Hair color caramel


Stylists say: in the fashionable spring-summer 2013 season, all shades of caramel are relevant. You can use them in anything, combine - as prompted by fantasy.

For the most exquisite beauties, connoisseurs recommend a win-win trick: if you want to be in trend every day - repaint your hair in this stylish color.

Hair color caramel

Who is caramel hair color for?

This shade can be called truly Hollywood: remember how many famous owners of caramel hair you saw on the screen. Shakira, Beyonce, Fergie, Adel - the list goes on and on. Hence the conclusion - if the fashionable color of this season has long been appreciated and loved by stars, it is really worthy of attention.

Moreover, its owner, regardless of age, can be absolutely any woman. He will add attractiveness and playfulness to a young beauty, give a mature woman solidity and, undoubtedly, point out her exquisite taste.

Caramel Hair Color

If you decide to change your own image, the main thing is to achieve the desired result without disappointment and failure. The fact is that caramel is a capricious shade. Remember the girls with this hair color - the colors are always different from each other: a little darker, a little brighter, closer to the color of blond, but deeper.

Color caramel is a combination of red, golden, brown. So, getting it is not so easy. However, choosing a paint company and choosing the right tone, you will only have to take a couple of steps before creating your new, incredibly fashionable image.

color hair caramel

Of course, the surest option is to dye your hair the color of caramel in the salon, especially if your natural color is a few tones darker than desired. In this case, to get an even color of caramel, you need to lighten the hair by 1-2 tones. An experienced stylist will not only choose the right tone and tell you how to properly maintain it, but also, perhaps, select a fashionable haircut. Remember: a stylish shade on the hair requires a stylish hairstyle. If you do not want to change drastically, ask the master to make you a haircut with a ladder. On it, the color of caramel looks equally interesting in curls and on perfectly straight hair.

How to dye your hair color caramel at home?

If you decide to arrange a beauty salon at home and are ready to transform yourself - carefully study the shades of color of caramel, which are offered by manufacturers of paints. Their palette is unusually rich - "caramel", "golden caramel", "caramel blond", "chocolate with caramel", "amber light brown".

Bright caramel shades suit pale-skinned blondes, brunettes, more saturated and natural tones of this color, but the fatal red beauties need to choose a caramel paint color with a copper tint.

Hair color caramelHair color caramel

Buying paint, you should not save, first of all, it is necessary to preserve the health of the hair. Give preference to manufacturers who tell in detail about the composition and rules of application of their product, in addition, pay attention to the contents of the package. Of course, those companies that value their image and want to retain the buyer, make everything necessary for the dyeing procedure and do not forget about leaving - the hair balm is always included in the set with paint.

To change the image passed without trouble, be sure to test for an allergic reaction before using the paint (as manufacturers do in the instructions).

Caramel Hair Care

It should be noted that the color of the caramel is washed off the hair quickly, and the hair will often have to tint. In addition to the dye, you will need shampoo and balm for dyed hair - so that your hairstyle always looks great.

Hair color caramel

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If you do not want to use the paint twice a month - take a tube of tinted balsam. This tool has a more delicate effect on the hair, so you can use it every week.

Do you like experiments, follow all the fashion trends and want to look like a Hollywood star? Then feel free to dye your hair in the color of caramel and meet every new day in a fashionable mood!