Garnier hair color palette (garnier)


The company Garnier, belonging to the global manufacturer of cosmetic products L`oreal, is engaged in the release of high quality hair dye. The palette of its shades is rich and diverse, not inferior to other famous brands.

When dyeing hair, it is worth paying attention to the Garnier hair color palette. It is distinguished by its unique approach to hair dyeing, which is based on getting the perfect color while maintaining healthy hair. The special palette of Garnier hair dye will help you decide on the choice of color.

Paint palette Garnier for hair

For more than 60 years, Garnier has been creating unique hair dyes using professional knowledge and modern technologies. The composition of the colors presented in the Garnier palette, includes only natural active ingredients for the beauty and health of hair. Also, each set of hair dye includes special care that is necessary after dyeing. According to the latest data, Garnier offers 4 types of hair-dyes with different shades from super light to darkest. Each type of paint has its own characteristics and the result obtained after their use.

For convenience, in the color palette colors are presented on artificial hair. After using any paint from the palette, even after a few weeks the hair will not grow dull, and thanks to the effects of the nutritional complex they will look healthy. In addition to super luminous, other shades completely paint over gray hair.

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Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color Palette

The first type of paint Garnier offers in its palette is Nutris, deep and shining color. Shades of this paint are durable, plenty of nutrients and fruit oils, which provides a radiant color to hair.

In addition, the dye Garnier Nutris protects and nourishes the hair during the dyeing process. Her new creamy texture is very easy to apply and does not flow. The fresh aroma of the fruit makes the coloring process extremely pleasant. Balm-care, which is part of the paint, created by a new recipe and contains avocado oil. It provides softness and gives the hair shine from root to tip. In the hair dye palette, Garnier Nutris presents blond, light brown, brown, purple and black shades.

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Garnier Color Women Hair Color Palette

Kind of paint Garnier Color Naturals is characterized by rich color and deep nutrition. This hair dye is created by a special formula, which is enriched with 3 oils that can penetrate the hair and provide them with intensive nutrition. Thanks to this deep nourishment, the hair is saturated with a new color from the Garnier palette and retains it for more than eight weeks. Also, the tones of this cream paint have a pleasant aroma, creamy texture, which is simply applied and does not flow.

The tones presented in the palette of this type of Garnier paint are able to paint over gray hair 100%. The palette offers the following tones: flawless blond, blond, red, chestnut and shades of the coffee collection.

Hair Dye Garnier Color Shine

The next type of paint in the Garnier palette called Color Shine refers to the products of natural hair coloring. Her motto is the shine of your hair. The difference in this color is a new formula without ammonia, which gently gives the hair a stunning color and amazing brilliance.

The creamy texture, belonging to the unique elements of Garnier hair dye, makes the hair softer and optimally fills the gray hair. The hues of this dye, which can be seen in the Garnier palette, are enriched with aragonic oil and cranberry extracts, which, after dyeing, gives 1000 shining colors to the hair. From shades, you can choose a shiny blond or light brown hair, light brown, radiant red or red, luxurious chestnut or black.

Paint palette Garnier Color Sensation

Another product offered by Garnier in the paint palette is called Color Senseishen. It is distinguished by the fact that it gives the hair a distinctive extra-resistant color. The unique paint formula contains intense pigments that provide a luxurious result. It is distinguished by its expressive and precise color obtained after dyeing. Mirror hair shine is provided by the formula, enriched with floral oil and mother of pearl. When the hair is illuminated by sunlight, they begin to reflect and shine. The enveloping texture of the tones of Color Senseishen colors every hair and does not flow.

The exquisite floral fragrance that this paint possesses makes the coloring process a pleasure. Among the shades in the Garnier hair color palette, Color Senseishen can choose the following: light brown, red and red, black and chestnut.

Questions and Answers on the Garnier Hair Dye Palette

To facilitate the choice of paint from the rich palette of Garnier is to get acquainted with the most frequently asked questions and answers to them.

  • Why does the hair color after dyeing not match the one indicated in the palette? The color depicted in the palette only roughly shows the result, but more accurately than that shown on the package. Factors such as permanent waving, coloring, and natural hair color affect hair color. The company Garnier tries to present as accurately as possible in the palette of hair dye a shade that should turn out.

  • What is the tone level and numbers in the paint palette? There is an international scale that consists of 10 shades, and the number in the palette means the expected color after dyeing.
  1. The black
  2. Soft black
  3. Very dark chestnut
  4. Dark chestnut
  5. Chestnut
  6. Light chestnut
  7. Dark blond
  8. Blonde
  9. Light chestnut
  10. Dark blond
  11. Blonde
  12. Light blond
  13. Blonde blond

Garnier is constantly expanding and presents a choice of many shades of different types of hair dye. To facilitate the process of choosing the hair color you want to get, the Garnier Hair Color Palette was created.