Gel nail polish


Gel nail polish, or as it is otherwise called, shellac- the long-awaited discovery in the field of manicure and pedicure, which previously women of fashion could only dream of. If you are going to buy shellac, but do not know which one is better, then read the reviews.

Shellac nail polish gel from CND: reviews

Many call CND Shellac best gel polish on the following parameters: thick, fits nicely on the nail, 1-2 thin layers give a rich and even color.

Shellac nail polish gel from CND: reviews

The coating is dense, keeps for quite a long time without scratches and chips (although, on thin nails it is not so durable). This gel dries very quickly.

The bottle with a capacity of more than 7 ml is designed for approximately 18 applications.

However, the CND Shellac is not represented by a wide color palette (classical colors and bright shades of red and pink prevail). One more minus coverage - in its high cost.

CND also has brand gel polish remover - Product Remover, allowing you to easily get rid of annoying coverage. True, it is bad for thin nails, it even more thin and dries them.

Gelish Gelish Harmony nail polish: reviews

This gel polish has an incredibly wide palette.. The coating is very scratch-resistant, does not blister at all, but to completely avoid ugly wrinkles, it should be dried for a long time.

Gelish Gelish Harmony nail polish: reviews

One bottle of 15 ml capacity is enough for about 30 applications., since, in comparison with other branded gel polishes, it is consumed faster because of its liquid consistency. To cover the nails in a dark color and completely avoid stains, it is usually necessary to apply not 2 layers, as usual, but 3.

Do not cover the nails of Gelish Harmony, if you work a lot around the house, as the edge of the cuticle cover may simply lag behind when it grows. Also Avoid gel polish gel, if your nail plates are too thin and dry - Coverage will not last as long as promised (at most - 21 days).

GelvarnishfornailsIn’Garden So naturally: reviews

The In’Garden coating is naturally dense and saturated, moreover, it does not thicken over time. This gel varnish has a positive effect on the state of the nail plates: In’Garden So naturally has healing natural ingredients. However, this positive effect is blocked by a rather complicated removal procedure. If you do not file a gel Polish, then after a very long exposure to the liquid to remove it, your nails will have an unpresentable look.

Gel nail polish In’Garden So naturally: reviews

When not very neat work sometimes there is an involuntary damage to the upper layer of the plates. When working with color coating In’Garden So naturally it is quite possible to use the base of other companies, for example, Gelish Harmony, then the removal will be much faster.

In’Garden So naturally without chips lasts about 2 weeks, but sometimes after removal the nails look a little yellowed.

Just Gel gel nail polish from IBD: reviews

Fans of this brand are pleased with a wide color palette, containing a variety of shades - both pastel and bright. This gel polish is good for service as the coating does not turn yellow over time.

A 14 ml bottle is enough for approximately 35 applications.. Improved brush, made specifically for gel polish, guarantees you ease of use. The consistency of this varnish gives a smooth finish.

Just Gel gel nail polish from IBD: reviews

This shellac strengthens nails well. and perfectly protects them from any harmful external factors. At the same time, the price of Just Gel from IBD is much lower compared to other gel polishes.

Just Gel also saves from weakness even weak nails. Some of them even compare it to double tape.

Manicure lasts about 3 weeks: the coating does not peel off and retains its original luster due to the special formula. Therefore, it is not terrible to work around the house without gloves with such gel polish. IBD clients love him for being able to remove the lacquer at home on their own with an acetone-containing liquid.

Many people call this gel polish the best combination of price, characteristics, ease of application and time to wear.

Jessica Geleration Nail Polish Gel: reviews

Jessica Geleration Nail Polish Gel: reviews

Jessica Geleration gel polish is easy to use and has a good effect on the nails. True, some colors are not at all pleased with the result: for example, the color jacket quickly spreads.

Many complaints - on the finish coating Jessica Geleration because of its uncomfortable brush. Some complain of an uncomfortable bottle, which leads to rapid thickening of shellac.

Axxium OPI gel nail polish: reviews

Axxium OPI nail polish gel is very durable. If you are hooked on your fingernail for something, it will be more arched than broken. Another advantage of the coating is that it makes it possible not to cut off the top layer of the plates before use, and this does not thin the nails.

Axxium OPI gel nail polish: reviews

Axxium OPI is quite difficult to use: it dries for a very long time, sometimes it even bubbles. Holds the coating on the nails for about 10 days, even if you are actively working around the house. However, if the coating has chipped on several nails at once, and you don’t want to delete it, you can tint them with the usual OPI lacquer, since their color palettes are very similar.

Shellac is a caring and gentle nail polish. Presented reviews of gel polishes from different companies will help you make the right choice and make a beautiful manicure.