Feet care

Legs are the pride and beauty of any woman. And they require the same care as the rest of the body. Quite often, cracks appearing on the heels become one rather painful and unpleasant problem of the legs. The reasons for their appearance are different, but it is necessary to deal with them, since it is not only ugly, but also causes discomfort and pain.

Glycerin which possesses the moistening and softening properties can help with it. By applying glycerin in the composition of ointments, or making foot baths with it, you will quickly be able to cope with cracks, curing them, and the skin of your legs will become soft, pink and smooth.

Foot care: prevention of cracking

In order to avoid cracks on the heels, it is best to take care of them all the time. They must be regularly washed, cleaned from dead skin, corns, calluses and growths and lubricated with nourishing creams.

Once a week it is advisable to make glycerin baths for the heels, which will help soften and moisturize the skin of the feet, preventing its dryness.

It would also be useful to use ordinary Vaseline, rubbing it into the skin of the heels for the night. If this is not done or is done infrequently enough, then blisters and cracks will not take long to wait. Prevention - the best tool in the fight against cracks.

Glycerin bath for heels against cracks

To prevent cracks or to promote their rapid healing, you can make a foot bath. To do this, you need to pour warm water and add 1 tsp to it. glycerol. Then lower the legs into the water. Your feet should steam out well. After that, take a pumice stone and start scrubbing hardened skin until a clean pink appears. If the cracks have already appeared, you should not touch them.

After that, rinse your feet in clean water again, then dry your feet dry and smear your heels with glycerin. Cover the cracks with plaster from above, put on socks. Do this procedure best at night so that your feet can rest. Compress must be kept for 8 hours. In the morning, remove everything, wash your feet in warm water and wipe them dry. If you make such baths every day, the cracks will heal soon.

Glycerin for heels against deep cracks

In addition to glycerin, we recommend that you try SOSU pedic socks. After 5-7 days of using socks, you will forget about cracks and corns.

For the treatment of painful and deep cracks, it is necessary to conduct a treatment cycle using not only glycerol, but also vegetable oils. Glycerin together with oils will help soften the skin and will have a wound healing and antimicrobial effect. For this, almond, peach and castor oil are most suitable.

It is necessary to steam out the feet and smear them with a mixture of any of these oils, mixed with 10 drops of glycerin. Then roll your legs in plastic bags and put on your socks. After 3 hours, everything can be removed, feet wash and lubricate them with petroleum jelly or nourishing cream.

Also in the treatment of deep cracks will help the use of glycerin together with the means, which include petroleum jelly. Before you apply glycerin together with the tool on the cracks, legs must be steamed. To do this, heat the water and add 1 tsp. boric acid. Sit until the water begins to cool, then wipe your feet and smear the cracks with glycerin first and then with petroleum jelly. Wear warm socks and leave them on all night.

How to quickly heal cracks on the heels of glycerin?

SOSU pedicure socks

Cracks on the heels can be cured with the help of decoctions of medicinal herbs. Herbs not only help to quickly heal cracks, but also improve the overall condition of the skin of the feet. Of the herbs, chamomile, oak bark, St. John's wort, calendula, sage and elecampane are the most useful. You can make decoctions of several herbs at once, mixing them in the same proportions.

To prepare the broth, take 1 tbsp. any herb or mixture of herbs and pour 1 l. boiling water. Boil the broth over low heat for 30 minutes. Then cool the broth a little and start to soar legs. When the water has cooled, wipe your feet and spread your heels with glycerin. Put on your socks and go to bed. Doing such baths several times a week, and then, lubricating daily heels with glycerine for the night and putting on socks, you will notice how after a few days the cracks on the heels healed and the skin became soft and smooth.

After the cracks have healed, do not forget to regularly lubricate the heels with glycerin to prevent the occurrence of cracks again.

Glycerin with grated apple for heels against cracks

For the treatment of cracks on the heels, you can use the beneficial properties of fruits, such as apples. To do this, take 2 apples and rub them on a grater. Then fill them with milk, so that a thick gruel is formed. Bring the mixture to the boil. After that, put it cool. As soon as it cools down, apply it on the heels. After an hour, rinse with warm water. Then apply a good layer of glycerin on the cracks.

If the cracks do not heal or begin to inflame, be sure to consult a doctor. The appearance of cracks can be caused not only by dry skin of the legs.

Every woman's legs should be healthy and look perfect, especially for heels. We all want them to be beautiful, delicate and pink, like kids. But daily loads, shoes, dust and dirt in the summer make the skin on the heels of coarsened. If we don’t pay enough time to care for our feet, with time on the heels this causes the appearance of corns, cracks, and sometimes even deep and painful cracks.

To return to your legs and heels a beautiful, well-groomed and healthy look, you can use glycerin, which promotes the rapid healing of cracks, moisturizing and softening the skin of the legs. Lubricate your heels daily for the night with glycerin, and you will forever forget what cracks are.

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