Gel polish for short nails


Ask any woman what can cheer her up even on the cloudiest day, and she will answer you - a good and high-quality manicure. Today, this procedure is performed using different technologies, but almost every salon uses shellac. Gel polish on short nails looks especially beautiful and neat.

Proper care - the beginning of all beginnings.

A manicure on short nails with gel polish will not have the proper effect if the nails are corny. Agree that the broken ends, a nail ingrown into a finger and a neglected cuticle will not be corrected by bright colors, shiny stones and various nail-art drawings. Therefore, before you paint your nails yourself, take the trouble to bring the pens in order. Fortunately today there are many options.

Gel Polish for short nails

So, at home it is easy to make a classic or European version of a manicure. And in the salon, you can try special hand spa treatments, for example, Japanese manicure technique using fruit acids and hand massage. And if you prefer shellac, do not forget that all water procedures must be done a few hours before applying it to the nails.

A few rules will also be beneficial:

  • Want to visually lengthen the nail? Then move the cuticle as close as possible to the base, or rather, remove it completely with tweezers.
  • On skinny girls with long fingers will look impressive square shape of the nail.
  • But the owners of magnificent forms prefer the oval free edge, as it visually lengthens the fingers.

Of course, do not forget that all nails must be not only of the same shape, but also length.

Stylish, fashionable, beautiful!

A few years ago, long scarlet nails with a pointed edge were in fashion, which gave their owners a certain extravagance and charm. Today, on the fingers of movie stars, photo models and celebrities, there are neat, well-groomed marigolds. The sharply increased popularity of short nails served as a kind of impetus for the creation of new ideas for manicure gel varnish. Consider them.

Natural manicure

Naturalness in everything is a global trend in the field of fashion. And the manicure was no exception. Choose nude varnishes: beige and cream, creamy, peach, pale pink. Appropriate on short nails will look a small pattern, made with colors of contrasting colors. But do not make any abstract images, closer to nature - this is the main motto.

Natural manicure

Geometric shapes

All conservatism of the nature can be reflected in geometrical manicure. Various patterns in the form of straight stripes and lines, regular squares and equilateral triangles will come to the rescue.

Geometric shapes

Those who want to make a bit of creativity in their lives can decorate their nails in different colors. In this case, it is better to apply the geometry through a finger or alternate between the figures.

Gel Polish for short nails

Matt gloss

Matte gel polishes have become particularly popular, but the glossy shellac does not want to give up their positions to them. That is why the stylists decided to combine the two options in one manicure. So, meet the glossy matte nails - the peak of this season.

Gel Polish for short nails matt

Juicy shades

Beautiful strokes of different colors of varnish over the main simple white base coat will be the main trend of the coming summer. This manicure is perfect for girls and will be a great addition to any image.

Gel Polish for short nails bright

And to raise the mood on the nails, you can make funny emoticons.

Gel Polish for short nails

Black and white

Considering life in only two shades in high society is considered a mauveton. However, this statement does not relate to the classics of the black and white manicure genre.

Gel Polish for short nails black and white

By the way, in a similar technique of nail art, droplets of various shapes and sizes look no less advantageous on the nails.

Gel Polish for short nails black and white

Caviar nail art

Caviar style manicure is the second name of the caviar application technique. The essence of the method is that very small beads of different size and color are placed on the nail. This design option is suitable only for brave ladies who can go beyond the usual gloss and smooth coating.

Caviar nail art

Stones, rhinestones, sparkles

They have always been, are and remain the main weapon of a woman. The only rule is that everything should be in moderation. If you are afraid to overdo it with glitter, use sparkling rhinestones on matte nails.

Stones, rhinestones, sparkles on the nails

And girls can afford to stick on their nails large and voluminous forms, which, thanks to shellac, will hold firmly and confidently.

Stones, rhinestones, sparkles on the nails

How to choose the right color and design of nails?

An experienced manicurist knows all aspects of applying shellac, will be able to correctly choose the shape of the nail plate, advise with color and pattern. But the trouble is that there is not always time, money and desire to go to a beauty salon. In this case, to design gel varnish on short nails looked harmonious, you need to follow a few rules:

  • Too large elements will look cumbersome and vulgar if such a pattern is applied to each finger. Instead, try to paint all your nails with a base color, and perform a bulk nail art on your index or ring finger.
  • Short nails do not tolerate three-dimensional design using acrylic molding. In addition, this technique is already somewhat outdated.
  • Vertical patterns will help to visually lengthen the fingers, and horizontal lines - to expand the nail plate. Choose the correct option based on what problem you want to solve in a similar way.
  • Are you afraid to spoil the manicure with bright colors and colors? Not quite sure that the varnish will fall flat? Then give preference to neutral shades, because the errors are less noticeable on them.
  • If you like bright design ideas, choose colors that harmonize well with each other. Incorrectly selected gamma can spoil not only the mood, but also the first impression about the owner of a tasteless manicure.

Styling gel varnish for short nails provides a variety of manicure. It is no longer necessary to limit oneself to a restrained monophonic coating, but it is possible and necessary to realize various ideas. We hope, our selection of nail design with shellac will inspire you to create your own masterpieces.