Foot massage


Many girls care about the beauty of their legs, but they often forget about such an important procedure as foot massage. It is useful in that it relieves stress from foot, tightens the skin, makes it softer and can have a healthy effect on the entire body, because it has long been known that feet there are a lot of points of influence, pushing on which it is possible to exert a therapeutic effect on almost all organs. Contraindications to massage practically no, except for varicose veins.

To start massage Prepare any cream (you can use baby or massage oil) or use special foot creams. Pour a little oil into your palm, and then quickly rub your legs, do not forget to pay attention to the fingers and ankle. Sometimes advised for foot massage take talcum powder, but it dries the skin a little, so if you need to moisturize the skin, then you better take the cream. For a massage, take a comfortable position: you can sit or stand, the main thing is to keep the foot relaxed. When sitting on a chair or chair, massage the other leg, bend at the knee, and put the massaged on top of the free leg.

Massaging ankle joint better to put your foot in front of you on a stool. If the foot begins to slide during a massage, then bed on a stool towel. Usually foot massage start with kneading fingers, carefully and gently massaging each finger. Begin to rub the phalanx with direct movements, and finish with spiral. Massage can be done either with one hand or with two hands, holding the foot from below and above.

Foot massage

After starting to rub the gaps between fingers smoothly moving to foot surface. This massage is done in two steps: zigzag movements of the hand, clenched into a fist and circular movements of the middle fingers. Zigzag movements should not be sharp and feel like tide waves to the shore. During the massage, the whole knuckle of the arm is affected. Always the direction of movement goes from the fingers to the heel. After these movements strenuous heel heel. Make a little tingling movements, then again crush the heel with all your fingers, and then just your thumb. Repeat this technique: with all your fingers, and again big. Circular rubbing as much as possible. After the heel, go to the Achilles tendon. Everything here is the same as with a heel massage.

The outside of the feet is also required. massage. If earlier it was possible to do massage using one hand, now it is better to use both hands. With both hands, perform stroking and rubbing in a circle or straight. The direction of the massage is from the toes and upwards along the joint. The effect of the massage will increase if you put a free hand on rubbing on the working hand. In cosmetology, such a massage is called massaging massage.

With ankle massage direct or circular massage movements are performed. First, massage the joint below the ankle, go up a little and go back down again. You can add to this spiraling movements. Then do the same movements, alternating all the fingers with one as during a heel massage. These movements can also be done with a burden.

After completing the massage, roll your foot in a circle, up and down with your other foot. When massaging, make sure that the posture is smooth and not tense.

Foot massage - This is not only a therapeutic massage, but also a very pleasant thing. It can be done, as well as yourself and loved ones. Do not worry, if all at once does not work out as it should, everything comes with practice.