Glitter nail design


Any girl wants to be brilliant and bright, while maintaining elegance and style. To achieve a glamorous image, it is enough to add a few sparkling details to your appearance. This can be a bright handbag, elegant shoes or an unusual manicure, decorated with sparkles.

Glitter nail design at home

Pink glitter nail design at homeGlitter nail design at home

Nail design with glitter on one nail at homeGlitter nail design at home

Specialists in beauty salons have long adopted various methods of decorating nails with sparkles. Recently, it has become particularly fashionable to decorate small areas of the nail plate or to use different types of sparkles to highlight individual elements of the nail art pattern. If earlier a sparkling manicure was considered appropriate only for solemn occasions, now fashionable women boldly complement their casual clothes.

  • It is not necessary to contact a beauty salon to decorate your nails with a fashionable shining pattern. You can master the technique of nail design with sparkles at home, and to make a sparkling manicure look no worse than a professional one, you need to take care of the necessary tools and purchase your favorite sparkles for nails.
  • For nail design with glitter, you can use the usual colors of nail polish or pick up something extraordinary, significantly different from your usual manicure. It is recommended to use a good quality resistant varnish for applying glitter, otherwise sparkling nails will not make you happy for long.
  • The necessary tools will help you to achieve excellent results in performing glitter manicure. Get brushes of various sizes: wide - for primer nail, thin - to perform various elements of the picture. For fixing large spangles on the nail plate, it is convenient to use tweezers or tweezers for eyebrows with sharp edges.
  • To fix the manicure with glitter, be sure to use a special fixing varnish. He will not only prolong the life of your shining nail art, but also give the nail plate neatness and gloss.
  • Nail design with sparkles allows you to realize the most fantastic ideas. To translate your wishes into reality, it is enough to follow simple tips.
  • Be sure to apply nail polish under glitter, observing all the rules. Be sure to degrease the nail plate with nail polish remover, apply a base coat if possible. Dry the nail polish thoroughly to avoid uneven surfaces.

Spangles for nail design: types and methods of application

Nail polish

  1. Spangles differ in many criteria: color, size, shape. The color scheme of sparkles for nails amazes with its variety. They can be both monophonic, and connecting several shades. You can easily pick them up in tone nail polish or stay on the contrast combination.
  2. In size, you can select such as: colored dust, colored sand, large sparkles. The shape can also differ in a great variety - from the usual round to pentagonal and hexagonal or imitating various objects (butterfly, flower). Very often on large sparkles there are holographic iridescent patterns.
  3. Different sparkles for nail design and the way of application. Some of them are fixed on the nail plate using a special glue, while others are already included in the composition of nail polish or gel paint. The smallest glitter can be applied using a special spray.
  4. Remember that when applying small glitter on the nail brush should be completely dry. This will avoid manicure errors. If it is necessary to decorate with glitter only certain areas of the pattern, gently dip the brush into the glue or fixing varnish and lubricate the necessary elements. Immediately secure the sparkles until the adhesive backing has dried.
  5. Small spangles can be easily applied to the nails, simply shaking them off the brush over the surface treated with fixing varnish and blowing off the excess.
  6. If you use a single brush to create a sparkling nail art, be sure to wash off the remnants of glitter with nail polish remover before using other glitters by color.

Even the simplest toilet can be decorated with a sparkling manicure. Take this technique into service, and you will always look just brilliant!