • sesson.Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair. Cesson

The oval shape of the face allows you to experiment with various forms of the caret: it can be made on the leg, torn, cascaded or graduated. As for the bob hairstyle, in this case, you too can give free rein to your imagination. The bob hairstyle in the style of a fungus has become quite popular. It is suitable for all women without exception.

You are a brave and courageous person, love adventure? Then the pixie hairstyle is for you. The uniqueness of this haircut is that the crown is much longer than the temporal and occipital strands.

Cascade and asymmetry also occupy a leading position. Such hairstyles can be complemented by bangs. Looks great and styling without cutting bangs. In any case, the haircut will be in perfect harmony with the oval face shape.

Midi hair length: underline your femininity

Owners of the facial oval shape can safely cut their hair to medium length. As practice shows, such hairstyles are easy to style, and you can also simulate various options depending on the style and hide the excessive severity of the cheekbones.

The most popular are the following haircuts for medium hair for an oval face:

  • curly locks cascaded;Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair
  • bob with lengthening;Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair
  • extended caret;Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair

  • smooth cascade;Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair
  • graduated cascade form;Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair
  • torn ladder.Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair

Average hair length is considered universal for modeling any hairstyle. You can make a haircut with bangs or without it. It all depends on the shape of the nose and the height of the forehead. For a long time already, the cascade haircut has been holding the palm. It is perfect for owners of thin hair. Due to the uneven cutting of the strands, the curls acquire additional volume.

If you are afraid to experiment, then try to make a haircut with the so-called false bangs. One of the strands fits on the opposite side, imitating oblique bangs. You can change your image daily. In order to favorably emphasize all the advantages of your face, try to make an even thick bang. But the owners of a narrow forehead and chin bang does not need. An elongated square with a middle parting is the best option.

I would like to pay special attention to haircuts for long hair. Stylists do not advise shaving hair on a straight line. Otherwise, all the flaws will be visible on the oval face. If you do not want to part with your hair, then make a small cascade in front, and leave the main length of the curls the same.

Many owners of long curls still prefer to do haircuts with bangs. They will always look feminine, sexy, extraordinary and stylish. Of all the variety of haircuts on long curls look better the following models:

  • cascade form;Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair
  • ladderHaircut for an oval face for medium and short hair

Magical power bangs

In order to emphasize the dignity of an oval face, you need to choose the right bang. Stylists are convinced that the best and win-win option will be straight bangs. The haircut on an oval face with a rounded and slightly raised bangs also looks good and harmonious. This type should be chosen if your forehead is not too high.

Haircut for an oval face for medium and short hair

There are many types of bangs. For an oval face, an elongated, oblique or torn bang is ideal. The choice of this tool of your image should depend solely on the proportions of the face. For example, ultrashort haircuts perfectly harmonize with torn and slanting bangs. You can visually reduce the width of the forehead.

If the owner of an oval-shaped face needs to emphasize the beauty of their cheekbones and chin line, then you should choose a straight and thick bangs. Very original and romantic look elongated bangs, which are divided by the middle parting. Believe me, evening or everyday hairstyle with plain curls will add some zest to your look.

As has been repeatedly stated, the optimal length of curls for an oval face is the beginning of the chin line. If you are not ready to part with their long curls, then make a cascade. The first step of the hairstyle should be just below the chin.

Now a few words about haircut stylists for an oval-shaped face. As you already understood, the cascade and bangs are the main tools for seducing the owner of oval shapes. If you are not a supporter of bangs, then you can do without it. In this case, focus on styling. Win-win, and perhaps the best option would be twisted curls. Moreover, the front strands must be curled away from the face.

Do you still dream of a fashionable and stylish haircut, but are you afraid of experiments? It is time to change your image. If you have an oval face shape, then you can safely make any hairstyle. And of course, do not forget the advice of stylists. Be beautiful and happy!