Gas-liquid peeling

Any type of skin needs to be cleansed, and even if the girl is lucky not to have any obvious problems, care should not be neglected. Peeling - the most common deep cleansing procedure, not designed for daily execution - every day finds more and more varieties. In particular, gas-liquid face peeling deserves attention. What is it? Who is suitable, and who better not to try it? And what do experts say about him?

Gas-liquid peeling: what is it?

Gas-liquid peeling: reviews

The name of the procedure already allows us to guess that the effect on the skin should be carried out by combining water and oxygen supplied under pressure. In this case, water is a standard saline solution, so there is no doubt about its sterility and safety. The entire mixture is removed from the spout of a special apparatus. When it is kept from the face at a distance of 7-10 cm, under such a high pressure the jet produces a massage. Therefore, in addition to cleansing, the skin tone increases, its condition and complexion improve.

Most often, during the gas-liquid peeling procedure, only the epidermis is affected, and only for short periods of time the spout of the apparatus is brought to the skin at such a distance as to affect its deeper layers. In such a situation, redness is manifested, and small blood vessels can be broken, so this option is not for everyone.

The lightest version of this procedure, where the massage and the removal of dead skin cells of the upper layer of the skin are performed, is considered the most popular. Such a peeling is called superficial, it is recommended for young skin, because it will not eliminate serious problems. This role is assigned to the average gas-liquid peeling, which is able to smooth fine lines and tighten facial contours. And deep, according to the assurances of beauticians, you can even reduce the scars and other irregularities, pigment spots. But deep gas-liquid peeling is most often resorted to only after operations, conducting it on the body, not on the face.

Compared to chemical peels, gas-liquid does not cause prolonged reddening of the skin (in the case of the superficial and middle stages): the vessels narrow more quickly, which leads to the return of the normal skin tone in a short time. For this reason, before important events, girls prefer this option.

Contraindications and recommendations of experts

Gas-liquid peeling: reviews

  • For any of the stages of gas-liquid peeling, there is a list of contraindications, which is similar to that inherent in other types of peels. In particular, it is forbidden to resort to this procedure during the appearance of herpes. In addition to the fact that it signals the weakening of the immune system, such rashes can be accidentally hooked, aggravating the situation. Also, any infectious diseases of varying severity - even a mild cold - temporarily put an end to conducting a gas-liquid peeling. This also includes inflammation of the facial nerve.
  • The next point - the violation of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Due to the pressure exerted on the vessels, there is a place to be an increase in blood pressure, as well as a change in the blood circulation process. Especially experts focus on the problems of the cervical spine. In any case, even for the procedure of superficial gas-liquid peeling, it is necessary to consult your doctor in order to avoid negative consequences.
  • If health doesn’t cause any complaints, then it is worth finding out what problems which type of gas-liquid-peeling is oriented to. This is especially true of its deep variety. It is resorted to, if necessary, to eliminate scars, which are destroyed under strong pressure, which leads to bleeding (it is not only the upper layer of the skin that is removed), and the cells start regeneration anew. In this situation, no additional funds are included in the procedure, so as not to increase the risk of infection through open areas.
  • When the goal of gas-liquid peeling is to smooth the skin and increase its tone, as well as getting rid of the upper dead layer, cleansing the pores from black spots and even eliminating stretch marks after a sudden weight loss, it is enough to resort to its surface or medium version. Serum, hyaluronic acid concentrates, etc. chemical agents, selected individually with a cosmetologist, help to enhance the effect in most tasks. Depending on this, the cost of the procedure will vary.
  • It should be noted that gas-liquid peeling is much safer than chemical and mechanical, because in the process of its implementation the device does not come into contact with the skin, even with possible injuries (deep peeling) it will not be possible to infect the infection. Also, due to the temperature that the device maintains, when the surface gas-liquid peeling does not expand nearby vessels, therefore, the procedure is safe for people with rosacea.

Gas-liquid facial peeling: the scheme of

Gas-liquid peeling

I must say that 1 procedure can not give absolutely no effect even on the skin without clearly expressed problems. As a result, some girls who have not previously visited a cosmetologist may decide that they have wasted money, and there is no sense in gas-liquid peeling for all the attractive promises. For the appearance of the result is required from 2 sessions to 10, depending on the type of peeling. And only if it is a preparatory stage for the chemical, 1 procedure is enough.

Superficial gas-liquid peeling of the face lasts about 20-30 minutes and is repeated up to 10 times, between which breaks of 7-9 days are maintained. With a full course, the result will remain for 6 months, and with good condition of the skin and up to 1 year. Moreover, it is quite possible to perform on local areas that cause the most concern.

The course of the average peeling contains only 5 sessions, and they follow each other every 2-3 weeks, as a result of which the purification stretches for 3-4 months. But deeply categorically it is not recommended to abuse: the maximum number of procedures here is 3, and between them it is necessary to withstand 1-2 months for the skin to fully recover. However, sunbathing after a deep gas-liquid peeling can be a day later.

Reviews of the procedure

Gas-liquid peeling: reviews

The procedure of gas-liquid peeling was appreciated by most women. In particular, they found attractive the fact that, at the same time, other cosmetic procedures, including mesotherapy, could be carried out without needles: all the sera are injected under the same pressure. Also, a high score of gas-liquid pulling was set by women tired of fighting postpartum stretch marks on their bodies.

In their feedback on the procedure, the fair sex noted its interesting use as a counter dandruff. They wrote that not only the main problem was eliminated, but also the roots of the hair stopped so much fat, and as a result, the head had to be washed no longer daily. Experts confirm that such an effect of peeling on the scalp is understandable. Massage, carried out by water, helps to normalize blood circulation, and also eliminates disorders in the sebaceous glands. And by adding certain components to the water, you can solve the problem of hair loss.

Comments by girls who have dry skin are especially valuable, because for them, most often, this purification ends with an even greater deterioration of her condition.

  • Alain: She came to gas-liquid peeling in the summer, for company with a friend. In general, I bypass cosmetologists by side - the skin is dry, sensitive, it tolerates such procedures. But here it was somehow ... as if there was nothing, and I just slept on the couch: no burning, stinging. The face is smooth, without peeling. Did 3 times, was pleased.
  • Catherine: I’m supposed to go to a beautician because of my age: I want to keep the current skin condition and restore her youth a little. I do gas-liquid surface peeling every winter, 5 times a month, then I take a rest. This year also touched the scalp - now the hair has become more alive to the touch and in appearance. Definitely ready to call the procedure an ideal replacement for injections!

Gas-liquid peeling with the available, of course, negative sides - the procedure is gentle and comfortable, so it is not surprising that he gained the favor of women in Russia and abroad. But the result will depend on the beautician, so take care of finding a qualified master, so as not to be disappointed and not get negative consequences.

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