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For the durability of hair dye often have to pay the health of the hair, because if the pigment penetrated deep and entrenched there, for this it took a good disclosure of scales. This significantly injures the hair. L'Oreal Excellence stands out from the slender rows of resistant dyes due to the special scheme of work. First, a special protective serum is distributed along the strands, and the coloring mixture is already superimposed on it. Has this principle justified itself and how wide a range of colors can a manufacturer offer?

Loreal Excellence Hair Color Palette

Loreal Excellence Hair Color Palette

The standard run-up of colors for household and professional dyes is -1-10. The classic 10 levels from black (1) to light blond (10) are present for all manufacturers, even budget ones. Differences usually begin in a variety of podtony, the number of which can also reach 10: from 0 to 9. And in some cases, and even more, because there is also the concept of "nuance" when the number denoting color is two-digit. However, the range of domestic paints is somewhat reduced compared to professional painters, since the consumer is often not able to find the same number of differences as an experienced master sees. What color palette does Loreal Excellence offer?

  • The assortment of 32 shades, while the dark colors are quite simple, do not cause any interest among sophisticated consumers and craftsmen. The line of light shades (8-10) is much more attractive, has a soft gradation of nuances.

Judging by the demand and reviews for L'Oreal Excellence, the paint is most often acquired by girls who want to tint bleached hair, because it is not suitable for hard bleaching, despite the presence of special blends. Also, the product is popular with women in need of safe but reliable coverage of gray hair. At the same time, again, they often acquire precisely light shades. What is interesting about them?

  • 01 and 03 - super-brightening compositions of natural and ashy undertones. From a professional point of view, it is not clear why natural is labeled 01, and ashy 03, when all dyes designate "1" as ash / silver, and "3" as gold.
  • The line of light blond blondies is presented in variants 10 (light-light-brown lightening), 10.13 (legendary blond) and 10.21 (light-light-blond pearl-lightening). For those who do not see the difference between the color images on the packages between the last pair, the professionals explain: at 10.13 there are golden highlights, the overall tone is neutral; in 10.21 ashen nuances, and the base is caramel.
  • Classic blonds are a bit more diverse: 9 (very light blond), 9.1 (very light brown ashy), 9.32 (sensational blond), 9.3 (very light blond golden). With the exception of one shade, all other questions are not caused by a letter explanation. What is a "sensational blonde"? The numbers after the dot mean that the main subtone of color is gold, but an additional highlight is caramel.

Classic blonds are a bit more diverse.

  • Light blonde is presented in 5 versions: 8 (light blonde), 8.03 (captivating blond), 8.1 (light blonde ashen), 8.12 (mystical blonde), 8.13 (light blonde beige). Explanation requires 2 shades: 8.03 and 8.12. The latter is light blond with an ash base and caramel nuance, cold, expensive color. 8.03 - natural light blonde with barely noticeable golden highlights.
  • The range of light brown color is small: 7 (light brown), 7.1 (light brown), 7.43 (light brown copper).
  • There are plenty to choose from in a block of dark blond shades: 6 (dark blond), 6.02 (legendary chestnut), 6.13 (dark blond beige), 6.32 (golden dark blond), 6.35 (chocolate chestnut). It needs to be clarified. 6.02 - it has nothing to do with chestnuts, it is a usual dark blonde with a natural base and caramel flare.
  • Loreal has few dark shades: 5 (light chestnut), 5.02 (seductive chestnut), 5.32 (golden light chestnut). 5.02 according to the nuances - natural light chestnut with caramel tint.
  • Classic Chestnut in a larger range: 4 (dark chestnut), 4.02 (captivating chestnut), 4.15 (frosty chocolate), 4.32 (golden chestnut). Similarly to the previous situation 4.02 is a natural chestnut with a caramel nuance.
  • The darkest -3 (dark chestnut), 2 (dark brown) and 1 (black) - have a natural base, lacking interesting highlights.

From a professional point of view, L'Oreal Excellence receives one serious drawback: like most household paints, it has attractive names that do not completely reflect the essence of color. It is much more important for a consumer to know what kind of glare and temperature on his hair will turn out, rather than what marketers called it - "heady whiskey" or "sweet caramel."

Opinion of consumers and professionals

liked the new paint from L'Oreal - Excellence

If we talk about how professional stylists and hairdressers perceive the product, then the opinion is ambiguous: it does not stand out among the mass-oriented products, with the exception of the modified coloring technology. A good budget option that does not require any preparation: buy and use. However, the moment with the illogicality of color marking is a fat minus, because the consumer does not understand what he will get at the output. To focus on the picture is not entirely reasonable because of the not always correct color rendition.

And what do women say?

  • Alain: Formula L'Oreal seemed to have improved - after failing with Preferences, I thought I wouldn’t take the paint of this manufacturer anymore, but I caught a beautiful shade in the picture, and my hand reached out. Surprisingly, Excellence treats the hair with care, although the paint is resistant, and I bought a lightening - 03. I wanted to leave my blonde in blond. It turned out the first time, although the color came out warmer than I expected.
  • Tatyana: I really liked the new paint from L'Oreal - Excellence! She has an interesting system: you first need to apply the serum on wet hair, then mix the paint itself with the oxidizer in a bottle and distribute it along the strands. Also in the package there are gloves and a tube (not a sachet!) With a balm. Good by the way. I bought 10.13, to protonate the length, which began to turn yellow, and lighten my native brown roots. The paint lay evenly, the color was like my own, but I didn’t have enough ashes - the picture was colder.

In conclusion, it is worth noting again that the L'Oreal Excellence paint palette will definitely delight girls who are looking for interesting light shades. However, lovers of chestnut tones hardly have a reason to look in her direction if you want something volumetric and deep.

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