Gel polish at home


A durable lacquer coating is the dream of every modern woman who has to save time all the time. To do this, and created a gel nail polish, which lasts about 3 weeks, maintaining a well-groomed manicure.

This tool is applied immediately to the nail and polymerized under a UV lamp. The coating is resistant and does not break at all, therefore it requires correction only as it grows. At the same time, the price of gel coating with varnish is much less than nail extension.

Nail gel polish: choose the best

Before proceeding with the coating of gel varnish at home - you need to decide which company you will use the coating.

Nail gel polish: choose the best

  • According to reviews of professionals, the best is considered Shellac from CND. It has a thick consistency, flat on the nail. A thin layer is enough to get an even and saturated color. Despite the high quality, Shellac dries quickly. Vial capacity 7.3 ml, designed for 17-20 applications. The CND Shellac color palette includes both classic tones and bright modern shades. Gel varnish of this arbitrator is not cheap. The reason is not only excellent quality, but also brand awareness. CND also produces gel remover gel - Product Remover, which easily removes the most resistant coating. But use it with caution, because it dries and thins nails.
  • Gelish Harmonysuitable for fans of a wide range of colors. This gel polish is scratch resistant, does not leave bubbles and blistering when applied. But to achieve a smooth surface, it needs to be dried longer than coatings from other manufacturers. A 15 ml bottle is enough for 30 procedures. Consider, to paint the nails in dark colors, you must apply the tool in 3 layers. Gel varnish of this company can peel off along the edge of the nail at the cuticle, especially if you are doing chores without gloves. On a thin nail plate, this tool will last no more than 1.5 weeks.
  • Gel varnish In’Garden So naturally, applied in 1-2 layers, it looks saturated and dense. The tool does not thicken over time. It is the most gentle from the point of view of influence on the nail plate, because its composition includes medicinal ingredients. But along with this gel varnish of this manufacturer also has negative properties: it is difficult to remove, it can give the nails a yellowish tint. If the coating is not cut down, then after a long procedure of removal the nails will become untidy. This can be avoided if you use a base for manicure and fixative from other manufacturers.
  • Brand lovers IBD You will certainly appreciate the wide color palette of gel polishes, including original and discreet shades. Gel polish is suitable for a white jacket, because over time it does not turn yellow. A bottle with a capacity of 14 ml is enough for 35-40 applications. A brush designed specifically for applying gel polish will provide ease of use. At the same time, the price of Just Gel from IBD is significantly lower than the cost of other brands. The acid-free bonder, which is not present in all coatings of other brands, will save weak nails from damage. Manicure lasts 2-3 weeks, retaining the original shine thanks to a special coating formula. IBD is easy to remove at home with acetone. According to reviews such gel varnish is recognized as one of the best in quality, durability, ease of application and price.

Nail gel polish: choose the best

  • Axxium opi Consider the best gel nail polish. The coating of this company allows you to not cut down the top layer of the nail plate before applying, which allows to preserve its natural density. But to apply this tool is difficult. It dries for a long time, and sometimes it can swell. The coating is not resistant and lasts no more than 10 days.

How to apply gel polish at home?

If you do not have enough time for the salon procedure, you can make such a coating gel varnish at home. To do this, we need a UV lamp, colored gel polish, transparent gel polish base / fixative (2 in 1), medical alcohol. You can buy these tools in any specialty store. If you are going to deal with nails - coating unprofessionally, then a simple UV lamp will be enough for this. The price of such a device does not exceed 500 rubles. A bottle of high-quality gel polish will cost about the same.

  • To make a manicure using gel polish at home, you need to prepare your hands. Clean them with a gentle scrub. Treat the nails, but do not cut the edges. Gently remove the cuticle with a special tool. Scrub the nails. After that, try not to touch their surface until the coloring process is complete.
  • The next step is the application of a transparent base for a manicure. It is applied first on your thumbs and dried under the lamp, and then on all others. Each nail dries out for about 10 seconds.

How to apply gel polish at home?

  • Next, apply color gel polish. Thumbs are covered first of all so that the lacquer is well fixed. Keep nails under the lamp for 2-3 minutes. Thus, we cover each nail.
  • If you need to make the color brighter, then apply a second layer of gel polish. Apply the product in a thin layer, otherwise the coating will peel off quickly. Be careful in the area of ​​the cuticle, so that in the result did not get the effect of uneven coverage.
  • In no case should fingers be placed under a UV lamp if the product has fallen on the skin. First remove it with a cotton swab.
  • At the very end, apply a fixative. Dry it under a UV lamp for 2 to 5 minutes, based on the lamp power. Then wipe the nails with a cotton pad dipped in medical alcohol. This will help eliminate stickiness.

By the same principle, you can do a pedicure.

How to remove gel polish at home?

When it is time to remove the gel polish at home, you will need nail polish remover (Severina is considered effective), foil, a set of orange sticks and cotton pads.

This procedure requires care not to harm the nails. The process of removing gel polish is similar to the removal of artificial nails.

Take 10 cotton pads, moisten them previously in a liquid for removing gel polish. Put them on each nail and wrap in foil for 30 minutes. After cleansing, lubricate each nail plate and the skin around the moisturizing oil, so that the nails become beautiful and healthy.

Features of use gel varnish

Many experts in the field of manicure argue that if you constantly use gel polish, then your nails will become stronger. O can even eliminate delamination.

Features of use gel varnish

Coating gel varnish is perfect before a business trip or vacation. If the color of the coating bothers you, then you can apply a normal varnish of a different color over it Gel polish does not contain harmful substances that cause allergies. Its use at home is absolutely safe.

Gel varnish - a great new product in the field of nail design! Attractive and well-groomed manicure that lasts for several weeks: the dream of every modern woman. Especially when it is easy to do at home, spending a minimum of time and money. Do not be afraid to experiment!