Gold is the best gift for a woman. how not to make a mistake


Choosing a gift is not easy. What if you do not like it? Familiar, right? There are a lot of gift options for a woman, but not everyone can give a smile and delight. Perfume or cosmetics - delicate matter. Underwear - intimate. Do you know what gift will suit any woman, regardless of age and preferences? That's right, gold jewelry. They do not when lose their relevance. Properly selected jewelry will bring sophistication and chic to its owner, make the image more beautiful.


In order not to be mistaken when choosing gold jewelry, you must adhere to several rules.

  1. Gold should be bought exclusively in retail stores. You always get the goods corresponding to their value. A good example of such a store is the online store Aloris Customer reviews confirm: loyal prices, polite staff, a guarantee of quality. What else does?
  2. The gold product must be perfectly polished. The presence of all kinds of bumps and waves is unacceptable. Check whether the jewelery makes a ringing sound when struck to a hard surface. If so, feel free to buy.

    Jewelry as a gift
  3. It is important that the product has a hallmark. It indicates that the product made of gold has passed the quality test and corresponds to the sample.
  4. Before you go to the store, do not be lazy and ask how much a gram of gold is now. Then, when you are already near the counter, compare in your mind the value of "shop gold" and data from the Internet. In the case when the decoration in the store is cheaper, think about it. Great, if you, like me, already have “proven” stores where you definitely don't buy a cat in a bag.
  5. After the purchase, you can go to the local pawnshop and weigh the gold. So you can make sure 100% of its quality and you will sleep peacefully. Today, pawnshops have "harmless" ways. You do not harm the gold jewelry.

Well, to use these tips or not is up to you. And a little advice last. Give gifts! What could be better than the smile of a loved one?