Hair coloring in two colors. dyeing procedure in two colors

In the spring I especially want to be bright and spectacular. That is why many women choose new haircuts and hair coloring during this period, which is not quite normal, but for example, in two colors.

Coloring: how to dye your hair in two colors?

Coloring is a combination of 2 shades of the same color. So, for example, you can use light and dark shades of chestnut in color. Apply paint in this case can be 2 methods. The alternation of dark and light strands, or by a smooth transition to the dark ends of the hair from light roots, or, conversely, from light ends to darker roots.

Hair dyeing in two colors

Ultra fashionable today is the dyeing in natural hair color with brightly striking strands. For this method, you can apply a bright red, purple and blue paint. Coloring can be longitudinal, zonal, transverse.

The method of isolating only a single part of the hairstyle is no less popular than the method of coloring. So, you can select bangs, tips of hair, side separate strands. Very often today there is such a combination as the bright top of the hairstyle and dark tips. It is best to use this method of coloring girls with long straight hair, because they just improvise.

If a girl has short hair, the best thing on her will be the selection of only a separate part of her hair.

The fashionable nuance of 2014 for natural or dyed tightly blond or brown hair is a light glare. It will emphasize the beauty of hair.

The following fashionable shades are suitable for highlighting brown hair: coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg.

The technology of brondirovanie hair (Brown + Blond) is also popular this season. She allows to receive beautiful natural shades in coloring.

Hair dyeing in two colors

Having made an important decision to dye her hair in two colors, a woman first of all wants to emphasize her unique beauty and bright individuality. Therefore, when choosing a color, you should evaluate your type, as well as take into account age. For example, bright blue bangs and hair ends of a woman of retirement age will not look very attractive. Thus, the choice when dyeing hair in two colors should be done very carefully.

Two-tone hair coloring can make your look unusual and bright. There are several techniques of such coloring. You can change the image yourself or contact the beauty salon. Remember that everything should be in moderation. Choose colors for coloring so that they fit together and fit into your image.

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