Garnier color neycherals palette


Of all the hair care products, the Garnier Color Neycherals palette has recently become popular. This paint comes on sale with a huge range of colors to choose from and is also suitable for all ages and styles. If you haven't tried Garnier hair dye yet, it's time to give her a chance.

What is the special hair dye from "Garnier"?

Garnier, the world famous nonsense from L'Oreal, was founded back in 1904 by Alfred Garnier. Today, the company under this brand produces a lot of products for the beauty industry: from skin care products to styling styling. In addition, for many years, "Garnier" produces high-quality hair dyes, which differ from other companies in their natural composition and durability of the dyeing effect.

Paints are represented by a huge series, which includes:

  • Color and Shine;
  • Color Naturals;
  • Ammonia-free Olia;
  • Color Sensation.

All series include from 30 to 70 different shades, which allows women to choose the color that really suits them. Of course, each line has its own characteristics and advantages, but the Color Naturals series has won the most popularity.

Why do women choose "Garnier Color Neutherals" paint?

Paint color palette

Of all the variety of products, the most popular among women is the Garnier Color Neycherals palette of colors, which for many years has successfully proved its effectiveness. This series includes 30 rich shades: from a super brightening platinum blond to ultra black. In addition, each shade of paint is ideal for painting a full gray hair. And the formula is developed so clearly that all colors are located as close as possible to the natural shades of the hair.

The consistency of the paint has a dense creamy texture, which allows the house to be painted without assistance. It is enough just to dissolve all the ingredients in a small plastic container and apply the mixture to the hair.

The name "Garnier Color Naturals" speaks for itself. The paint contains natural ingredients: olive oil, avocado and shea. This allows you to nourish the hair from the inside, providing as a result an unsurpassed gloss and smoothness. The paint does not dry the tips, and the color itself remains saturated for a whole month.

If you want to get professional coloring at the lowest cost, be sure to use the natural series from Garnier. Pick up the desired color is absolutely not difficult, just enough to know your color type.

What colors will suit a woman-spring?

A woman with a spring color type is easy enough to recognize by several characteristic features:

  • The skin is light, has a golden yellow or peach tone. For many women of spring type, at the first rays of the sun, playful freckles appear on their cheeks.
  • Eye color varies from light sky to emerald green. Quite often, golden spots enliven the iris.
  • Hair, as a rule, is light, but you can meet fiery-red ladies, as well as brown-haired women.

Nature leaves the hair of spring women a little golden luster, and sometimes gives charming curls. Such ladies should avoid too cold shades and give preference to the warm colors of paint from the Garnier Color Neutherals palette.

Paint color palette

A diverse range of soft shades from "Garnier" allows spring women to choose the desired color from sunny and rich red colors.

Choosing hair color for a woman of the summer

To find out the warm and sunny representatives of the summer color type is quite simple:

  • Summer girls have a delicate pinkish skin with a bluish tinge.
  • The eyes are blue, bluish-gray, gray-blue and with a greenish tint. Some summer ladies may have hazel-colored pupils with glimpses of blue, gray or green.
  • Natural hair color - all types of blond or soft brunette.

Silver or platinum streaks add more dazzling glare to your hair. However, paint one or two shades darker will also create a vivid picture. Try the colors of the paint from "Garnier Color Neutherals", whose palette is presented in soft shades of blond and delicious chocolate.

Paint color palette

Juicy and rich shades ideally shine hair from root to tip, gently nourishing their structure and completely eliminating glimmers of gray hair. Natural dyes allow the pigments inside the hair to be kept for a long time, thereby reducing the need for frequent retouching.

Perfect shades for a woman autumn

Autumn female color type is determined quite easily:

  • Skin color can be rich chocolate tone, sometimes casting a deep bronze tint. In any case, the skin has a yellowish golden color, freckles may appear in autumn.
  • The color of the eyes shines in all shades of green, blue and hazel.
  • Natural hair color can be a brick shade with a reddish sheen or rich copper.

For autumn girls "Garnier Color Neutherals" offers a palette of hair colors for playful copper, dark chestnut and caramel colors.

Paint color palette

All colors are very rich and bright, and the paint itself will give the hair double protection from the effects of external natural factors. Huge selection, resistant color - what else does a woman need to be happy?

What kind of paint to choose a winter woman?

Women with a winter color type do not necessarily represent the queen of the ice castle, their characteristic differences in completely different features:

  • The skin is very light, almost transparent. Sometimes you may notice faint greenish shades of the blood vessels.
  • Eye color is dark brown, gray, with icy blue or intense emerald green.
  • The natural hair color is blue-black or dark brown.

Not bypassed the palette "Garnier Color Neycherals" and beautiful women of winter color type. Such ladies are invited to emphasize the natural beauty of hair with ultra black dyes. And if you want to give your image a touch of extravagance, try the colors "Blueberry luster" and "Hot Chocolate".

Paint color palette

French manufacturers of paint "Garnier" always keep up with the times, which provides an opportunity for women to choose suitable products without harming their hair. Natural components provide additional nourishment and strengthening of the hair structure, and high-quality coloring pigments make it possible to maintain a saturated color for a long time.