Hair flower

Many ladies prefer to create from their hair romantic, elegant, but at the same time simple hairstyle according to the technique. Elegant falling curls, natural curls or straight shining strands not every woman will agree to braid in a tight bun. If you wanted to make a festive, but neat hairstyle, then a flower made of hair would be an excellent option!

What is special about this hairstyle?

Hair flower

Such a hairstyle, like a flower made of hair, can be performed by several methods, each of which differs from each other in the technique of execution. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, other advantages have such styling. First of all, the creation of such hairstyles takes very little time. Laying is universal - everything will depend on the technique and the model itself, because the latter can be business and casual, also scenic and sophisticated or evening.

Hairstyles are divided into 2 types according to the type of the flower itself: hairstyles on Kosahi hairstyles on tails. But for making a flower on any of these techniques, a set of devices is standard, namely: small hair ties, preferably transparent or to match the color of your hair; a thin hairbrush - a tail (it is necessary in order to make a parting); a lot of simple studs and stiff stealth; strong or suppressive hairspray; decorative hairpins (with rhinestones and other decorations); pr. hair accessories (if desired).

How to make flowers out of hair: the best ways

Hair flower

The first method of making a flower from the hair - pigtails. It is done not on all hair, but only on 1-2 strands. You can make it on the side a little above the temple, on the upper part of the neck behind the ear - in this case, you should take the hair from the temples and tie them with a small elastic band. Thus, the basis of hair will lay a tail.

To begin with, on the side, select a small strand of hair, which should then be braided into a pigtail, and in the process of weaving the strands should be pulled out from the already braided part. Now the pigtail needs to be slightly sprayed with varnish and start at the tip of it to be twisted, laying in small layers. As a result, dozhzhen get a flower, something resembling a blooming rose. At the base of the hair, hair must be stabbed with a hairpin or invisible. The remaining strands remain loose, but they can be screwed up and laid in beautiful curls.

2nd option - a big flower out of all hair. All curls to collect at the back of the head, but not too low. Then tie them with a tight elastic and gently comb, while slightly sprinkling hair with varnish so that the strands do not stick out. Then the loose hair should be divided into parts, 2 of them should be fastened with clips and begin to braid the braids, while pulling the strands and tying their tips with rubber bands. After the flower you need to add 1 strand and secure, and the other 2 in turn, wrap around the already obtained flower. The protruding hair should be stabbed under the hairpin or stealth hairpin.

Option 3 - with the use of hair styling. The first step is to wash your hair with shampoo, dry and apply styling foam. After the hair should be screwed on large curlers to give them extra volume. Next, you need to collect the hair on the top of the horse's tail and secure with a rubber band.

Now the hair needs to be divided into strands, one of them needs to be made thin and wrap around the elastic around it. The end of it is necessary to fix the invisible under the elastic for hair. The remaining hair must be divided into an odd number of strands - these are the petals of the future flower. Then each such strand must be smeared with wax for styling hair and wrapped in the form of a petal under the base of the tail. After the petal should be secured with a pin or stealth and at the same time fix loose hair.

Hair flower

Thus it is necessary to lay all the strands. To give the image of romance in the temples, you can release the curls and wind them. At the end of the hairstyle, you can decorate it with an artificial flower or decorative pins and sprinkle it all with hair spray.

Rose of hair. Making it a little harder than the hairstyles described above, but the styling itself is worth it, it looks amazing! In this version of the hair, 6 rosettes are obtained together with freely falling curls. So, clean wet hair should be dried with a hairdryer. At the same time putting them in soft waves. At the same time it is good to use a brush brush - it will also give hair volume. Then the hair must be separated: from the crown, parting first towards the 1st ear and then towards the 2nd ear. To collect strands from a person temporarily and fix for a while with a large clip so that they do not interfere.

On the back of your head you need to make a separation in the form of a triangle. Its base should be leveled at 5 cm. The strand, which as a result will turn out, must be gathered into a low tail and tied with an elastic band. Curls of the tail should be twisted into a bundle and lay over the rubber in the form of a rose. All this should be secured with a pin into the base of the tail.

Next to the 1st one, one more triangle should be highlighted, but its base should already be leveled 4 cm. The hair of the selected area should be combed to the tail. With the help of a comb tail, the hair must be twisted into a bundle. Thus, you need to make another 1 rosette and fold it above the 1st one. It is also necessary to fix the stud.

In the left region of the head it is necessary to select the 3rd triangle, its size must be greater than the previous one. Strands need to be combed well to make them smooth tape. After the curl must be twisted into a bundle, lay over the 2nd curl and secure with studs. The remaining strands behind the left ear should be combed upward, also roll them up with a cord and fold into the form of a rose with previously completed elements.

The hair of the front strand on the left side should be smoothly combed back, make a flower out of them and fix with pins on the back of the head. Strands to the right of the face should be combed down and back. Then you should again make a rosette of them and fix it above the right ear. Then the finished hairstyle should be sprinkled with varnish.

Video tutorial to help

Complex styling can be done not only in beauty salons. Sometimes a visually impressive hairstyle is so simple in design that it is very easy to create with your own hands. This also applies to hair colors. A little practice and romantic styling will always be in your arsenal of beauty!

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