Green eye makeup


Owners of green eyes can be proud of their rare color. He is mysterious, enticing, shimmering feline. To emphasize its unique natural charm, it is important to correctly use make-up, be able to choose colors, know how to put shadows and mascara, and which eyeliner is better to use.

Green Eye Makeup

Green Eye Makeup

Green Eye Makeup

First, consider a few general rules in green eye makeup.

The right makeup for green eyes

  • Green eyes "do not like" cool colors: blue shades, silver shades and eyeliner. Black color is also undesirable - it visually coarsens, it is better to use mascara and eyeliner in dark brown, dark gray colors. Gently use pink color in make-up - it goes far from everyone. And if you want to make your eyes more visually, use a pencil of golden or white color in the make-up.
  • Green shadows in makeup should be avoided. They either merge in color with a tint of eyes, or they will negate the greenish tint, making the eyes gray or blue.
  • Lavender, gray-beige, gray, and cornflower-blue are well suited as medium tones in makeup.
  • Shades of all shades of brown, copper and gold look winning. And such colors as opal, beige, champagne, creamy are almost indispensable when creating light day makeup. Terracotta will give your eyes an emerald hue. An interesting combination is obtained if you play with purple shadows.
  • And the undisputed leader for green eyes are reddish shadows. They are perfectly contrasted with the color of the eyes, emphasizing their originality.
  • To create a complex make-up you can use the following dark colors: matte brown, bronze, dark purple, black brown, black, dark purple and ultramarine.
  • The golden rule is to apply tonal cream and powder before makeup. So make-up will fall evenly and will last longer. This rule applies to all types of makeup for all types of girls.
  • Makeup artists identify 4 types of green eyes. Depending on the color of your eyes, you can determine which makeup is best for you.

Green Eye Makeup

Green Eye Makeup

Green Eye Makeup

Green Eye Makeup

Jade green eye type

Eyes saturated emerald hue. You fit any shadows and eyeliner. The most suitable option would be to use darker colors (graphite, dark brown).

Marine green (including turquoise) eye type

Eyes of a subtle shade of green, which react to lighting, the color of clothes, and can sometimes look even blue. You will suit any bright and moderately bright shadows, including blue shadows and eyeliner.

Light or medium green eyes

Eyes with golden or fawn flashes. Avoid shadows of dark shades, use them only in the corner of the eyes. Your makeup should not be richer than the iris shade.

Soft green (grayish) eye type

These eyes are the brightest of the possible shades of green. Without a doubt, abandon the dark shades in favor of the most light, pastel colors, and you will no doubt be right.

Fashion makeup for green eyes

Green Eye Makeup

In 2015, the brown, green with gold and copper palette became the fashion trend. In addition, it is important for them to use all pastel colors - ivory, golden, peach, beige.

Specifically, green-eyed beauties, following the spirit of fashion, it is recommended to play a variety of shades of yellowish green, emerald green and dark purple.

Still remains at the peak of fashion "smoky makeup."

The peculiarity of such makeup is that it is put out in several layers. In order to avoid the artificial appearance of eyelashes, apply the first layer of mascara, separate adherent eyelashes and apply the next layer. The use of special eyelash curlers will make the look more open.

There are two types of smoky eyes - everyday and for special occasions. But in both cases it is worth remembering, since the focus is on the eyes, the rouge should be pastel colors, and instead of lipstick it is better to use a transparent sheen. All smoky makeup cosmetics on green eyes should be matte. Glitter on the eyelids is valid only for evening makeup.

Green Eye Makeup

The main tone for such makeupbecome white, cream, apricot, light beige. On the upper eyelid shadows are applied in contrast - black, brown, purple, dark gray. They should be applied in such a way that the line gradually narrows towards the outer corners of the eyes. Dark-violet or terracotta shadows are well suited for green-eyed ones. Remember that the outer corners of the upper and lower eyelids should be darker than the inner.

After application, you should carefully shade all the sponge or cotton swab. And this is the main secret of smoky makeup - the intensity of the color around the line of the eyelashes is smooth and its information at the eyebrows is almost no.

Eyeliner should be selected based on the intensity of the applied shadows. It can be black, brown, dark blue. Bring the outer border of the eyelashes and blend slightly. You can emphasize the inner part of the century, it will make your look deep and clean.

Similar to smoky makeup is a bright oriental make-up. But, of course, it has its own characteristics.

Eye shadows in the east make-up should be applied with a wide brush, covering the entire surface of the upper eyelid to the eyebrows, and more subtle below the line of the lower eyelashes. The use of several shades in make-up will make your eyes even more expressive and alluring.

In the eastern make-up necessarily use black eyeliner. To make the lines more even, it is better to use a liquid liner. To make the eyes almond-shaped arrows are applied along the line of the upper and lower eyelashes, connecting them in the corners of the eyes.

Last of all, apply mascara - on the upper eyelashes - thicker, in several layers, on the lower ones - only one layer.

Day makeup for green-eyed blondes

Green Eye Makeup

For the base makeup artists recommend using shiny shadows, and apply them to the folds of the eyelid almost to the eyebrows. Shades of peach or light brown tint are applied on the base, which should then be shaded with a soft brush.

With darker shadows (milk chocolate, copper, dark green) draw a line from the middle of the moving eyelid to the outer corner and blend, making the color transition soft. With the help of an applicator with shadows, apply shadows from the outer to the inner corner of the eye and also blend.

Now use a pencil or eyeliner gray / nut colors. When using black, soften the line with a feather.

In the end, tint the eyes with black mascara.

Evening makeup for green-eyed blondes

Green Eye Makeup

Evening, more vivid makeup option implies shades of saturated colors - wine, chocolate, bronze. Smoky makeup will give a special mysterious shimmer. The eyeliner can also be golden or bronze.

Day makeup for green-eyed brunettes

Green Eye Makeup

In the afternoon, give preference to mascara and liner chocolate or dark gray. When playing with shades of shadows, in the daytime give preference to graphite gray, anthracite, beige, coffee or pale purple. Do not forget to highlight the eyelash growth line on the upper eyelid and shade the inner corner of the eye with pearly shades of white.

Exotic your eyes will look if you select the outer corners of the eyes to highlight marsh-colored shadows with mother of pearl, or khaki-colored shadows.

Evening makeup for green-eyed brunettes

Green Eye Makeup

Be guided in the selection of shadows on your make-up. If it is in cold colors, shades of mauve, hot pink, lilac tones will do. And if in the warm range use brown, peach and gold shades. Ink can be any, the only rule here is its compatibility with the shadows.

Green Eye Makeup: Video

The most winning in the evening version is considered a combination of shades of violet, plum and golden hues.