Hair dye "estelle"


Hair dyeing for many women is a regular procedure. Someone thus struggling with gray hair, someone trying on a new image, and some ladies tend to give their hairstyle more expressiveness. And for all these purposes Estelle hair color is perfect. The color palette of the brand meets all international quality standards.

Estel: a good combination of price and quality

Estel: a good combination of price and quality

At the beginning of zero the name of Lev Okhotin was known only to a narrow circle of scientists. Until a talented chemist gathered a team of like-minded people and created the first batch of estel hair dyes. These 15 shades have conquered thousands of women with color fastness, ease of application and an affordable price. After 5 years, the brand has already offered 134 shades to consumers! Since then, Estel has not stood still, constantly expanding the list of products on the market for hairdressing products, but remain unchanged:

  • democratic cost (packing paint will cost between 150-300 rubles);
  • the huge range of shades allowing to pick up color for every taste;
  • aesthetics of packaging;
  • pleasant smell of good makeup;
  • nutritional oils included in the coloring set (for example, ylang-ylang effectively strengthens the hair follicle and softens the skin);
  • shimmering pigments that allow you to evenly distribute the coloring mixture in the hair.

The quality of the estel brand was appreciated not only by many domestic consumers, but also by women of fashion from Poland, Germany, the CIS countries and Ukraine. What is not a reason to join the host of fans of a good tool for coloring curls of any type?

Types of paints "Estel"

Types of paints

Estel paint is available in two categories - for salon painting and for self-applied home. Each line has several different series, differing in the range of colors and the presence of certain additional components.

To the delight of fans of the brand, caring shampoos and balms, as well as styling products, were recently released to the cosmetic products market. In each series - both specialized and amateur rulers - shades differ in numbers (they are given by a fraction: the first digit is the color, the second is the shade). But pay attention to the fact that the numbers may coincide in the colors of different series, and the result of coloring - strikingly different. Therefore, be sure to compare the series number with the sample in the catalog.

Estel line for salons

Salons, working with women in Russia and neighboring countries, prefer to deal with professional hair dye "Estelle". The colors and palette of the brand allow you to accurately determine the right color scheme. The line of products for use by professional hairdressers presents 5 series.

Estel line for salons

"Estelle De Luxe"

Estel De Luxe's ​​professional hair color palette offers 140 shades. The main advantages of the tool:

  • low consumption (due to the fact that the mixture is well distributed in curls);
  • nutrients that strengthen the hair well;
  • a large range of colors for blondes.

"Estelle Sence De Luxe"

This product differs from the previous series in that there is no ammonia in the developer. Therefore:

  • damage to hair due to dyeing is minimized;
  • the output color is brighter.

All in a set of 64 tones. However, get ready for what will have to be painted more often: non-ammonia mixtures are washed off faster.

Estel De Luxe Silver

Estel De Luxe Silver

Hair dye "Estel-silver" includes a palette of 50 colors designed for graying ladies. Its composition is saturated with pigments that penetrate deep into the hair and saturate it with color. This paint also:

  • acts gently, given the vulnerability of the aged skin and hairline;
  • effectively paints gray over a long period;
  • nourishes curls with vitamins;
  • smoothes hair scales, ensuring their silkiness, due to the content of collagens.

"Estelle Anti-yellow effect"

This series aims to rid blondes from ugly yellowness after dyeing. Balms for creating shades are presented in 17 colors, which also make the hair shiny and strong. Such funds can not be considered in the literal sense of the word hair dyes. They are designed to shade the existing color by adding flickering and shimmering to it.

"Estelle Essex"

In this professional series, 114 shades. The developers of Estel created an original system at the molecular level, which not only colors the strands, but also creates a protective capsule on each hair. This is an additional protection of color and health curls. The series is presented in 5 varieties:

  • base colors;
  • paint for lightening;
  • tinting redheads;
  • shades for natural blond;
  • set of bright and unusual colors.
Estel for salons

Estelle line for non-professionals

For those who prefer to paint the strands themselves, Estel offers more than a hundred fashionable colors, combined in 8 series.


"Estelle Celebrity"

The products of this series are made without ammonia, so there will be no harm to hair from dyeing. Moreover, the developers of the brand included green olives and avocados in the mixture for dyeing, so the effect of the coloring pigment will be very soft. Due to the consistency of the liquid cream, it turns out to evenly color all the strands.

Estel Love Intense

Estel Love Intense

Another non-ammonia product "Estel" in 27 colors. Despite the absence of ammonia, the staining is effective: the shade does not fade to 3 weeks.

"Estelle Only Color"

The color palette of colors for hair "Estelle" Only Color consists of 32 shades. The main advantage of this series is the complex of caring means included in the package:

  • balm balance;
  • active shine with UV protection and provitamin.

Thus, you not only paint your curls, protect them, but also get rid of fragility.

Estel Only Color Naturals

Each set of 20 shades includes a balm created on the basis of a valuable cocoa bean extract. After using it, hair becomes soft, light and amenable to any styling.

"Estelle Solo Color"

All 25 shades are developed on the basis of peach tree sap. Thanks to this product, hair gain shine, radiate health and natural beauty. And the pigments included in the paint "seal" the color in their scales.

"Estel Solo Ton"

18 colors Solo Ton will help those who can not decide on a particular tone of staining. This professional balm does not contain harmful components (hydrogen peroxide or ammonia), so it will be washed off after a couple of weeks. Solo Ton is designed for consumers who want to first assess how much the chosen color is to face, and only then to be painted.

"Estelle Solo Contrast"

In the presented series of a total of 6 colors. They will please those who want to brighten the strands by 5-6 tones. Holds the shade obtained by the action of Solo Contrast, up to a month.

Estel color

Innovative paint series Color in the form of a gel is presented in 25 shades. In addition to the original chemical formula for coloring, the tool contains vitamins, including C, B5 and PP. In addition, a special color-fixing balm has been added to the package.

“If you want to change your lifestyle, dye your hair,” say the French. But even if your plans are not so global, and you still want to change the color of your hair, do not hesitate: you need Estelle hair dye. The brand's palette is very diverse, and a special formula allows not only to paint curls, but also properly care for them.