Fingerless gloves

In the view of the man in the street, far from fashion trends in clothing, gloves that do not have fingers are associated only with market traders in the winter. But this is far from the truth. So, gloves without fingers: what are they called when to wear, what are they for?

A bit of history

What are fingerless gloves called?

Fingerless gloves have a long history, originating somewhere in the days of the ancient Romans and Greeks, and maybe the Egyptian pharaohs. At the beginning of the nineteenth century in France, thin gloves of light silk and lace were popular among ladies of high society. Going out or walking without these semi-gloves were unacceptable.

Ladies decorated their well-groomed pens with such gloves, using this aristocratic accessory as an addition to casual walking suits and gowns for ceremonial receptions. Open fingers were richly decorated with rings and rings, and the gloves themselves were richly embroidered. The material used for the manufacture of thin leather and velvet.

In the eighties of the last century, fingerless gloves were firmly established in the culture of punk and rock movements, they were considered an integral attribute of bikers, and all supporters of the informal approach to life. Subsequently, in conjunction with the general appearance, they began to be considered a sign of rebellion.

Long fingerless gloves: what are they called and why?

Long fingerless gloves: what are they called and why?Fingerless gloves are an accessory that not only performs the function of protecting hands, but also symbolizes a commitment to a particular style and lifestyle. In combination with a dress and depending on the material from which they are made, they can be used all year round. And they are called mittens and glovelettes.

Mitts are gloves that have only a thumb apart. Other fingers are located in the tube without jumpers. Alternatively, they may have a snap-on mitten or safety valve.

Gloveletts, on the other hand, are more similar to our usual gloves, only all fingers are cut off, while the cut can open a finger at full length, by half or only by a quarter. The length of both options may slightly cover the wrist, be elbow-high, to the middle of the forearm or to the shoulder.

Regardless of how fingerless gloves are called, they can be used by everyone, but still are more likely to be considered a female accessory. Long mitts and gloveletts made of wool or leather are perfect for jackets, jackets with short sleeves, and wool tops.

Gloves of lace and silk perfectly complement the dress, as lush and solemn, and strict. Some women of fashion dare to wear them even with T-shirts. Considerable importance in the composition has the selection of shoes, scarf, headgear. Another nuance of using fingerless gloves is sensitivity. Open fingers do not lose sensitivity, thus providing an opportunity to use touch screens on gadgets in a cold room or on a winter street, and a musician to play instruments. In addition, such gloves allow fashionable women to show their new manicure and beauty of fingers.

Sports Gloves

Fingerless gloves for sport

Gloves in sports are, first of all, protection of hands from damages. Gloves used in martial arts are called shingarts. They have no fingers, and there is a reinforced impact surface. In fact, the same purpose and name have protective shields worn on the shin when playing football.

Equally important is the correct choice of size, because it affects the ease of use and life of the gloves. Most sports brands have fingerless glove lines that are in demand:

  • cyclists;
  • scooters;
  • motorcyclists;
  • motorists;
  • skateboarders;
  • anglers;
  • arrows.

Fingerless sports gloves for fitness - an accessory designed to increase convenience and comfort, reduce the negative impact on the skin of the hands, protect the wrists and, ultimately, promote hygiene. As a rule, sports gloves without fingers have a fastener, which adds fixation to the hand and makes it easy to put on and take them off. In addition to the cut fingers, they are provided with openings on the outside, which are necessary to increase the heat dissipation and ventilation of the palm surface. Such gloves help motorcyclists and motorists to hold the steering wheel more tightly, shooters - it is better to feel the weapon in their hands.

Designers and fashion designers often use fingerless gloves in the creation of their collections. Their peculiarity and attractiveness for fashion designers lies in the possibility of combining this accessory with clothes of any style, be it classic or sporty, everyday or having a rest. Both young and mature generation likes to wear such gloves. They competently and successfully emphasize the uniqueness of the created image, so everyone who has seen so far with gloves only a way to fight the cold, it's time to open them for yourself again.

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