Fashionable summer sundresses 2012


"High skirt with straps or one-piece sleeveless dress worn over the shirt, the main element of the Russian women's costume," - this definition of the fashionable at all times the subject of women's clothing - a sundress gives the humanitarian dictionary of the Russian language. If we turn a little to the history, then you can find out that the sundress was the most popular clothing in Russia, and references to it appeared already in the 14th century. But it became purely female attire only three centuries later, and until the 17th century, men of all ages also wore it.

Pierre Cardin returned the popularity of this garment in modern times by presenting woolen sarafans with narrow straps over turtlenecks on the catwalk in 1965. And since then, no woman in the world can present her wardrobe without a light summer dress. What are the fashion trends associated with a sundress, brought us the summer of 2012?

The length of the dress matters

First, the length of the fashionable summer sundress rushes to extremes - either mini or maxi. There is no third. That is, midi skirts this summer should be forgotten. Cheeky mini It is very suitable both for the active city dweller, who is looking for comfort in a stifling metropolis, and for a young romantic young lady hiding from the scorching sun in the lap of nature.

Dress to the floor - option for walking on the beach, and for an evening out, and for a romantic date. The maximum length is not losing ground for the second season in a row, which is very pleasing to men. One magazine last summer conducted a survey among men, in order to find out how they relate to dresses that completely hide women's legs? 80% of respondents positively responded to this fashionable trend, saying that women in long flowing robes look like fabulous nymphs. So, dear young ladies, if you already have a sundress to the heels - rather get him out of the closet and prepare for the approaching summer!

MATERIAL side of the summer dress: trendy fabrics and texture

Fabrics for fashionable sundresses of summer 2012: designers choose the most diverse, but, without forgetting about the practicality and comfort that modern fashionable women lack so much. Nothing natural sundresses are alien: cotton, flax, fine knitwear, weightless chiffon ... But silk, satin and all sorts of synthetic fabrics are best left for evening wear.

By the way, the texture of materials does not set any framework! Choose according to your taste lace fabric, lace knitting from cotton threads or smooth chiffon ...

Style summer dress 2012

As for fashionable styles of sundresses, then there is where to roam. There are almost no restrictions. Greek, Oriental, Ethnic... With thin and wide straps or even without them, fitted, free cut, cut "on the slant", with a high waist, with a smell, tied behind the neck ... and much more. By the way, the line between a summer dress and a sundress can be almost absent.

The decor of a fashionable summer dress

The decor of trendy sundresses is able to please even the most fastidious fashionista: cords, braid, ribbons, ruffles, beads, sequins, beads ... Everything emphasizing femininity and creativity. Depending on the chosen direction - the appropriate finish. For example, if you prefer the image of an Eastern seductress, then sequins and gold cords - falling into the "desyatochku"! A Greek goddess is the best fit decor with all kinds of braid.

Prints on sundresses can be both large and quite small. Floral print is welcome. Small peas, a white-and-blue strip, which is an attribute of ultrafashionable marine style and all kinds of cells, do not go out of fashion. Also, no one has canceled the fashion for oriental painting of fabrics and abstraction.

Accessories for summer dress

  1. Following the fashion trends of last season summer 2011, complement the eastern and African sundresses to the floor with so-called "gladiator" sandals on a flat sole. Cropped denim jackets, bright leather leather jackets will complement even light chiffon mini dresses. An elastic headband will complete the look.
  2. Going to the beach, do not forget to pin an artificial flower to your hair, yes, yes, migrated from the same fashion of summer 2011.
  3. Belts - almost the main accessory of summer sundresses. Thin, wide, leather, belts, ribbons, chains ... choose to your liking.
  4. Let beads, necklaces, bracelets and rings be sufficiently massive, made of metal, plastic, glass and wood.
  5. Wide-brim hats or light silk kerchiefs highlight your femininity.

Color mood in the summer of 2012

Speaking of fashion trends, it is impossible not to mention the most preferred color. Summer 2012 fashion sundresses ask for blue, blue, turquoise and bright pink.

But classic white and its shades are also at the peak of popularity. Cool adds shades of beige, blue and olive.

Follow the fashion, but stay yourself!

Especially for Olga Efremova