Grape seed oil in cosmetology


The peoples of the most ancient civilizations discovered so many useful things for us: in cosmetology, in medicine, and in many other sciences and spheres of life. So let's talk today about such a wonderful invention in the field of face and body care products - about grape seed oil. Although it is prepared by man, the spirit of nature in it is still fully preserved in the form of a large number of perfectly balanced vitamins and minerals.

How to prepare grape oil?

So, they prepare the oil from the grape seed by cold pressing, which allows you to keep all the useful substances in it. Thanks to this simple and effective method of preparation, stone fruit can be called a concentrate of vitamins, microelements, fatty acids and tannins.

Grape oil takes the first place among the other oils on the content of linoleic acid (Omega-6) - as much as 75%, and this helps to keep the skin water and cellular balance.Working together with oleic acid (omega-9 monounsaturated acid, whose share in the oil is about 25%), linoleic acid acquires anti-inflammatory properties, and when ingested, it improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, nervous and endocrine systems, and removes toxins from the body, slags, radionuclides and salts of heavy metals.

The benefits of grape seed oil

The oil has a green color, which indicates a sufficient amount contained in it. chlorophyll - tonic and healing component. Therefore, stone fruit is very useful for burns, cuts, abrasions, and calluses. Well, everything, new summer sandals, we are no longer afraid of you! By the way, we all know how to deal with blisters, so to speak, after the fact, but if you gently smear the alleged weak points with oil, you can avoid these unpleasant pests of female beauty and gait before putting on shoes.

The oxidizing agents present in grape oil keep the cells from being destroyed, thereby preserving the youth and freshness of the skin and enhancing its protective properties. Among the antioxidants in the oil can be found vitamins A, C, E and flavonoids, which are 20 times more effective than vitamin C protect us from free radicals, and therefore from premature aging and inflammatory diseases. Flavonoid resveratrol contributes to the production of estrogens, which improve liver function and lymph microcirculation. Procyanide - a powerful natural antioxidant - normalizes the activity of the sweat glands and cell membranes, which makes grape seed oil excellent care for oily, problem and combination skin, cleansing and tightening pores.

A tablespoon of grapeseed oil contains a daily rate. vitamin E, which also brings invaluable benefits to our health, such as lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Stone Stone ether well moisturizes and restores, therefore, is suitable for fading skin, and for the care of delicate skin of the eyelids, lips, neck and decollete. It has a slight whitening effect and prevents the appearance of pigment spots. Suitable for any skin type, and to enhance its effect can be combined with products designed specifically for your skin.

The use of oil in cosmetology

  • In order for the skin on the body to re-acquire a velvety and healthy glow, a twenty-minute bath is enough with the addition of one tablespoon of oil, previously dissolved in cream or honey.
  • The tonic effect of the oil favorably affects the fight against varicose veins, cellulite and rosacea by adding it to your usual remedy or using it as an independent remedy.
  • Grape seed oil - A great helper in hair and nail care: protects against breakage and saturates with vitamins and minerals. Leader in the rescue of dyed and damaged hair perm.
  • It is a sunscreen and takes care of your skin after sunburn.

Useful oil for future moms: strengthens the body as a whole, saturating with vitamins, and also improves the general condition during pregnancy and childbirth. After the baby is born, one should not forget about this source of vitamins, which improves lactation and enriches the composition of breast milk with valuable trace elements.

Perhaps stone oil is ideal for the phrase of one of the ancient teachers of Ayurveda: "If you can not drink it, then there is no need to put it on your body." The idea makes one think about the consequences of the ingestion of artificial creams, even if they are of very high quality and no less expensive, which still lose their authority over what Nature herself has created for us.