Fashionable very short haircuts for women


Very short haircuts for women in recent years invariably occupy a leading position in all shows of ready-to-wear. This is not only a trend of fashion, but also a desire to emphasize the image of a business-like, energetic woman who remains very feminine and vulnerable. However, deciding to mow the curls is a very crucial step that must be carefully thought out, weighing all the pros and cons.

Very short haircuts for women

The French claim that the older a woman is, the shorter her hairstyle should be. This, of course, is a controversial statement, but, nevertheless, fashionable women's short haircuts are gaining more and more fans in all age categories. This is due to the rhythm of life of a modern woman: it is so dynamic that there is no time during the day to think about how to fix styling or once more comb your hair. In addition, short haircuts are appropriate for:

  • badly damaged hair;
  • dim shade of hair;
  • strong hair loss.

Short haircuts have a lot of advantages over hairstyles on long hair.

  • This haircut focuses on facial features, as the hair is beautifully framed by it.
  • Owners of short haircuts emphasize the volitional qualities of their character, because not every young lady will dare cut her curls.
  • Haircut of this variety emphasizes the desire of women to the new and interesting, while emphasizing her femininity.

Is it worth deciding?

Very short women's haircuts emphasize the face

Of course, the appearance of a person has a significant impact on his behavior and character (and vice versa). Therefore, if you prefer a measured, love solitude, refuse makeup, then such a haircut is unlikely to work. But individuals, full of strength, energy, ideas and able to visage to emphasize their strengths, may well try to cut their hair short.

Consider that short haircuts focus the attention of others on the face, so all the errors of nature will become noticeable. Ideal for hairstyles of this length can be considered a face without pronounced cheekbones, a long or large nose, large or protruding ears. Also consider the following.

  • For owners of an oval face there are no restrictions in choosing a model. But if you have large facial features, then the haircut should be without excessive filing or graduation. If the features are small, then bangs and a slightly elongated crown will be appropriate.
  • If you have a round face, the haircut should lengthen the oval. Therefore, it is better to make a voluminous top and strands falling on the cheekbones. An asymmetric hairstyle with oblique bangs is also possible.
  • For triangular faces, bangs are required, softening features.
  • The owners of a square shape, as a rule, rarely choose very short haircuts, because such hairstyles make the head too massive, and this brings disharmony in the proportions of the whole body.

If you have a fragile physique, short haircuts can be of any shape, as long as there is volume. But for the full amount of excess - it is taboo, it is better to stop at easy layering. It should be noted that just the ladies of this weight category are short haircuts go most. Thus it is possible to focus on the face and distract him from the heavyweight figure.

Very short female haircut with shaved nape

Short haircut with shaved nape

One of the most popular trends in short haircuts is hairstyles with a shaved nape. It can be asymmetric models, when there are elongated strands on the sides, which favorably emphasize the oval of the face. Alternative - options with short trimmed temples. The most radical young girls cut out drawings on these parts of the head. Only go these haircuts predominantly brunettes, as in the light hair shaved area simply will not be noticeable. To make this hairstyle, you need to wet your hair and partly separate the area that will be shaved. Then it will remain to use the machine or the trimmer.

Female mohawk

To emphasize a stylish sports look, you can use iroquois. The only "but": the owners of square faces, this hairstyle is absolutely not suitable. Best of all, it looks on an oval face. Mohawk can be done with shaved temples or leave a small length in this area and just lay varnish. To "build" a Mohawk on the head of hair, it is necessary to divide the wet hair into 3 partings - in the temporal areas and on the nape, then shave with a trimmer or a machine for the unit and give shape to the rest of the hair.

Female mohawk

Fashionable women's short haircuts

Among the most popular short hairstyles stylists emphasize a few.

  • Haircut "Tom Boy". Its peculiarity is that it assumes a long oblique fringe. The temporal and occipital zones are clipped with scissors, but the length must be minimized.
  • Haircut "Pixie" with elongated strands on the crown and near the face. Creating the effect of confusion, this hairstyle gives mystery and playfulness to the image of the owner.
  • Haircut with perfectly smooth bangs. This model is suitable for women with thin hair. Just be sure to have to lay the bangs ironing.

Care and styling

Care for very short haircuts is reduced to one thing - frequent shampooing, suitable for the type of specific hair. It is also useful to do a nourishing mask or body wrap once a week.

Short haircut needs constant styling. For these purposes are used:

  • round brush;
  • foam;
  • gel or wax;
  • varnish

Styling products are selected depending on the hairstyle model. The main advantage of styling short hair is that it keeps well all day, regardless of the weather.

Very short haircuts for women give the woman the courage and passion for a unique style. Only you need to decide on the right hairstyle model. And it is better to do this together with a hairdresser, to whom you trust such an important tool of creating an impression as your hair.