Glycolic peeling at home

Glycolic peeling involves treating the skin with glycolic acid.. This is a very useful procedure, quite common in beauty salons. The effect of such a peeling is amazing - the skin is smooth, without fine wrinkles, oily sheen and other small skin defects.

Glycolic peeling is a type of chemical peeling, so the effect is short-lived, because the acid affects only the top layer of the skin.

What is glycolic acid?

This acid helps to produce normal amounts of hyaluronic acid. It is necessary for the skin to maintain healthy moisture, and also can reduce the risk of skin deformation.

The lack of glycolic, and, consequently, hyaluronic acid, is perceived by the skin very sensitively: dryness occurs, the complexion becomes unhealthy, small wrinkles and unevenness appear, and tone is lost.

Glycolic Peeling at Home - the procedure is complicated and even dangerous. After all, there is a risk to spoil the skin if you suddenly do something wrong. However, if you approach the issue of the glycolic peeling procedure at home carefully and sensibly, then you will be satisfied with the result: the number of acne, black spots, wrinkles will noticeably decrease.

Instructions for conducting glycolic peeling at home

  • Cleanse the skin with a moisturizing and cleansing lotion.
  • Rinse your face with water at room temperature.
  • Using a brush, apply glycolic acid to the skin in an even layer (avoid the area around the eyes!).
  • After 5 minutes, wash the acid with water at room temperature (if necessary, you can do it earlier - after 2-4 minutes, but do not hold glycolic acid for longer than 5 minutes).
  • Apply moisturizer.
  • Remember that the procedure requires increased attention.

It is recommended to go to a beautician and consult with him before performing a glycolic peeling at home: what if this procedure is contraindicated for you! After all, few people know about their individual side effects. Do not forget that in beauty salons glycolic peeling is carried out by professionals. You are not so experienced in this matter.

If you have scratches or wounds on your skin, warts, herpes or even a fresh tan, then in no case do glycolic peeling, so you only harm your skin

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