Gel lacquer canni


The popularity of gel polishes, which appeared on the beauty market not so long ago, is justified by the modern rhythm of life, when there is no opportunity to daily check manicure for ideality. Duration of wear, attractive appearance, strength of nails - all this contributed to the appearance of gel varnishes from various manufacturers: from professional to mass-market. Until recently, the not known Canni brand also launched a similar product. What do masters and consumers say about him?

Canni gel polish: palette and key features

Canni gel polish: palette and key features

Externally, the packaging of products from this manufacturer strongly resembles CND gel polishes - a pioneer in the category of similar coatings for nails. It is this nuance that makes consumers who first encounter Canni doubt quality: rarely when things that are so similar in design turn out to be not pale copies of an expensive original.

  • In fact, the design of the match with the CND ends: the “Canny” gel lacquer palette is not as wide - only 206 shades. But it looks attractive: here there are classic pure tones, soft pastel variations, youth neon and top coverings with large shiny polyhedrons, and jelly textures with a shimmer, and mother-of-pearl shells. On the official images of the palette, the product is applied on the "daisy" in 2 layers.
  • In the starter kit, presented on the official website of the manufacturer, in addition to tools and instruments include the base and topcoat, cliner and remuver. Dehydration technology of working with these products, apparently, does not provide.
  • An interesting point can be seen from the consumer reviews: in the palette of gel-lacquers "Kanni" there are many full-fledged clones of gel-lacquers

Feedback from consumers and craftsmen

Canni gel polish: consumer reviews and masters

Of course, the manufacture of this gel polish is made in China, which makes it related to the sensational Bluesky. Whether their quality is different, or Canni managed to get closer to the CND - you can find out from the comments and posts of women who have tried this brand.

  • Regina: A walk through a large Chinese site unexpectedly for me ended with the purchase of a large set of Canny gel polishes: the palette was very attractive, and the price was ridiculous - less than 150 rubles. for a bottle of varnish in 7.3 ml, and about 2.5 thousand rubles. for starter kit with UV lamp. I didn’t look for reviews — I don’t like it; I’ll throw it away: not great money. So, the bottle is terribly reminiscent of CND lacquers, right up to the location of the inscriptions and the font, the brush is classical, of medium thickness, with sharp corners, a neat pile, nothing sticks out anywhere. What is attractive - the top and base are absolutely no smell, which surprised me a lot. Luck smells, but very faintly. The technology, judging by the scant information on the label, is standard: the base needs to be dried for 2 minutes, the color layer is the same, and the top is 3 minutes. In addition, each of them must be laid in a thin layer. After she took off the sticky layer with her own clinic, she went to test the manicure in the "combat conditions" of household chores. I’ll say right away that I don’t use gloves when in contact with water and chemistry. hands are very much in them, so there was no protection for gel polish. During the 9 days of testing, I managed to dig in the ground, and I did general cleaning, and I washed several things on my hands, and even accidentally hit my nails against the wall. The result - just a few minor scratches on the coating, but no chips, no creeps, no cracks. She took off through the foil - held for 20 minutes, after which the varnish simply crumbled.
  • Veronica: In my professional practice, I usually use EzFlow and CND, but not against new brands in my work bag. Thus, several shades of Canni gel polish were acquired: she specifically took different textures to check their differences. The base and the odorless top, lacquer has a subtle scent: in comparison with the above brands - just a fairy tale. Pigmentation in jelly textures (my numbers are 185 and 191) is slightly lower than the rest: they can be streaked if they are not immediately distributed well, so I advise you to be careful. Creams are well pigmented, 2 layers for them - more than enough. Nacre, as elsewhere, stacked with difficulty, also give stripes, need careful leveling. But in the process of drying, neither the top, nor the base, nor the colored layers are collected, which is characteristic of some gel polishes: it is not necessary to pour over the cuticle in order to subsequently avoid a thin strip between it and the varnish border. But nevertheless I recommend painting the butt - it will seriously increase resistance. The gloss from the top is insane, perfectly glassy, ​​and persists throughout the 14 days during which I wore a manicure. Summarizing, I will say that they are a worthy competitor to other gel lacquers of Canni, especially with such a cost.

Canni gel polish: consumer reviews and masters

  • Yuliya: I wanted to try a long-lasting coating (shellac) for a very long time, but as a complete newcomer to this, I was afraid to buy expensive sets, and then Canny caught sight. Reviews about the gel varnish on the Internet were mixed, at its own risk and risk ordered, hoping that I would not join the category of those who were disappointed. Not replenished. Gel polish is very good, however, depends on the shade. With shimmer, as it turned out, everything is difficult: you need to dry for a long time, apply it far, so that when slipping it just takes the desired shape. Soft cream (146) of pink color lay down tight only in 3 layers, otherwise it left bald patches. But the darker creams (031 and 170) fit perfectly, do not crawl, the colors are deep. I pierced for 10 days, took it off, because the border of the regrown nail was very noticeable. To remove it, I had to slightly coat the floor, hold it in a foil with a liquid and pusher it. The nails are fine.
  • Evgenia: A set of gel lacquers Canni ordered simultaneously with a friend, I will write a review based on the testing of each of them. The main thing that I didn’t like was marriage in my top cover: an uneven consistency that did not want to level on the nail. I had to use the top girlfriend. I had 2 cream varnishes, my friend had 1 shimmer and 1 pearl. Of these, the shimmer turned out to be of poor quality: clusters of spangles turned out to be local, we had to smash them and spread them on the nail. As for the gel polish behavior, there are no complaints here: it is easily applied, it quickly polymerizes, just as quickly removes, it lasts for a long time.

As it was found out from the reviews about the gel lacquer "Kanni", this is more than a worthy analog of expensive products of the same category, however, not without a possible marriage on the part of the manufacturer. In comparison with Bluesky, located in the same price segment, Canni is better removed, has no unpleasant smell, has a more pronounced gloss. A good palette, almost repeating the palette of CND, allows you to find a budget replacement for your favorite expensive options.