Hair powder for volume


If nature has rewarded you with thin and naughty curls, hair powder for volume will come to the rescue. It solves several problems at once when modeling a hairstyle or styling: a light powder adds volume to fine hair, making it more docile, and also refreshes the roots. So, what are the means for the volume of hair and how to apply them?

Hair powder for volume: reviews and review

Hair powder for volume: reviews and review

Hair powder designed by stylists specifically to give curls double volume and smooth texture. The product is usually available in small shaker jars, and looks like baby powder, a little sticky to the touch. Today in stores you can find these types of hair powder:

  • matting;
  • with shimmering structure;
  • color;
  • with coloring additives.

The latter are especially popular with girls who want to lighten their hair a few tones, while avoiding coloring.

Prices for this product are varied: from high enough to quite affordable, available to the simple buyer. Consider in detail the most popular brands.

Powder "Taft"

Would you like to achieve instant volumetric styling without using a hair dryer? Thanks to the revolutionary development of the German company Schwarzkopf, this desire has become quite real. Try a new styling powder for hair "Taft" - and you will be surprised at the result. One can of powder is enough for 50 packs.

Consumer Reviews:

  • Violetta, 23 years old: “Looking for, how to replace lacquer and hair dryer, I stumbled upon Taft powder styling. I’ll say at first that I didn’t call for trust at first, but, having tried it once, I use it all the time. Packaging is enough compact, which allows it to be worn in a purse. The only drawback I noticed with Taft volume powder is that after using it, the hair becomes sticky. But it can be easily fixed with a light hairspray. "
  • Natalya, 27 years old: “I managed to try powder for a volume of“ Taft ”a couple of years ago. Air powder is applied to hair without any problems and fixes roots well, which allows styling to last for quite a long time. Hair does not electrify and stick out in different directions, like brush. But despite all the advantages, "Taft" is not washed off with shampoo the first time. "

Powder Play Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Powder Play Powder

Powder Play Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Powder Play Powder

Relatively recently, Powder Play hair powder appeared on store shelves and has already managed to collect a lot of positive reviews. The product is made of water-based and absolutely does not contain talc, which allows the hairstyle to keep a neat and well-groomed look for a long time. The manufacturer claims that the tool has a special memory effect and with regular use requires less cost.

Consumer Reviews:

  • Anastasia, 35 years old: "An indispensable thing for daily styling. It gives hair a good volume and shine. The only minus of powder is that you need to pour it directly onto the roots, it just melts in your hands. It is very important not to overdo it in this matter, and then hairstyles will get koltun ".
  • Olga, 27 years old: "I got acquainted with this miracle of hairdressing art relatively recently and was pleasantly surprised by the effect. The hair became larger, smooth and shiny. In addition, natural oils are included in the powder, so the scalp is pleasantly moisturized. I recommend using only this powder for hair. "

Kapous Professional Hyaluronic Acid Volumetrick Hair Powder

This is the most famous and popular means of Russian production. Powder for hair volume "Kapus" has a large number of positive reviews due to its organic and natural composition. Developed by innovative technologies, the tool allows you to quickly and effectively solve the problem of thin hair, give them a healthy shine and strength.

Consumer Reviews:

  • Maria, 25 years old: “I bought powder for the volume of hair“ Capus ”in the supermarket and was pleasantly surprised by the result. She absolutely does not make the hair heavier and at the same time perfectly captures the volume at the roots. Powder does not smell, which is very good for those girls who like lightly sprinkle hair with perfume. I recommend it to everyone. "
  • Oksana, 33 years old: “To give volume to my hair, I spend a lot of time every day. Having bought Kapus powder in a store on the recommendation of a friend, I was pleased with the result. Of the minuses, I can only note that to achieve a good effect, you need to use it large quantities. "

Application tips

Hair Size Powder: Application Tips

Any manufacturer of hair styling powder promises you instant volume after the first use. But to create a really perfect hairstyle will have to practice a little. And although in reality there is nothing difficult in the process of hair styling with powder for volume, it is necessary to consider several rules for using this tool:

  • Any powder is applied only to completely dry hair. Otherwise, instead of a chic volume, you can get a lump of stuck curls, and the hair will have to be washed again.
  • Do not overdo it with the amount of powder. To get started, try to apply quite a bit of money on the hair roots, and if it seems a little, add powder after styling.
  • According to many professional stylists, the powder must first be applied to the hands and then rubbed into the skin and hair roots. But if you are afraid to contaminate your palms, then powder powdered hair roots from a distance of 10-15 cm from your head.
  • Powder for hair really gives volume to thin curls, but it can be used not only for these purposes. For short structured haircuts, it is recommended to apply powder to the tips. As a result, you get smooth and laid hair without burdening, as with a mousse or wax.

Release powder for volume in small jars. This is very convenient because you can easily fit it in a women's bag, which makes it possible to correct the installation in any place outside the house. When your hair loses a little in volume, just add a little powder to the roots and whisk your hair with your hands.

The modeling powder for the volume of hair - a revolutionary breakthrough in hairdressing. Now there is no need to style your hair with a hair dryer every day; you just need to apply a little magic bullet on the roots - and instant volume is guaranteed.