Graduated bob with lengthening - haircut with bangs and


The bob haircut came into vogue thanks to the French two centuries ago, but it is still very popular now. Modern women of fashion especially liked the graduated square with lengthening, because this hairstyle allows you to create an individual, unique image and stand out from the crowd. By the way, hairstyles on the square with lengthening won the love of a large female audience thanks to Victoria Beckham. Who will suit this fashionable haircut, what are its features and capabilities?

Benefits of caret

Benefits of caret

  • Haircut does not require frequent correction. Even if the strands grow back, they will not spoil the image;
  • Due to the small length of the hair, it becomes much easier to nourish them - both at the roots and along the entire length;
  • Laying the elongated car does not require special skills and a lot of time;
  • With this haircut, you can create different images every day;
  • She goes to girls and women of all ages with any hair texture;
  • The caret with lengthening perfectly emphasizes the beautiful features of the face and helps to easily hide its flaws.

Types of quads

  • Classic car

Visually narrows and pulls the round face. Goes to both young and mature women with thick or thin hair. This hairstyle gives freshness to the image. The elongated four-seater provides for a short-clipped back of the head, which perfectly corrects the silhouette behind it and adds elegance to it.

Classic car

  • Graduated bob with lengthening

The people of this type of haircut was a simple name "ladder". It is ideal for fine hair, allowing you to give them extra volume. The most advantageously graded car looks on a straight hair texture.

Girls with an oval face are recommended to wear a "ladder" with straight bangs. This technique will help to hide the high forehead. Owners of round faces are recommended to leave elongated strands and cut them unevenly, in a chaotic manner. With a square shape, it is better to wear a graduated bob in combination with a torn bang.

Graduated bob with lengthening

  • Bean

Haircut bob bob with lengthening is preferred by many women living in non-stop mode. The secret of this hairstyle is that the back of the hair is cut in a cascade, thereby ensuring a good volume.


  • Asymmetrical caret

The choice is quite brave women. On the one hand, the locks are cut to the length of the ear, and on the other, up to the chin or lower. Ideal for owners of straight hair with angular features. Remember that asymmetric hairstyle requires careful styling, otherwise it will look careless.

Asymmetrical caret

  • Kare on lengthening with a bang

It is recommended to wear women with a narrow face shape. Options bangs varied. Depending on its type, one or another oval can be easily corrected, hiding the flaws and emphasizing its merits. It can be long or short, straight or asymmetric, oblique or torn. With the help of bangs, you can create your own, unique image.

Kare on lengthening with a bang

Who is elongated car?

  • most effectively looks on the hair straight texture;
  • ideal for owners of a round oval face, as visually narrows it;
  • with a different face shape, it is adjusted by selecting the correct bang;
  • graduated car with lengthening visually rejuvenates and refreshes, so it is perfect for women of mature age;
  • girls with high stature will suit a square of medium length;
  • young may well afford a short car.

How to properly stack with elongation?

Since this haircut looks most effectively on straight hair, you often have to resort to using ironing. Here are some tips for using it properly:

  • Choose the right tool. Its plates should be ceramic: this material protects the hair from damage as much as possible;
  • separate the thin strands and start laying them from the back of the head. Then process the hair in the temple area, smoothly moving to the crown. Last, straighten the bang.
  • swipe each strand twice or thrice, without delaying them for too long;
  • Never try to straighten wet hair;
  • if the iron allows you to choose the temperature, avoid maximum values;
  • do not use the device every day: frequent heat treatment can damage the health of the hair;
  • when laying use protective equipment.

Styling options for every day

Hairstyles on the square with lengthening can be created easily and quickly, and you will always look different.

  1. Quick styling

Apply a special foam to the roots of the washed hair, spread it over the strands using a comb. Then tilt your head and blow-dry the hair in a slightly disheveled form. After drying, fix hair and spray with hairspray.

Quick styling

  1. Express styling

Apply a little gel on washed and dried hair, spreading it evenly over the entire length. After that, a little beat with your hands. At the end you can use a small amount of varnish.

Express styling

  1. Bulk styling

The hair will acquire the required volume, if after washing, hold it under a towel for 10 minutes, then dry as usual with foam. Parting is better to choose the side.

Bulk styling

  1. Tips inside

Wash your hair Start styling your hair, curling strands inside. Better use a round comb. Make a side parting. After completing the hair from the short side combed behind the ear. To fix the result with hairspray.

Tips inside

  1. Tips out

Clean hair begins to dry using a hair dryer and a round comb, curling the tips out. After the procedure, a little ruffle, giving volume. Sprinkle with hairspray.

Tips out

  1. Curler styling

Wash hair and dry hair slightly. Apply a little mousse. To wind locks on hair curlers, to dry up the hair dryer. Remove in 20-30 minutes. To secure the result, use a strong hold varnish.

Curler styling

If you decide to experiment with your appearance and make a graduated caren lengthening, feel free to go to the hairdresser and make the dream come true. Haircut is almost everyone, does not require special care and allows you to change the image every day, and a specialist and our recommendations will help you choose the most successful of its variation.