Hair colors "igor royal"

Women who regularly dye their hair know how difficult it is to find "their" beautiful shade. Having tried a lot of names of different brands, more and more ladies stop their choice on the Schwarzkopf paint that has recently appeared on the market - Igor royal. The color palette of this product will satisfy the requirements of the most capricious clients.

Quality, Reliability, Innovation


The company "Schwarzkopf" began back in 1898 as a small perfume department in one of the pharmacies in Berlin. Her triumphal procession of products in the market of cosmetic products began with a powder shampoo. Since then, the brand has significantly expanded the area of ​​use of its products up to cleaning products, but products for hair dyeing and hair care still remain its leading direction.

The principles of the work of the Schwarzkopf brand were and remain:

  • quality (the company's specialists monitor all stages of the preparation of ingredients and the production of cosmetics);
  • reliability (all German brand products fully comply with the stated staining durability standards);
  • innovation (released in the 60s of the twentieth century, the hair color palette "Igor Royal" is still being finalized).

Thus, the company "Schwarzkopf" does not change the motto, invented in the late XIX century: "Only the best for your hair."

Features palette "Igor Royal"

Palette Features

Work on updating the palette has been conducted for more than 2 years. During this time, colorists invented and tested 120 new colors. In addition to providing a wealth of tones, "Igor" provides care for the hair by adding to the paint an oil oxidizer with Moringa Oleifera proteins of plant origin and cations that provide care for curls at the molecular level. Therefore, after using the product from the Schwarzkopf brand, you will make sure that:

  • the shade on the hair is identical to the pattern in the palette;
  • gray hair is painted over effectively and for a long time;
  • the paint is easy to apply due to its creamy texture.

And especially for blondes - pure clarification for one coloring.

Variety of shades

Color palette

The High Definition technology, which is used in creating the Igor Royal color palette, even in the photo allows you to see the variety of shades. In 120 line units, both primary and mixed colors can be found, grouped for each color type. Such popular copper, chocolate shades acquired a noble depth, and the gamma for blondes was supplemented with pastel tones of extra-blond.

Among the latest developments there are 8 categories of shades:

  • extra (marked on package 00);
  • fashionable shades for mixing with the main palette;
  • nuances (to give the basic tone the original shades, for example, eggplant in black);
  • glare (providing shine and transfusion of color);
  • enhancers (for deeper penetration of the coloring pigment into the hair structure);
  • special blonds (for clarification from 1 to 4 levels);
  • original mixton (to neutralize or enhance color);
  • absolute (for painting gray hair).

Primary color nominations

Each line of the “Igor Royal” palette consists of several nominations. Here are the most popular.

  • Black color in 3 varieties - natural, sandre (or dark ashen), black and purple.
  • Blond in 5 nominations - blond, extra-light, special, light, sandre (ashen).
  • Light brown and 3 species - dark, light and medium shades;
  • Red, chocolate, too, in three variations - dark, natural and clarified.

In each of the nominations presented from 4 to 15 shades for every taste.

Trust the professionals

Paint reviews

Most of the reviews on the paint "Igor Royal" are positive. Women celebrate:

  • uniformity of coloring;
  • color fastness;
  • healthy looking hair;
  • reliable painting of gray hair.

However, there are also negative impressions, since in order to obtain the desired color, you need to mix suitable shades with an oxidizer in the right proportions, as well as add the appropriate highlight or amplifier in the specific case. Of course, such complex procedures are best carried out in a beauty salon, where the master knows all the details of such manipulations. Thus, uneven staining of curls is associated with unprofessionalism. That is why to trust your pride - hair - you need a specialist in this field.

The palette of colors of paint "Igor Royale" will help you easily choose the appropriate hair color. Only it is better to entrust all painting manipulations to the master - then the end result will not disappoint you. You will appreciate the quality of Schwarzkopf products and join the ranks of those who are looking forward to the next new products from the brand.

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