Green coat

A bright coat is a wonderful fighter against the dullness of the season, although it is not always practical. A green coat will not remain unnoticed, but it is not easy to combine it with the rest of the wardrobe: everything should be thought out - from gloves to shoes. But, using the basic rules of color, as well as allowing yourself some experiments, you can always find a lot of good ideas.

At what temperature are they wearing a coat?

Green coat: what to wear?

Sometimes it is very difficult to distribute outerwear by seasons, especially in the unpredictable middle strip weather. Moreover, each person has his own temperature perception: a light breeze is pleasant to someone, and someone already has a sweater under his throat. A lot of questions are connected with wearing a coat in certain months. Is it only demi-season clothing, or can you choose a version of a winter coat that can replace a down jacket? Until what point will the coat really warm, and when should I switch to a different version of outerwear?

It is impossible to answer this question without knowing the composition of the material from which the coat is made. His ability to retain and give off heat depends precisely on what fabric was allowed on him. No one will doubt the quality of the coat made using wool, and the higher its percentage, the lower the degree the product will sustain. But it should be understood that even a coat, made of 100% wool, in a harsh winter will not protect against cold. And yet, to what degree to wear a coat?

Top quality coats are made of drape, and wool in them can be up to 80%, and the remainder goes to synthetic fibers. Search for a product of 100% wool is unwise due to its rapid wear. In such a coat you can withstand the weather to -10 degrees: the fabric will provide good protection from the wind, as well as excellent heat preservation. The lower the percentage of woolen fibers in the drape (or other materials), the worse the coat will protect you. Expensive models of cashmere or camel wool allow you to walk in them to -18-20 degrees. As for the options, sewn from acrylic, they are focused on positive temperatures, and when the air humidity is high and the wind is cold, it does not make sense when the thermometer is 5 degrees Celsius.

What to wear with a green coat: photo and recommendations

What to wear with a green coat

What to wear with a green coat

What to wear with a green coat

What to wear with a green coat

What to wear with a green coat

A green coat, depending on the particular shade and style, can become a central element of your fashion ensemble, a great way to stand out from the achromatic range. But at the same time, against his background one can always get lost, because this thing will a priori pull attention to itself. What is the most advantageous way to apply yourself in a green coat and not a green coat on yourself?

If your appearance is not contrast, it is recommended to choose muted shades of green: for light-colored girls - light green, for dark-skinned ones - marsh. With such a reduced saturation of color allowed to play with the other elements of the image. You can choose bright gloves and a handbag, and they will not “argue” with a green coat, but you cannot put color on a vast area. Therefore, a skirt, pants or dress should be chosen in a neutral range: all tones of gray, cream and brown are preferable. And, of course, black and white are always win-win.

Bright appearance - more color spots: the coat may have an acid-green shade and be complemented by the same bright, but in a different color, boots or even a dress. Here it is allowed to play both in contrasts and in related tones. In any case, watch the number of colors: stylists remind that there should be no more than 3 of them. And the rules for their selection, as always, meet the norms of color. All shades of red (in cold and warm tonality), orange and violet, as its derivatives, as well as yellow, will be successful with a green coat. The tandem of green and blue does not look very attractive, but it can also be shown at the level if the latter goes to turquoise.

A green coat is an excellent companion for things with a leopard print: with the main beige-brown color, it looks harmonious and soft, and the design itself gives a highlight to the image. At the same time, green is refreshing. But even here with a controversial and dangerous leopard one should not overdo it: it is enough to take a dress with a similar pattern, put a coat on top, and choose shoes in the most neutral colors - black, brown. Here, gold-plated or pure gold products (earrings, rings, bracelets) will be very successful, but in small quantities, in order not to reduce the price of the image.

A lot of green coats are cut out and sewn in military style. These are shortened versions of the jacket type or a short coat of a free silhouette, often having a hood. This coat will perfectly fit straight or skinny jeans tucked into high boots on the platform, which may not have a heel. And also in the boots of the male type. Even military boots are allowed here, which today are adapted to the women's leg. In the case of more elegant shoe models, a green cropped coat can be complemented by a unisex hat, a soft tote bag, a high neck sweater, and finger-cut gloves. The overall image goes youth, urban, standing out from the crowd.

What is a suitable cocoon for?

coat cocoon

This not quite familiar to most women style came into fashion not so long ago, but its roots go back to the times of Tsarist Russia. Smooth, feminine lines, undoubtedly, are able to make a cocoon coat a classic, but due to tailoring, it will not only fall into the category of universal things, but also cause a lot of controversy regarding the rest of the ensemble. Who should wear it? And how to sew it, if you want to use the services of the studio?

As for the figure on which the coat-cocoon will sit as advantageously as possible, here both experts and women themselves actively argue: someone believes that the product will add volume to thin girls, someone - that it will hide the excess from girls in the body. In all statements there is some truth, but it is important to disassemble each case separately. The fragile cocoon coat will really add feminine roundness, but with an asthenic physique such a voluminous thing can just hang. In contrast, women with rounded thighs (a pear or triangle type of figure) will be able to de-emphasize this area, at the same time adding softness to the upper part, and if overweight, the cocoon-coat will increase attention to it rather than distract.

Stylists argue that, in general, it is possible to put a coat of a similar style on most of the figures, but at the same time its length varies, and also shoes with heels are selected. The latter is irrelevant only for very tall girls who fear to become even taller: heel is obligatory for everyone else with a cocoon coat, even if it is only 5 cm. combine a coat of this type with boots.

The length of the cocoon coat is chosen individually, but there are also general rules, most of which are oriented on the growth of the girl. If the high representatives of the fair sex can wear almost any version of such a coat from the assortment, then the girl of medium and low growth is recommended to choose a model up to the knee or slightly lower and not be carried away by an increase in volume. It is better to make the silhouette as close as possible, otherwise several cm of height will be hidden.

Depending on the material from which the cocoon is sewn, the rest of the ensemble is selected. Most often this is not quite a classic piece of clothing, so with a strict skirt style "pencil" it does not always look harmonious. Stylists recommend to combine a cocoon coat with the same soft silhouettes of dresses and skirts, or with straight trousers and jeans. Successful addition - all kinds of volume scarves and stoles, tied around the neck and lowered on the chest. But on their heads in this situation it is better not to lay them: if you need a headdress, you can pay attention to wool or acrylic fabric. Although the cocoon coat may look interesting with a retro hat.

Coat - definitely, the clothes that should be in the women's wardrobe, even if not in excess. Warm its options will warm and in the winter, and easier are ideal for the fall and spring. A variety of models allows you to choose the perfect option, which can look special every day through the constant replacement of accessories.

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