Haircut cascade on medium hair. technique performance and

Cascade - fashionable haircut for medium hair. In terms of its popularity, it is not inferior to bob and bob. This is due to its naturalness. Unlike the square, where the length of the slice is straight, the cascade looks more natural, which helps many girls to limit themselves to ordinary styling.

The absence of straight and strict lines gives the haircut softness and femininity. Another important feature is the versatility of the cascade: it suits almost all girls, with any type of face and hair.

Cascade on medium hair

Haircut cascade for medium hair

  1. For hair of medium length is ideal haircut cascade. Before you decide on such an experiment, the girls doubt for a long time and think about everything carefully. It is easy to cut hair, but to return it to its previous length is quite difficult. Before agreeing on a new swine, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons.
  2. Haircut cascade is ideal for girls with curly and naughty hair. With this hairstyle, your hair will look neat and stylish. Cascade is recommended to cut those girls who often split their hair and who want to visually increase the volume of curls, make them airy and light.
  3. Haircut cascade suitable for girls and women of any age, the owners of straight and wavy, long and short hair. If you have thick and heavy curls, it is better to refuse such a hairstyle, so as not to give your hair an even greater severity.
  4. The cascade looks best on girls with an elongated and oval face shape. At the same time, hair color does not play a big role. As a rule, the cascade is performed with bangs. Options for it can be many. It is possible to make a very short bang, torn, slanting, thick, straight, etc. Cascade with oblique bangs looks stylish, but you should choose a haircut with double asymmetry.
  5. The soft and beautiful cascade is made with thinning scissors and decorated with highlighting. Similar coloring distracts attention from a thin hair, giving them volume. In addition, highlighting performed in layers will emphasize soft unobtrusive transitions of the strands.

Cascade haircut scheme: performance technique

Haircut cascade for medium hair

Like any other haircut, the cascade must be performed on washed hair. They should be smooth and wet. The hairdresser visually divides the center of the head and makes 2 partings. The main strand stands out, carefully combed, pulled away and cut. Each master chooses the angle of the haircut on the basis of the preferences of the client. The more pronounced the cascade is, the more the angle of the strand is taken. Based on the length of the central strand, the remaining hair is adjusted. The hairstyle is performed with a straight cut.

This hairstyle requires skill and accuracy. On both sides of the head, the hair should be the same length. The main rule of shearing cascade - the symmetry of the sides relative to the center. After a haircut, it is imperative that the hairdresser must make a thinning to remove the thickness of the hair. If you do not make out the filigree, the hairstyle will look too hard.

Haircut cascade: styling technique

The main advantage of the hairstyle is that it does not require much effort for styling. You can twist the tips in different directions, wind the hair on the curlers, curl on the curling iron, do a wet curl or straighten the iron.

To make the haircut look neat, after washing your hair, dry your hair with a hair dryer and spray your hair with lacquer to fix it.

Ragged cascade on medium hair

Haircut cascade for medium hair

Ragged cascade refers to the creative and original hairstyles, so it is chosen by bold and stylish girls. Such an image will not go unnoticed. The torn cascade is a hair cut by a ladder all over the head with torn ends. This hairstyle perfectly frames the facial contour, gives it shape and style.

Ideal ragged cascade looks with bangs, sheared ladder.

Haircut cascade with bangs

The cascade with bangs is gradually gaining increasing popularity. This hairstyle is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age, hair type and face. The cascade with bangs emphasizes the structure of the curls and creates the effect of additional density.

Haircut cascade for medium hair

Bangs can be short and long, straight and asymmetrical, graded and torn. Properly trimmed and laid bangs can make the face more expressive, look deeper, and you younger.

There are many options bangs. The longest ones can reach the lips, usually they are parted and worn on the sides of the face. One of the most common options is up to the eyebrows. Extravagant, creative and bright personalities choose asymmetrical, arched, torn and very short bangs. This hairstyle attracts attention and emphasizes the individual style of its owner.

Haircut Cascade - one of the most stylish and popular hairstyles in recent times. Her choose girls who want to emphasize their individuality. This hairstyle allows you to visually make thin hair more lush, add clarity to a haircut. The main advantage of the cascade on medium hair is ease of styling and versatility. Do not be afraid to experiment with your appearance and change for the better!

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