From animal skins sew muton fur coats


Many women dream that in their wardrobe hung at least one fur coat made of natural fur, and even better a few. And the more outlandish the fur, the more pride the owner has. Rabbits, arctic foxes, foxes, minks, silver foxes - what kind of living creatures can you find in fur clothing stores. Among other things, the so-called muton stands out. Very soft, tender type of natural fur. What a strange beast, you ask? Where is he? From which animal are muton fur coats sewn?

Where did the mutons come from?

From which beast sew muton fur coats

In fact, such an animal does not exist in nature. Then where does fur come from? You will not believe, but it is - sheepskin. Yes, yes, it is, only dressed in a special way. For the first time, German leatherworkers were able to get thin, elegant fur. The availability of raw materials quickly made this material popular, because the quality of the fur was not worse than the natural mink, but it was much cheaper.

Over time, the technology of manufacturing mutonovogo fur and products from it picked up the other powers. So muton fur coats conquered the whole world. The technology of manufacture sheepskin involves several stages.

  • First you need to get the raw materials. Sheep shearing and other ways of getting rune is supposed to be dense. Depending on what breed of animal, different types of sheepskin are mined: fine-wool, semi-fine, coarse and semi-coarse. Muton is a fur sheepskin, that is, all types, except coarse. But most often the skins of the Australian fine-fleece merino come under the manufacture of a mouton.
  • The next stage of production is the refinement of fur. For this, formalin is used. Thanks to this treatment, the villi become silky and soft, and the surface of the fur, like a plush. Formalin increases the resistance of the material to wear and moisture. So the average term of wearing a muton fur coat can reach 5-8 seasons, and with proper care even more. It is not scary to get into the snow and even under the rain.

from which animal is the muton fur coat sewn

  • Natural muton has a brownish tint. But technology allows staining in any color, even the most unusual. That is why there are so many colors among muton fur coats and fur products.

Now you know the biggest secret of fur products - from which animal a muton fur coat is made. Note that fur products from the muton are the most in demand. This is due to the relative affordability, excellent quality, unique decorative features of the fur, the duration of wearing without significant problems. Keep such fur coats recommended away from direct sunlight. In the closet product should be spacious. It is desirable to hang this type of outerwear on wooden hangers with wide shoulders so as not to deform.

In winter, in such a fur coat it is warm, even if it is windy, freezing and snowing. Products look very elegant, and their owners are very elegant. If you are looking for a new coat, then Mouton is an excellent choice. And thanks to the many colors, you can easily look at a couple of products for a shift.