Goat milk in cosmetics

Natural dairy cosmetics, which was used by Cleopatra and Russian princesses for hundreds of years. There is nothing strange in the fact that every woman is looking for different ways to be more beautiful. And she has been doing this since the advent of humanity.

In the modern world, we women are greedy for brands and trends. This makes it difficult for real cosmetic phenomena to get to our eyes.. Goat milk - one of those. It can make that expensive creams and serums can not do. In addition, it is many times cheaper.

Goat milk in cosmetics

The benefits of goat milk for skin

  • Goat milk whitens and softens the skin, making it silky. The inhabitants of the Caucasus and Central Asia goat milk - fetish. With it, you can and recover and live longer. Goat milk regenerates both skin and internal organs. Its amino acids remove dead cells, preventing premature aging of the body. Moisturizing, firmness and elasticity of the skin - for the lactic enzymes goat milk.
  • There are not so many good producers of cosmetics based on goat milk, rather even few. And even this amount cannot provide you with the effect that fresh goat milk provides. Therefore it is worth choosing a natural product, without adding additional cosmetic ingredients, the origin of which you do not suspect.

Washing with goat milk

  • Washing with goat milk is an inexpensive, but time consuming procedure. We are talking about the supply of goat milk, which is not so much in big cities. In supermarkets it is not found, and this is the complexity. In order to get yourself a goat's milk, go to the markets and interview the grandmothers. They always have something natural for you. And, as practice shows, this natural can be used in cosmetics. You should not get a lot of milk, it will quickly turn sour (of course, if you do not intend to take a milk bath, as Cleopatra did).
  • And remember! Choosing milk, smell it. If the smell is bad, so does the taste. Poor performance - evidence that the animal was kept in unsanitary conditions.

Goat milk in cosmetics

  • Any milk, and goat especially soothes the skin. It can be used with any type of skin, but it is better to put on milky washing for people with dry and sensitive skin. Clean your face before washing. Milk should be fresh and diluted with water from a 1: 1 flow. after the procedure, do not rub the face with a towel, but only lightly blot it with a napkin. Next, apply a nourishing cream on the face. If the skin is inflamed, add strong chamomile or linden tea to the milk.
  • And do not see that your friends have “an excellent cream from the eardrum of the platypus”, do not be confused by the manufacturer and do not beckon the brand. It can always be purchased, it will not run away from you anywhere. Do not miss the opportunity to please your skin, buy goat milk. Think about it for a week, and if disappointment comes after that, choose the “platypus”. Although by the time you forget the ingredients of the cream and its manufacturer.

Goat Baths

In order to take a milk bath it is not necessary to buy a goat milk truck at all. This stereotype. You only need a liter of goat milk and a bag of vanillin. Add vanillin to milk and slowly pour it into the bath. Lie for 20 minutes. Every week everyone can afford a milk bath. It will give your skin a tone, rejuvenate it and relieve peeling.

Goat Milk Facial Masks

For the mask, take: 200 ml of goat milk, 1 teaspoon of olive oil and honey, 3 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds, 1 ampoule of vitamin A. First, heat the milk with the seeds, let it boil and cool. And only then add the remaining ingredients. Keep on the skin such a mask can be no more than 20 minutes.

Goat Milk Body Scrub

Mix a glass of sugar with 3 teaspoons of coconut, olive or almond oil and 4 teaspoons of goat milk. In the resulting mixture, you can add a few drops of lemon and one drop of rose essential oils. The resulting scrub will cleanse and soften the skin, removing the hardened areas.

Goat milk in cosmetics

Composition of goat milk

If you decide to nourish, moisturize and cleanse your skin weekly with goat milk, you need to know what is included in that product.

  1. Milk, like other dairy products, is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, micro and macro elements. But Goat milk is somewhat different in composition from other types of milk. In goat 6 times more cobalt, it is contained in vitamin B12, which is responsible for metabolic processes and blood circulation.
  2. Potassium regulates the work of the cardiovascular system. Beta-kazein, a component of breast milk, is also found in goat.
  3. The next plus is less lactose than other milk. This allows people with lactose intolerance to enjoy milk.
  4. Trace elements: calcium, magnesium, manganese - these are excellent teeth, a harmonious course of physiological processes and activation of cellular respiration.

Goat milk protects your body and your skin, so do not spend money on expensive creams, but simply enter goat milk into your diet. And let him do your health and appearance!

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