Hair extension

Long thick hair is the dream of every girl and woman. Someone grows their own hair for years, and someone decides on a hair extension procedure. It is solved, because many do not dare to afford such a luxury. And the matter here is not even about money, although the procedure is not cheap, but that the buildup is not for everyone and has some contraindications. But nonetheless, hair extensions can literally transform your image, add fans and identify changes in life.

Hair extension technology

  • Japanesetechnology is considered the safest. Artificial locks are attached to the hair with the help of special metal clips of several mm. Such metal clips are selected specifically for the color of your own hair and therefore the attachment points are almost invisible. Strands are attached close to the scalp and can be attached even on short hairstyles, bangs can also be increased in this way.
  • Englishtechnology is the most common hot build method. With this method, the hair length should be at least 6-7 cm. The essence of the technology lies in the fact that the strands are attached to the hair with organic resin, and the gluing place looks like a small grain of rice, but with English technology you cannot increase the bangs.

  • ItalianThe technology is one of the latest developments in the field of hair extensions, in which bonded strands are attached to natural hair with special tongs. With this technology, hair extensions are less noticeable and can only be felt by touch.
  • Spanishtechnology - with this method of building strands attached with a special glue. With this technology, hair extensions can be worn for about 4 months. It is considered one of the most gentle methods of building. The minimum length of hair for extension should be 10 cm and this technology is suitable for more owners of blond hair, since this method uses light glue, which can stand out on dark hair.

Pluses hair extensions

  • The most obvious plus of building up is, of course, beauty, for which everyone does this procedure. This plus outweighs all the drawbacks of building and embodies for many the dream of luxurious hair in reality.
  • This procedure is good for those who want to quietly grow their own hair of medium length. This length is considered the most inconvenient for hairstyles - the hair for long hair is not yet done, but for short hairstyles the hair is already long. By making the extension procedure, you can safely grow your hair of the desired length without suffering and puzzles with hairstyles.
  • Another plus extension - if your hair is healthy, then they only strengthened under the weight of hair extensions.

Cons of hair extensions

  • The scalp may not be happy at all with such an alignment of events and will show its displeasure in the form of the unpleasant sensation of thousands of small hairpins that dig into the skin. This feeling arises from the capsules that are attached around the hair roots. The painful condition may not be, but all the same, at first, you will experience a little discomfort.
  • When combing your hair, you now have to not touch the scalp, since combing your hair should start right from the capsules, not from the scalp. This can adversely affect the blood supply to the bulbs of the head due to the lack of a natural massage.
  • With the hair extensions, it is no longer possible to make any hairstyle on the hair due to the fact that capsules can be seen, for example, a high tail or a bun can no longer be done.
  • Extensive hair can no longer be dyed in a different color, since the hair that is taken for extension is treated with a special solution, after which any dye on them does not hold.
  • It will be more difficult to care for hair extensions than for your own. It is better to wash them with special shampoos, and you will have to sleep only with braided pigtails, or you risk waking up in the morning with matted hair, which will be quite problematic to comb.
  • There is a psychological aspect in all this procedure, someday you will get tired of your extensions, and you will want to get rid of them, but then don't be surprised that your appearance will be somewhat diminished and you and others will have to get used to your new look for a while.
  • Another disadvantage is that there are not so many professionals in the field of hair extensions and you can run into an inexperienced master who may simply not calculate the right amount of strands for your hair. If too heavy strands are chosen, then your natural hair may start to fall out, so trust the extension procedure only to qualified specialists.

Who can build up?

If your hair you have healthy, do not fall out, then this procedure does not hurt your hair. Argued that the hair is badly damaged from building, but it is not. The stretched strands under their weight will only stimulate and train your own hair roots, but only if the hair is not damaged, and if your hair is thin and weak, they will become even worse under the hair extensions. So if you decide to increase the hair, then start to cure your own.

Also, do not increase the hair of those who grow their own pretty quickly. With an average hair growth, the extension should be corrected once every 3-4 months, otherwise the regrown hair roots will be visible, and it will look ugly and untidy. And when the hair grows faster than usual, you will have to make a correction every 1-2 months, which is very expensive for money and takes a lot of time. In addition, with a high growth rate of hair, you can suffer and grow your own.


What you need to know about hair extensions?

The length of the strands for building is different from 30 to 60 cm, and the master can determine how many strands you need. The extension process can last from 2 to 5 hours. Strands come from artificial hair or natural, of course it's better to choose natural ones, they are easier to care for, they can be curled, but they are more expensive than artificial ones. Natural strands of light shades are brought from Europe, and dark ones from India. Artificial hair in rare cases can cause allergies, so you can first attach a strand and see how your hair will react to it.

Hair Care

Combing the hair should be growing, starting from the ends and holding the middle strands. It is better to use the hair dryer as seldom as possible, and if you use it, it is not at a hot temperature, since the increased extensions can quickly deteriorate. Use only special makeup for extensible hair and do not forget to braid your hair at night.

There is nothing strange in the desire to increase hair, because this desire to become more beautiful, which means to become better, and if such a desire exists, then it is necessary to embody it. Another question is how you will do it, maybe you should be patient and grow your own hair, but in any case, despite a lot of minuses, the extension procedure is not so terrible, as many people imagine.

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