French glitter nails

Nail care has always been last in the list of every real woman's to-do list. The appearance of the nails even of the representatives of the strong half of humanity makes it necessary to pay close attention to the owner of a beautiful manicure. According to an online survey dedicated to what guys are paying attention to, manicure is in 5th place among the answers.

Therefore, any representative of the weaker sex is closely watching the current trends in the beauty industry. These also include fingernails and glitter nails, which are the latest popular and fashionable trend in nail design. Such a manicure looks natural, does not spoil the appearance of the nails and looks very feminine.

Nails with glitter

You can easily make nails with sparkles in any beauty salon and even try to make them yourself at home. Despite seeming difficulties, it is not so difficult, it remains only to learn some rules and secrets.

How to make a nail design french sequins?

Masters make nails french in several stages, it allows the manicure to be beautiful, persistent and even.

  • Start creating a manicure from the edge of the nail - a smile. First, treat the nail skin, nails and cuticles. The nail plate give the desired shape.
  • Now apply white acrylic on the edge of the nail. When it dries, apply pink varnish on the second part of the nail. To preserve the natural color of the nail, apply not a varnish, but a transparent gel, but do not remove the adhesive layer.
  • As soon as the first layer of manicure dries, cover it with a transparent gel and wait until it dries. If you have made the first layer with varnish or transparent gel, you can not apply the gel, but do not remove the adhesive layer. Now you need to put glitter.
  • In order for the sparkles to lie evenly, not to go where they are not needed and not to gather into a ball, mix them in a ratio of 2 to 1 with acrylic. The easiest way to do this with a special palette.
  • Then apply the mixed gel with glitter on the nail, wait until it dries, remove the excess with a hard brush.
  • Remove the adhesive layer. For every 2 nails, use a separate hard brush or foam sponge, otherwise the nail will become dull. Now finish modeling the nail, causing a layer of gloss on it.

Nails with glitter

There is another way of applying glitter on the nail: sprinkle a dry transparent gel layer with dry glitter. You can also use an applicator for applying shadows, a tube cut at an angle, a cotton swab or brush.

If you do not want the glitter to be distributed all over the nail, pour a small amount where you want, before applying a transparent gel on this place. The previous layer should be already dried, then the extra sequins can be simply blown off.

Nails with rose and sparkles

French style nails can be made not only with sparkles, but also create a beautiful pattern on them, such as a rose. To do this, you need to make glitter, nail polish with golden glitter, red, black and transparent nail polish, rhinestones, gold acrylic paint.

  • Apply 2 coats of black lacquer on the nail, let it dry. Now at the base of the nail draw a semicircle with red lacquer.
  • After the varnish dries, we take a golden acrylic paint and begin to paint rose petals, here you can give plenty of imagination.
  • When the rose dries, paint several curls with varnish and glitter on the border of red and black. Then we give them to dry and cover the manicure with transparent varnish, fasten the rhinestones, and pour some glitter on the black varnish. When everything is dry, the extra glitter just blown away.

Nails with rose and glitter

How to make nails silver jacket Ice with glitter?

To make such a jacket, spend acrylic modeling on the nails. To do this, initially prepare the nails for extension. Under the free edge of the nail set shape. Extend the nail bed with silver acrylic. Lay out the free edge of transparent acrylic, causing it to be a thin layer.

Using black and white acrylic, stick a flower. Then add rhinestones. With clear acrylic, encapsulate the design to simulate a C-bend. Level the surface and shape, polish it. Apply a transparent gel on the flowers and sprinkle them with glitter. When they are dry, fasten everything with a transparent coating.

2 varnish fingernails with glitter

To make nails french with glitter, you will need a lacquer base, a transparent lacquer with glitter, white lacquer, a fixative.

First, carry out hygiene procedures, and a white pencil draw lines that limit the free edge of the nail. Cover the nail with the base and let it dry. Then on the free part apply from the center, and then on both sides, white lacquer. After that, paint the entire surface of the nail varnish with glitter, and when it dries, apply a fixative.

Nails with glitter

For the second option, prepare black and white pearl lacquer, lacquer base, fixer, glitter and rhinestones. Initially, carry out all necessary hygiene procedures. Then draw a white pencil along the border of the hole line and lines that limit the free edge of the nail. Nail the varnish base, let it dry. Leaving unused the hole and the free edge of the nail, apply pearlescent varnish. As soon as it dries, apply black lacquer on the free edge and well. And immediately, until the varnish is dry, stick the rhinestones on the border of the flowers and sprinkle the nail with glitter, wherever you like. When the varnish is dry, blow off any excess glitter.

There are many options for how to make nails french with sparkles, some of them are described in the article Nail design with glitter. Each of them is suitable for any event and event. They can be created for a holiday, go with them to work or just to meet with girlfriends.

French nails with glitter give their owner charm and femininity, make them pay attention to her. Therefore, the French nails with glitter every day win more and more fans. If desired, they can be made at home, just enough to prepare the necessary components, be patient, and the masterpiece will show off on your lovely nails. Good luck to you!

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