Festive hairstyles for medium hair. simple and effective


The average hair length is often found in the fair sex. Curls shoulder-length look flirty, give the image of tenderness and, at the same time, elegance. For such haircuts there are many spectacular holiday styling.

Festive hairstyle for medium hair

To make a beautiful holiday hairstyle for medium hair, you need hair shine and a lacquer of easy fixation. Wash and dry your hair well before styling. Then wind the curls along the entire length using a curling iron. Curly strands lay on the back in the form of shells. To keep the hairstyle, fasten the hair with hairpins. To give your hair a special charm, leave the strands released at the temples and lay them in the form of curls. If you do not want to leave curls, you can attach these strands to the hairstyle. Fix the styling fix hairspray.

Festive hairstyle for medium hair

Light holiday hairstyle for medium hair

Collect clean dried hair in the tail, and fasten it just below the crown with a hair tie. The gum should be thick enough. Draw a few strands in front to frame your face. Wind up the collected tail into a small curling iron. Fix the hairstyle with hair spray. In order to decorate the styling, you can use beautiful decorative elastic bands or add interesting design hairpins.

Beautiful braids falls on average hair

Hairstyles with braids-falls on medium hair look no less beautiful than on long ones. You can get an evening version of such styling simply by twisting your hair before weaving, while performing the weaving itself more freely. To braid the braid, make a parting. The hair at the front of the head is divided into 3 equal strands. Weave weave similar to the classic French spit, but do not forget to release the lower strands. Replace the strand with a new one taken from the top of the hair. Take one strand over your ear so that the weave locks into place. It is necessary to move in a circle while the weaving does not reach the second ear. Now fix the strand with an invisible (preferably transparent) elastic band. Now repeat the weaving on the other side. As soon as you get to the 2nd braid, and the loose hair runs out, remove the elastic band. The last two strands must be connected to each other, fastening them together with an elastic band. If you make this connection imperceptible, the hairstyle will look just amazing!

Braid haircut

You can get an even more interesting hairstyle by adding a bundle to this styling. In this case, the braid must be braided on one side only, then the hair should be collected in a bun. To do this, reaching the ear, collect the hair in the tail and secure with a rubber band. Curls that were released from the weave, secure with stealth over the tail. To get a volume bundle, add strands. Fasten the hair in a bundle using hairpins.

Braid hair style: weaving method

To perform such a hairstyle, you will need only 3 hair ties and several invisible women. Divide hair into 3 parts. Braid each strand into a classic braid. This way you will get 3 pigtails. Pigtails should not be too tight, it is better to braid them more free. Form a bundle from each such braid and secure it with invisibles. Hair is ready.

Beautiful styling for medium hair

This styling is ideal for owners of wavy hair shoulder-length. Pre-wash your hair and rinse it with cool water. Apply hair mousse to the towel-dried curls. Spread the mousse on the hair with a comb with rare teeth. Now you need a hair dryer with a diffuser. Blow-dry your hair, making circular motions until it dries. Fix the resulting styling with a small amount of hairspray.

Festive hairstyles for medium hair

Simple and effective styling of medium length hair

First, straighten your hair with a smoothing cream or mousse for hair, hair dryer and brush. To do this, lower your head down and add volume to the roots, slightly drying the curls with a hairdryer. Each strand pull down with a brush, pre-twisted. When laying each part of curls, treat first with hot and then cold air. Distribute hair in the correct order using a comb. You can fix the styling hair spray.

Beautifully set hair of medium length can be independently, without referring to a beauty salon. Do not be afraid to experiment, and in the near future you will be able to choose the best option for a festive hairstyle or styling on medium hair.